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Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Direct Unlock with USB Cable

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Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Direct Unlock USB

Today, UnlockBase is proud to officially present the first Direct Remote Unlock solution working with Original USB Cable to Unlock any Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Absolutely all versions, networks, and country are supported, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge with the “Android Device Unlock App“. If your phone is asking for “SIM Network Unlock PIN” the software will read the Unlocking Code, if the phone has a Device Unlock App, then it will perform a Direct Unlock. Turnaround time is instant, 24/7! No need to wait to receive your code!

UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker v1.0 - Samsung Galaxy S6 Direct Unlock by USB Cable

Below is the exact list of Supported models / variants:

Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920A, SM-G920F, SM-G920FQ, SM-G920I, SM-G920K, SM-G920L, SM-G920S, SM-G920T, SM-G920T1, SM-G920W8) and  Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE (SM-G925A, SM-G925F, SM-G925FD, SM-G925FQ, SM-G925I, SM-G925K, SM-G925L, SM-G925S, SM-G925T).

Technical Requirements : 

– Computer running Windows 7 or 8,
– Micro USB Cable (Compatible or Original),
UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker v1.0 for Windows,
Samsung USB Driver for Windows.

UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker Software Tutorial:

1 – Make sure you install the Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers on your PC, if you haven’t already.

2 – Enable Developer Options by following these guidelines:

a) Step 1: Go to Settings> About device.

b) Step 2: Tap Build number 7 times.

Access Enable Galaxy S6 Developer Menu

After tapping build number two or more times, the notifications will be shown on the screen telling you the progress:

You are now X steps away from being a developer

After tapping the build number 7 times, you will be notified you are a developer.

When the Developer options are unlocked, you should see something like this.

When the Developer options are unlocked, you should see something like this.

Now, Galaxy S6 developer options will be available in the Settings menu.

3 – Enable USB Debugging, by opening Settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging

Enable USB Debugging Samsung Galaxy S6

4 – Then install and launch “UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker v1.0
5 – Enter the License Number and press “Apply
6 – Then follow the guideline of this Video Tutorial:

To order your License, please follow this link

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Does your solution ROOT our Phone ?

A: Our solution use one TEMP ROOT, our software will try it on your cell phone automatically during the unlock process, you can see that in the Video Tutorial above.

Q: Is it permanent unlock ? Even if I flash the phone ?

A: It’s 100% permanent Unlock, once you unlock your phone with our solution you can do whatever you like (Upgrade or Downgrade Firmware, or even install custom firmware like Cyanogen or Avatar). Your phone will remain unlocked no matter what, for life !

Q: Do you offer unbranded version of your Software ?

A: No we don’t offer unbranded version of UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker software.

Q: I install the software and  see the Icon on my Desktop, but when I double click it do not open, what to do ?

A: Please right-click the icon on your Desktop and select “Run as administrator”

Q: Where I can download the most recent version of the software ?

A: After you place your order you will receive by email  the License and the link to download the software. If during support session we ask you to download the latest version of the software or installer, please always use the link you received in the first email we sent you as we’ll always update the archive of this Direct Download link with the latest upgrade of our software !

Q: My Samsung is CDMA, can you unlock it ?

A: Unfortunately we only unlock GSM phone, we don’t unlock CDMA version from Sprint, BoostMobile, StraightTalk, or Verizon… It’s very important to always invest in GSM Phone whenever possible, specially if you are an international traveler to make sure you can use it worldwide. CDMA is a standard that only work with some networks from the USA, and Japan….

Q: My cell phone is not detected, what should I do ?

1 – Make sure you install our Driver, click-here to download and install them again,
2 – Verify if USB Debugging is selected in your Samsung phone,
3 – Change USB Port of your computer until phone detected,
4 – Last resort change USB cable (most of the time cable is simply faulty).

Q: I get the error  « Error ! (Push_Filed) », can you still unlock my phone ?

A: Unfortunately this mean our software cannot Auto Root your phone at the moment. You can still manually root your phone with third party software (Like PingPong, iRoot, or KingoRoot) and then use our software to Unlock It. However we cannot provide support for these Third Party rooting software so if you prefer to give up or if it’s too technical for you then please contact us by email and we will Void the license and refund your transaction.

  • Pedro2009

    Wow finally unlocked my S6 Edge from Entel Chile !!! Nobody was able to get the code for this Mobile since 2 weeks and I unlock it in less than 5 minutes. You’re the best.

  • Garven

    Tested on my S6 Edge from T-Mobile USA with Device Unlock App and it work successfully in less than 4 minutes….. Much cheaper and faster than any other solution on the market today, thanks UnlockBase

    • Thanks, and we’ll do our best to make sure this method is always the cheapest available !
      About speed, nobody can mess with our method :)))

  • cedel jel

    is this tool support japan au?

    • CDMA ? or GSM ? what’s the exact reference (SM-xxxx) of your Galaxy S6 ?

      • cedel jel

        scv31 OR 04g

        • Please contact me on Skype (unlockbase) we’ll check with remote assistance.

          • cedel jel

            no reply from skype

          • I didn’t receive any notification from you on Skype…… our Skype ID is “unlockbase”
            It’s for Live Messaging (not for calling/audio)

  • davis brian fernandez celis

    i need root my phone?

    • The software automatically root the phone, however if some very specific occasion you might have to root your phone using this method : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ezh7Oi-jyM (Pingpong Root)

      • davis brian fernandez celis

        I paid for the license but does not work me , I have an edge s6 Tmobile , I need your help.

      • davis brian fernandez celis

        Thank you so much, my Galaxy S6 edge From Tmobile is unlocked.

  • Marios Brent

    I think you should tell people that they will void the phone’s warranty using this method as the phone will be rooted.I suggest people use other unlocking methods if they want their warranty.Most carriers will unlock the phone for free anyway

  • davis brian fernandez celis

    Thank you so much, my Galaxy S6 edge From Tmobile is unlocked. I attended remotely because i do not understand much about these things, i am very happy, thank you again.

  • Bryan Hutchinson

    I did have problems unblocking using the software but it was my fault I missed allowing the program access at one point , so you need to keep an eye on your phone as it is installing to allow it full access to your phone

    Julvir from tech came on skype and then team viewer once I emailed them with my problem and it work first time

    Thanks again for your help Julvir

  • Orlando Carela

    S6 / EDGE from sprint supported?

    • We only Unlock GSM, not CDMA and the one from Sprint are CDMA 🙁

  • Jay K

    I tried the remote unlocking service. At first I kept getting this specific error when the programme would initiate “debugger detected”. So I presumed it must have been my antivirus. I disabled it and it worked like a charm. Phone unlocked successful.

    • Some Antivirus have integrated Firewall that block the mandatory communication from our software with our server (for License Check, and Unlock Process). That’s why you need sometime to turn off your antivirus (rather than set complex firewall rules). Thanks for the confirmation, and for your business !

  • nicollasgsm

    unlock done whit unlockbase server an -samsung S6 edge T mobile.Thank you!!!!!

  • Deisy San Miguel

    HI … I have a question I ha e done steps 1 to 3 but when I try to open step 4 I’m not able to could u b able to help me w that

    • Please contact me on Skype (SkypeID: unlockbase) for Remote Assistance

  • █▲Jorge ▲█

    Ive tried but always in the AUTOROOT part it marks me an error and doesnt allow me to keep on

    • Please contact me on Skype (SkypeID: unlockbase) for Remote Assistance

      • █▲Jorge ▲█

        I just did, lm waiting for an answer 🙂
        Thank you

  • Hamoudeh Khalil

    i did 2 phone with this method ,its the best ,both unlocked,thanks

  • Justin

    hi! I would like to test your unlock method.. It seems very promising.. but How do I unroot my phone after? Is it possible to use kies?

    • Since the v1.0.0.6 our software automatically “unroot” the phone that were rooted by our software at the end of the process !

      • Justin

        13:31:58 > Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge UNLOCK: END!
        Thank you very much!
        I can’t leave a testimonial on your site (it says “You need to provide a valid hashkey…”)
        Anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN!
        +++++ REP!

        and yes, it does unroot phone after 😀

  • Deisy San Miguel

    When u unlock the phone could u still use it w the same company or no?? I was able to unlock my phone but it won’t read my sim card .. also my phone is an s6 n it said ur s6 edge is unlock …

    • After unlock you can use ANY SIM CARD from ANY NETWORK PROVIDER.
      As long as it’s GSM Network Provider ! (and not a CDMA Network)

  • Heriberto

    10:11:07 > Please wait, running AUTOROOT: ERROR! (PUSH_FILE0)

    10:11:10 > Sending data to server: OK!

    10:11:10 > POSSIBLE NOT SUPPORTED VERSION, you can TRY AGAIN or ROOT phone manually!

    10:11:10 > Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge UNLOCK: END!

    What is???

  • qosmio

    please tell me if Galaxy S6 att g920aucu2aof3 with android 5.0.2 is supported, since it cannot be rooted via ping pong yet or is your unlocker able to root it at least temporary to make it unlock? tnx

  • Heriberto


    Could you colaborarme it has already done all the process correctly but Samsung S6 did not register with the network, “No service” and when I try to make a call telling me “not registered on the network.” I have read and there is a regional block and this could be affecting me. I have understood that you let the phone fully unlocked and so went to this method.

    • Your IMEI is probably Blacklisted (reported as “Lost” or “Stolen”) in your country.

  • Heriberto

    The phone is T-Mobile USA and I am using it in Colombia (other country). This does not affect what I buy phones as Blacklisted work in my country.

  • eddard stark

    i think this method worked for me. but now i keep getting security threat detected warning and tells me to restart the phone to undo something. im not sure if its because of this unlocking or me rooting but when i click restart it sends me to recovery. going to try unroot now and see if that does anything.. will post update after.

    p.s. it used to say invalid sim, but now it is saying insert sim card. the sim card i used was old so..

  • Kate

    So, I bought a license, ran it on an already rooted phone, and got an Unlock Successful message the phone rebooted doesn’t give any message about the sim being locked when another carrier sim is inserted, looks all good.

    However, using a third party app the sim is still reporting as locked and it still refuses to connect to a different network. The phone does have custom firmware installed.

    Any ideas what might be causing this?

  • Haznor Mangondaya

    I bought your app and successfully unlocked my s6 edge but unfortunately my phone freezed after some time and I have to hard restart to get it working again. Today, for no reason “INVALID SIM CARD” shows and I cant use my phone again to make and receive calls. I tried unlocking my phone using the app I bought but it says license has been used. Please help me to unlock my phone again. Thank you and more power.

  • davis brian fernandez celis

    I have a s6 edge 925T with android 5.1.1. It works?

    • Most are supported, you might need to root manually your Samsung !

  • Ikram Muhammadi

    i tried to unlock my phone and i have got this message phone still not unlocked can you please help

    04:45:11 > Sending data to server: OK!
    04:45:11 > Sending data to server:
    04:45:46 > Sending data to server: OK!
    04:45:52 > Sending data to server: ERROR! [ GET_CMD2_ANSWER ]
    04:45:52 > Searching for phone:
    04:45:53 > Searching for phone: OK!
    04:45:54 > Uninstalling superuser:
    04:46:13 > Uninstalling superuser: OK!
    04:46:14 > Restarting phone:
    04:46:23 > Restarting phone: OK!
    04:46:23 > Samsung Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge UNLOCK: END!

  • DNHD


    14:21:36 > Calculating [by server] please wait:

    14:41:37 > Calculating [by server] please wait: ERROR! (SERVER TIMEOUT)

  • Ady

    Just tried, 3 times with server timeout, now the software says licence already used??????
    Help would be appreciated….

  • Orion575

    Hi. If I have rooted S6(920T) running 5.1.1 will it work? Thanks.

  • Daniel Rmz

    I just bought an S6 Edge on T Mobile but is blacklisted for non pay, can i unlock it with this tool? to use it with other carrier or company in Mexico? Thank You

  • Jassiel Antonio Torres Corrale

    make payment and download the software but I can not open, that I have to do?

    • Please right-click the icon on your Desktop and select “Run as administrator”

  • Ewee Aerowiz

    Will this work on korean S6 Edge?

    • I’m not 100% sure but worst case scenario if not working I can still Void the license and refund your transaction.

  • Justin Kiser

    need help I sent you skype request

  • Justin Kiser

    it keeps saying debugging detected?

  • Nicholas

    any chance for note 5 love now that it has been rooted for tmobile?

    • We’re actually going to release in September a new version of the Software with Note 5 Support !

  • sunny

    How about the samsung s6 edge plus for t mobile (sm-g928t)?

  • Manuel

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 AT&T version rooted. I need to SIM unlock it, will this app work?

  • koumkouat

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920x – LIVE DEMO UNIT i need to SIM unlock???

    • When you put a SIM Card, it look locked (asking for “SIM Network Unlock PIN”) ?
      If the answer is YES, then it’s locked and can be unlocked.
      If the answer is NO…. then your phone is not locked !

      • koumkouat

        This phone has not imei number!
        Cellular Networks:
        GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS2100 (B1), LTE2100 (B1), LTE1800 (B3), LTE2600 (B7), LTE900 (B8), LTE700 (B28)
        The phone is the same as the international version,the difference is that it has not imei number!!!

        • When you compose *#06# on this device, what do you see ?

          • Le Marocain

            Mobile NEtwork not avaible

  • Rafael Pina F

    Does it work with G925R (US Cellular)?

  • Rozza

    Hello I have sent you an email with the > Calculating [by server] please wait: error I am getting. I would appreciate a reply asap as I need the phone unlocked.

    • Just got your email, but we will need more information like License ID, LOG File, and Cell Phone you’re trying to unlock, please answer by email.

      • Jay K

        how was this fixed I keep getting same error. I have contacted support but still no reply

  • Jonathan Amaya

    i try to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920T and i get “Calculating [by server] please wait: ERROR! [ NOT_SUPPORTED ]”

  • God1st Moneylater

    what if my phone says no service, is it lock

  • Sonny Chau

    i have samsung galaxy s6 edge plus with google activation lock because previous owner forgot their email password. What can I do? any suggestion?

    • Sorry we don’t have solution for this.

      • Sonny Chau

        i order the samsung reactivation service and got and email and password to login into findmymobile.samsung.com . after login there isn’t anything there. just a blank page asking me to register the device. Do you have any idea what to do next. basically i paid for a service and only got an email and password to login to a website by samsung. Please advise help or sent me to right helper.

        • Samsung sCloud lock, you do not remove by Samsung website. You need to login with the phone first and secondly remove the sCloud through, Settings > General > Accounts, then delete sCloud account.

          ALERT: When it comes to Verizon, sometimes you cannot remove it 100%. So what we tell clients is after you login through the phone, instead of deleting the SCloud, just change it to something they can remember or of their own address. Only Samsung from Verizon has this issue, other networks you just login to the phone and delete on the phone and your done. If your IMEI Start with 99xxxxx please do not order.

  • Edgar DG

    I have a S6 Edge Plus from TMobile (g928T). can i unlock it with this tool? to use in Mexico

  • Carey Nicole Poole

    I bought a Samsung S6 Active from a friend. It is att but i use a straighttalk sim car in it. I tried to unlock it through att but they said it was reported lost or stolen I am using the phone fine. once a month though att blocks my sim card from using the phone and i have to call straightalk to fix it. what do i do?

  • 박순찬

    Can I have a SM-G925J(scv31) galaxy s6edge unlockcode from Japan Kddi?

    • Those are CDMA and not supported by our software, we only unlock GSM Cell Phone !

  • Muqshid Muhammed

    when i tried to unlock i got this error! Please help

    14:56:27 > Samsung Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos UNLOCK: START!

    14:56:28 > If phone ask to allow usb debuging please accept!

    14:56:41 > Searching for phone: OK!

    14:56:46 > Reading info: OK!

    14:56:46 > Initialising data: OK!

    14:56:58 > Detecting port: ERROR! [ PHONE_NOT_ANSWER ]

    14:56:58 > Sending data to server: OK!

    14:56:58 > Samsung Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos UNLOCK: END!

    • https://www.unlockbase.com/cable-unlock/unlockbase-software-faq/

      If you experience this error, first please make sure you that you have activated DIAG Port on the phone menu using *#0808# and *#9090#.

      If you still have this issue, then please:

      1. Close all applications / software on your computer that might communicate with the Samsung (ie: Kies)
      2. For the time of the Unlock Process, please disconnect all unnecessary USB Device from your Computer (ie: Printer, Scanner, USB Stick, etc…)

      • Fauzan Fauzan

        i can’t use *#9090# code in may device.

  • Ngwane Daniel

    07:20:27 > LICENCE: 80E5-SAMSUNG-SM-G920A-6A47-5701
    07:20:27 > Samsung Samsung SM-G920A UNLOCK: START!
    07:20:27 > Please power on phone and connect to usb in android debug mode!
    07:20:27 > If phone ask to allow usb debuging please accept!
    07:20:31 > Searching for phone: OK!
    07:20:35 > Reading info: OK!
    07:20:38 > Checking root: OK! (NOT ROOTED)
    07:20:38 > BRAND: SAMSUNG
    07:20:38 > MODEL: SAMSUNG-SM-G920A
    07:20:38 > HWID: SAMSUNGEXYNOS7420-11
    07:20:38 > BOOT LOADER: G920AUCU2AOF3
    07:20:39 > COUNTRY CODE: USA / US
    07:20:39 > SALES CODE: ATT
    07:20:39 > VERSION: ANDROID 5.0.2
    07:20:39 > BUILD LRX22G / G920AUCU2AOF3
    07:20:39 > G920AUCU2AOF3 / G920AATT2AOF3 (PDA/CSC)
    07:20:39 > HARDWARE: REV1.0
    07:20:39 > KERNEL: 3.10.61-4823236 (gcc 4.9)
    07:20:39 > PHONE SN: 03157DF39AE2E621_R38G40KPZEZ
    07:20:39 > CPU TYPE: EXYNOS5 / SAMSUNG Exynos7420
    07:20:39 > RIL MODEM: SHANNON333
    07:20:39 > RIL VERSION: SAMSUNG RIL V3.0
    07:20:40 > Sending data to server: OK!
    07:22:09 > Please wait, running AUTOROOT: ERROR! (EXPLOIT_TIMEOUT)
    07:22:11 > Sending data to server: OK!
    07:22:11 > POSSIBLE NOT SUPPORTED VERSION, you can TRY AGAIN or ROOT phone manually!
    07:22:11 > Samsung Samsung SM-G920A UNLOCK: END!


  • Ngwane Daniel

    After doing some research I found out my G920A is of the OF3 build, which cannot be rooted. So as this didn’t work then I suggest you please refund my credits back because I will use them to just order a regular NCK code.

    • Sure, please contact me by email: [email protected]
      I will Void your license and refund your transaction.

      • Ngwane Daniel

        Thank you so much for your timely reply.. Email coming right up

  • Alex Rosenblatt

    Will this work if one is unable to get to settings on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? My computer will not recognize the phone when plugged in.

  • Guru Kast

    Services runs tru until end where it just goes into ” Calculating [by server] please wait: ”
    and keeps climbing to 100% then starting back at 0%

    • Please retry later today as soon as we upload the last version of our Software.

      • Guru Kast

        Works perfectly, phone successfully unlocked and running smoothly

  • Joshué Reyes Rodríguez

    I asked in a post if the program will support my device (SM G920T s6 G920TUVU3DOI 5.1.1). Affter that, I REAFFIRMED ASKING AGAIN and u guyz said “Yes, it´s supported”. Now I paid fot the Licence, waited for it, and i just get

    ” Error ! (Push_Filed)” because the software “cannot Auto Root my phone at the moment”…

    Come on..

    Am I doing something wrong ? Everything is followed step by step, and everything is installed properly.
    Please some help ! I

    • You will need to manually root your phone, please contact us by email for assistance. If you give up ask us by email ([email protected]) to Void your license and refund your transaction.

      • Joshué Reyes Rodríguez

        If u can help me to root it manuallly, will be awesome. If u cant guyz, just gimme my refound please (I sent an email, but no answer).
        I just dont want to play anymore. Im getting frustrated cause i cant find a way to make it possible, please understand. Ivé try many thing to make it happen, and no one works cause the OS 5.1.1, that´s why i asked first.

        Will be waiting for answer

        • Please contact me by email: [email protected] with the License ID to Void (don’t post your License ID here since somebody else might use it) and I will then refund your transaction.

  • TooGuns Josh

    i get error cant find phone help pls

  • Cenk

    23:11:57 > BACKUPSSamsungSamsung SM-G925W8SM-G925W8_35875806178XXXX_R58G615XXXX_EFS_2015-11-19_23-11-57.bin
    23:11:58 > Saving backup: OK!
    23:12:02 > Sending data to server: OK!
    23:12:13 > Uploading tool: OK!
    23:12:34 > Running tool: ERROR! [ NO ANSWER ]
    23:12:41 > Reading debug data1: OK!
    23:12:41 > BACKUPSSamsungSamsung SM-G925W8SM-G925W8_35875806178XXXX_R58G615XXXX_DEBUG1_2015-11-19_23-12-41.bin
    23:12:42 > Saving debug data1: OK!
    23:12:43 > Reading debug data2: OK!
    23:12:43 > BACKUPSSamsungSamsung SM-G925W8SM-G925W8_35875806178XXXX_R58G615XXXX_DEBUG2_2015-11-19_23-12-43.bin
    23:12:43 > Saving debug data2: OK!
    23:12:54 > Restarting phone: OK!
    23:12:54 > Samsung Samsung SM-G925W8 UNLOCK: END!

    I sent a request for support to your email address.

    Model number: SM-G925W8
    Android version: 5.1.1 – G925W8VLU3BOJ7 / G925W8OYA3BOJ7 (PDA/CSC)
    Baseband version: G925W8VLU3BOJ7

    Not unlocked, please help me!

  • Fábio Rodrigues

    Hi there,
    I have a Samsung S6 from NOS Portugal, i check the network it have WCDMA/GSM is possible to be unlocked?

    • Yes, this is supported !

    • Hi Fabio!

      Yes, it is possible to unlock your phone using Software Cable Unlock. Please use this link we provide below. https://www.unlockbase.com/cable-unlock/samsung/galaxy-s6/

      **** Please keep all prior email communication when replying ****

      Nam Gomez – Customer Relationship Manager

      USA Tool Free Number: +1-800-292-5216

      • Fábio Rodrigues

        Is there another spec that’s crucial to have to be unlocked? Rooted for example.

    • Yes it’s supported !

  • Amira Val Baker

    If i get the sm-g925F so that I can use it in the UK will i be able to unlock it when i get to the states so that i can use it with verizon (cdma)

    • The SM-G925F seems to be the “Global” version (GSM) and will only work on GSM Bands.

  • walther

    hi my is: SuperSU there si no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it.this is a poblem!
    if you just upgraded to android 5.0, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device.

    please help