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Unlock any phone! Changing mobile carriers can occasionally result in significant savings. However, before making the transition, you may need to unlock your phone from your existing carrier’s network. That isn’t difficult, but a little assistance can go a long way because the process differs from phone to phone and carrier to carrier.

Unlocking your device will not erase your data; you will lose data only if:

1. You forgot your passcode and need to reset your phone and it will remove all the files.

2. You have a corrupted operating system and must reprogram your phone.

3. You removed your files and restored your phone to default settings.

unlock any phone

When this happens, one option for regaining access is to perform a factory reset on the device. However, this will result in the complete loss of all data on your phone. Then you may wonder, “How can I unlock my locked device without having to reset it?” Here’s a quick tutorial on how to unlock a locked phone without losing data. As a result, you can simply unlock a locked phone.

Things you need to unlock your phone

  • Any browser ( phone, computer )
  • Your phone’s IMEI
  •  Any Simcard aside from your current carrier

Here’s the ideal, easy-to-understand unlocked technique, which begins with obtaining a 15-digit IMEI NUMBER. The IMEI NUMBER of Any smartphone can be obtained in the following manner:

Dial *#06# on your keypad or 

Go to phone setting-> About phone-> Status

unlock any phone

Unlock any phone

UnlockBase Service is a simple and convenient way to unlock your phone. A basic, step-by-step method is all that is required to get the job done safely and legally. In addition, it’s a long-term fix. Breaking the carrier lock is a once-and-done thing.

unlock any phone
  1. Select the brand of your phone.
  2. Type the IMEI of your phone.
  3. Enter your email for confirmation.
  4. Choose the country where the phone is locked to.
  5. Choose your network/carrier.
  6. Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation.

Phone Will be Unlock permanently, Even after firmware updates and/or reset/restore?

Restoring your phone to factory settings might resolve technical issues like limited storage or a laggy touch screen. It deletes all of your settings, including contacts, and forces you to start again or restore a backup of your data to repopulate the device.

Network/SIM lock is independent of the OS, so resetting the device will not affect the SIM lock/unlock state. Usually, unlocked phones are unlocked for good. So the answer is Yes. 

You can read this article for more details: https://www.unlockbase.com/blog/factory-reset-an-unlocked-phone/


Having your device unlocked will provide you with several perks. The benefits of unlocking your device include: saving money and having more options, being able to switch carriers with ease when traveling abroad, and much more. Just keep in mind that you will not lose any data when you unlock any phone

do unlock codes expire

Mobile carriers in the United States, as well as in several other countries, sell phones with special deals or price reductions. However, such phones are often network-locked. You can’t switch to a different carrier’s network by swapping the SIM card. Here are a few options for unlocking phones for a bit of cost while remaining legal and risk-free. This article discusses how to get your carrier to unlock your phone. 

Do Unlock Codes Expire?

Do unlock codes expire? They don’t have an expiration date. They’re calculated using the phone’s serial number, so the code should remain the same as long as that doesn’t change. Unlock codes are permanent and do not expire.

What Are the Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone?

do unlock codes expire

When traveling overseas or at home, unlocked phones allow you to switch providers. The most significant advantage of unlocked phones is that you are no longer reliant on a single operator. You have complete freedom to change networks as you see fit, allowing you to utilize the SIM that best suits your needs in any part of the United States.

Unlocked phones are also quite useful while traveling internationally. Purchase a local SIM card and use it when you arrive in any nation. It will be significantly less expensive than accruing international call and data rates.

Finally, unlocked phones are great backup phones. An unlocked mobile gets the job done whether your regular phone isn’t functioning or someone wants to borrow a gadget for a few days.

Unlock Your Phone Using UnlockBase

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your phone without a SIM card. The genuinely unique and fantastic aspect of this instrument is its simplicity of use and convenience compared to other alternatives now available on the market.

It is secure, legal, and most importantly, can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again.

do unlock codes expire
  • Select your Phone brand
  • Type your phone’s IMEI Code
  • Type your email for confirmation
  • Select the country of the network the phone is locked to
  • Select your network/carrier
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation

There’s no need to ship your phone to us; simply provide your phone’s IMEI or Serial Number. Once you get an email confirmation from us, you will then proceed with the next step to finish the unlocking process with your device. If you feel lost or unsure at any stage, our dedicated team of customer support staff is available 24/7 to guide you through the unlocking process.


The great thing about network unlocking your smartphone, tablet, or portable hub, is that once you’ve done it, that’s it. Your phone cannot be re-locked to a different network. As per Unlock Codes, They don’t have an expiration date. They’re determined based on the phone’s serial number, so as long as that doesn’t change, the code should stay constant.

Unlock codes are non-transferable and never expire, and any compatible SIM card can be inserted, as long as you have an account and credit with that network, you’ll be able to make calls, send SMS, and perhaps even get online. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comment below!

what is sim locked phone

A feature in GSM phones that limits the phone’s usage to a single cellular carrier (a particular SIM card). When phones are significantly subsidized by the carrier, SIM locks are employed to ensure that subscribers complete their service contracts. By entering a code, SIM-locked phones can be unlocked. 

You can switch networks after purchasing and using your cellphone for a length of time. However, the phone you’re using now might not be compatible with that network. You must unlock your phone if you want to maintain using your existing handset yet switch to a different network. This implies you must unlock the phone in order for another gsm sim module to be accepted.

Do you have your sim-locked phones unlocked? What’s the best way to find out?

what is sim locked phone

Finding out if your phone is locked is straightforward. Simply insert a SIM card from another carrier (you can acquire one for free at a phone shop or purchase one online) and see if the network’s name displays on your phone.

If it does, and you can use your phone,  it’s unlocked.

Why should I unlock my phone?

what is sim locked phone

Most people unlock their phones so they can get cheap SIM-only deals. When your phone is unlocked, you don’t have to pay the same prices as the network that you bought your phone from. Because good SIM-only deals usually only last for a short time, that’s another reason why they’re important. A SIM-only deal gives you the flexibility to change phones and get the best deals while they last. 

Many people unlock their phones when they want to sell them, but it’s not always the best idea. As a general rule, phones that are not tied to a network sell for more money and move faster than phones that are still tied to a network. In order to save money on roaming charges when you travel a lot, you’ll need a phone that can accept SIM cards from other networks.

How to Unlock Sim Locked Phones?

1. Unlock Your Phone Using UnlockBase

If you discovered that you don’t meet all of your carrier’s unlock criteria, this is by far the best choice.

1. Go to https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/
2. Select or search the manufacturer of your phone that you want to get unlocked
3. Select your cell phone model from the list after getting the right manufacturer of your phone
4. In the first part of the article, we asked you to write down your IMEI Number, Insert your IMEI on the website
5. Select your phone’s carrier. If you’re an Apple user and don’t have any idea what your phone carrier is, you can check it here.

6. Proceed to Check out and give you Account Information to Confirm your Payment. 

Your order will begin to be processed once you have completed the payment. Within 24hrs, you will receive an email confirming that your phone has been successfully unlocked.

7. We’ll then send you an email to inform you that your phone is unlocked 

2. We Offer Free Unlock Services!

In case your old device is covered by our FREE services, we can unlock your old device without spending anything, you just need to check the exact model and manufacturer of your old phone and we can unlock it for you. Just go to this link: https://www.unlockbase.com/wholesale-phone-unlocking/

Scroll to the bottom where it says “Free Unlock Codes”. 

Here are some of the Manufacturers that we have for free unlock codes for old devices : 

what is sim locked phone

Just provide the information needed for your unlock request. Wait for us to send you the unlock code for your phone. We will provide you with an unlock code. We’ll walk you through how to enter the code and unlock your phone.

If your device is one of these old models, You can get the code for free!
But if your phone is the newer model you try the other method below : 

1. Go to https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/

2. Select or search the manufacturer of your phone that you want to get unlocked

3. Select your cell phone model from the list after getting the right manufacturer of your phone

4. In the first part of the article, we asked you to write down your IMEI Number, Insert your IMEI on the website

5. Select your phone’s carrier. If you’re an Apple user and don’t have any idea what your phone carrier is, you can check it here.

6. Proceed to Check out and give you Account Information to Confirm your Payment. 

Your order will begin to be processed once you have completed the payment. Within 24hrs, you will receive an email confirming that your phone has been successfully unlocked.

7. We’ll then send you an email to inform you that your phone is unlocked 

The main disadvantage of this strategy is that you will have to spend money on it. However, the advantages of using UnlockBase exceed this disadvantage.

The main disadvantage of this strategy is that you will have to spend money on it. However, the advantages of using UnlockBase exceed this disadvantage. You don’t have to wait 30 days for the unlocking; instead, you only have to wait hours!

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your phone. The genuinely unique and fantastic aspect of this instrument is its simplicity of use and convenience in comparison to other alternatives now available on the market. It is secure, legal, and most importantly, it can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again. 


As a general rule, an unlocked phone should work with your service providers. To make sure this, bring your Sim Card with you and have it checked before you buy the phone and leave the store. Second, look at coverage. The phone you choose should work with a service that has a lot of coverage. There is a comment box at the bottom of this page if you have any ideas.

unlock att phone without sim card

You may have heard that an iPhone may be unlocked or that it can be unlocked from its carrier. This implies you can open an iPhone locked to a specific carrier and use it with multiple pages. Unlocking your iPhone AT&T is advantageous since it allows you to have more options. The phone is often referred to as a SIM-free or contract-free phone due to this. Because an AT&T iPhone unlock may be freeing, this pretty much sums it up.

The thing to Know Before Unlocking :

unlock att phone without sim card
  • First, you must be a current or former AT&T subscriber. However, there are exceptions for people who did not fit this requirement but acquired an AT&T phone privately.
  • Of course, the cellphone we’re unlocking isn’t one of the unlocked phones. You can’t open a Verizon smartphone with AT&T.
  • Third, if you are a subscriber, you must pay off your payment plan, but AT&T may give you some leniency based on your loyalty. If you are not an AT&T subscriber, you must pay. Else the phone will be blacklisted and cannot be unlocked.
  • The device should not be blacklisted from AT&T’s network due to loss, theft, or fraud.

Unlock ATT Phone Without Sim Card Using UnlockBase

unlock att phone without sim card

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your iPhone AT&T without a SIM card. The genuinely unique and fantastic aspect of this instrument is its simplicity of use and convenience compared to other alternatives now available on the market. It is secure, legal, and most importantly, can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again.

  • Select your Phone brand
  • Type your phone’s IMEI Code
  • Type your email for confirmation
  • Select the country of the network the phone is locked to
  • Select your network/carrier
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation

There’s no need to ship your iPhone to us; simply provide your iPhone’s IMEI or Serial Number. Once you get an email confirmation from us, you will then proceed with the next step to finish the unlocking process with your iDevice. If you feel lost or unsure at any stage, our dedicated team of customer support staff is available 24/7 to guide you through the unlocking process.

Unlock ATT Phone Without Sim Card By Hardware Unlock

unlock att phone without sim card

Without a Sim Card, it is possible to unlock an AT&T phone by altering the phone’s hardware. There are several approaches available for this plan, but you will nearly always need to call an expert, or you can use a sim card and a module that can be inserted into your phone if it is an iPhone. When the ICCID Code is set in ICCID mode, the chip included in the hardware bypasses the carrier lock. However, you should be aware that tampering with your phone’s hardware in any manner would invalidate your warranty. It is not a permanent solution, as banned phones cannot be unlocked.  The hardware unlock approach is much riskier than the majority of the other methods.

Finding out how to unlock an AT&T iPhone may be a nightmare if you don’t know where to search, all the more so since the open is critical for many individuals to utilize other carriers.

Both of the aforementioned methods are acceptable ways to unlock your iPhone from AT&T, whether without a SIM card or by altering the hardware.

There is an alternate method for AT&T iPhone unlocking. It is a little more inconvenient and may take a little longer, but it is another acceptable method you can use if you so desire. This is accomplished by directly contacting your Carrier. If you are already aware of your carrier being AT&T, you can contact them directly to have your iPhone unlocked


According to my experience, unlocking AT&T through UnlockBase is more straightforward, more efficient, and faster. Additionally, it is more secure since if you go via the carrier without a SIM card, you will need to back up your iPhone, then erase and reinstall it. Not only is this a time-consuming operation, but it may also be dangerous. Additionally, AT&T has several checks and requisites in place that might prevent your iPhone from getting unlocked, and even if you pass the requisites, the procedure is still lengthy and may be refused due to AT&T’s ultimate say. UnlockBase effortlessly opens your iPhone without erasing any data through a straightforward, easy step procedure.

You’re preparing to switch from your current cell phone provider to a new one. There are a few things to consider before making the move, such as unlocking your phone.  If you don’t pay the full amount for a new phone upfront, it will be Carrier Locked. This means that until you pay it off, your phone will only be able to connect to that carrier’s network. If you move carriers without first unlocking your phone, you may be unable to send messages or make phone calls.

What does it mean to be carrier-locked?

After purchase, most cell phones are locked to a certain mobile provider. This makes it impossible for customers to utilize the device outside of the nation or with another service provider. You won’t be able to use another SIM from a different carrier until you remove the lock through the carrier or another manner. Carriers may often remove the lock if it has been placed. However, there are some instances where carriers are unable to remove the lock.

Carrier Lock

What’s the deal with carriers locking phones?

Phone locking, according to cellular carriers, is a fundamental element of their business. They may keep people on their network by locking phones they sell on contract, ensuring that they pay their monthly costs. Remember that phones are subsidized and aren’t genuinely worth their on-contract rates.

High-end cellphones are prohibitively pricey. On the first day of possession, an unlocked iPhone will run you back $599+! When you sign a contract with a carrier, they subsidize the cost of a phone like this to approximately $100-300. (often 2 years). If your phone is tied to your carrier, you are less likely to switch carriers. Some say, however, that the contract binds you to the carrier regardless, and that it is now so simple to unlock your phone that this technique is antiquated.

Carrier Lock

Should I Unlock My Carrier Locked Phone?

YES! In reality, unlocking your smartphone gives you greater control over it as the owner. So, if you have the opportunity, here are three compelling reasons to do so:

  • It allows it to be used on a global scale.

    Carriers generally subsidize the cost of a smartphone when a user joins up for a new two-year contract and locks the subsidized phone to their service in order to entice users. Carrier Lock Phones are always far more expensive because mobile service in much of the globe is significantly cheaper than in the United States, and partly because carrier partnerships are expensive for the end user. Of course, if your smartphone is locked, you won’t be able to do anything about it.
Carrier Lock
  • It allows you to change carriers.

    You don’t like your carrier, but you enjoy your phone. This wasn’t a problem before smartphones; simply cancel the service, obtain a new SIM card, and join up for a new service plan with the new carrier. That’s not so easy nowadays, owing to contracts and locking. If your phone is locked, you’ll have to buy a new handset if you wish to transfer service providers for any reason, such as bad mobile coverage in your location. Unlocked phones, on the other hand, can be used on your new carrier’s network if the device is supported. On AT&T and T-Mobile, practically all GSM phones function, and those phones work almost anywhere in the world.
Carrier Lock
  • It Increases the Phone’s Value

We all sell or give away our old cell phones at some point, but they have less value if they are locked to a certain cellular operator. If you want to get the most money out of your old cellphone, or if you want to give it to someone who isn’t on the same carrier as you, unlocking it is the easiest method to do it.

Unlock Your Phone Using Unlock Base

We have all felt ripped off by a phone contract at one point or another. Then should you ever go overseas, well, that’s an even better excuse to start ramping up the charges? Costly texts, crazy internet access charges, eye-watering call tariffs. But now there is a safe, quick, and clever way to dig yourself out of the contract you are currently stuck with. In fact, you can be home free in just a few minutes with UnlockBase.com. Why unlock cell phones? Because you deserve the freedom of the best tariffs out there.

Unlocking your phone puts you back in control of your call charges and costs, at home and abroad

Carrier Lock


The great thing about network unlocking your smartphone, tablet, or portable hub, is that once you’ve done it, that’s it. Your phone cannot be re-locked to a different network. Any compatible SIM card can be inserted, and as long as you have an account and credit with that network, you’ll be able to make calls, send SMS, and perhaps even get online. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comment below!

A notification stating “Connection trouble or invalid MMI code” appears on occasion, which might be annoying for Android users. When the invalid MMI code notification occurs, it usually implies that you won’t be able to make calls or send texts until the problem is fixed.

This usually happens when a user tries to send an MMI code (Man-Machine-Interface code).

Fortunately, there are a few options for resolving the Android “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” issue.

What is MMI Code?

A mobile code that starts with a star/hash (*#) prefix is known as an MMI (Man Machine Interface code)  code. MMI codes are input in the same way that phone numbers are to get a range of information and to enable and disable certain functions. Entering *#06# on a GSM phone, for example, displays the model and serial number (see IMEI).

Invalid MMI Code

Different Fixes for Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code

1.Reboot your Android device.

A mobile code that starts with a star/hash (*#) prefix is known as an MMI code. MMI codes are input in the same way that phone numbers are to get a range of information and to enable and disable certain functions. Entering *#06# on a GSM phone, for example, displays the model and serial number (see IMEI).

Invalid MMI Code

2.Enter Safe Mode

Safe mode allows you to debug your phone more effectively because it only runs stock Android programs. You can see if the invalid MMI code problem persists without any other programs running in the background by disabling them. Safe mode will turn off any pre-installed apps or services on the phone.

Please follow the instructions below to enter safe mode and see whether there is a suspect app interfering with your phone’s network operation. To enter safe mode, however, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Keep the power button pressed.
  • Keep hitting the menu button, which is to the left of the home key, while holding down the power button.
  • A safe mode emblem will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Invalid MMI Code

Now it’s time to put everything to the test.

Within the dialer, enter the same Prefix code you tried earlier to test whether it works, e.g. “*#06#”

If it works, there is an app on your Android phone that is causing the Invalid MMI Code problem.

Restart your phone and uninstall any newly downloaded apps.

3.Modify Prefix Code

Another option for resolving your connection issue is pretty straightforward. Only a comma (,) must be added to the end of the prefix code (*135#). With this addition, the operation is forced to look for the problem. After your prefix code, you can also put ‘+’ (plus). It also functions similarly to a comma.

4.Turn on the radio to enable IMS over SMS.

  • Type : (*#*#4636#*#*)

    NOTE: There is no need to push the send button; the Service mode will appear automatically.
  • Switch to the Service mode.
  • Go to Device information or Phone information.
  • Run Ping Test
  • Click on ‘Turn Off Radio
  • Now click on “Turn on IMS over SMS’
  • Reboot your phone. 

5.Check Network Setting

Because you are not getting reception, you may be getting the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code error. Go here to change your wireless carrier.

  • Settings
  • Connection to the Internet
  • Networks for mobile devices
  • Select Network Operators from the drop-down menu.
  • Search for networks and pick a wireless service provider.

It may take several attempts to connect to the available networks. If your carrier or service provider is not shown in the network operator search, you should examine your SIM card for any issues that could be interfering with network or SIM authentication.

Unlock Your Phone

Maybe the reason  why your provider is not shown in the network operator search is that your phone is unlocked and the sim card is not supported? There are loads of service providers in the market, and loads of competitive packages for you to choose from. Why get handcuffed to just one? 

Unlock your phone here at UnlockBase : https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/
It’s so easy to unlock your phone with UnlockBase.com you will wonder why you spent months locked into an unattractive contract. Make extortionate roaming rates a thing of the past, or escape from the fees and charges.

Invalid MMI Code


As you can see, there are several ways on how you can fix the MMI code error. If you still have a network connection or invalid MMI code error on your Android phone after trying the procedures many times, you might need to visit a local shop and have your phone checked properly by an authorized technician. There might be some hardware issues that’s preventing your device to recognize the network operators for mobile networks network. Have you had a smartphone that gives a” Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” Error? Let us know in the comments below!

Fix sim not provisioned mm2 ATT Verizon Straight Talk

The sim card is the chip that came with the phone and it not only saves data from texts or calls you received or made, it helps your phone connect to your carrier’s network. Sim not provisioned MM2 error is common among android phones. 

But don’t worry, this error is not difficult to fix. As long as you know what the reason for the error is, you’ll be able to fix it. And in this article, we’ll show you quick and easy troubleshooting tests that you can do to fix sim not provisioned mm2 or sim not provisioned error. 

What does sim not provisioned mm2 mean?

If the SIM card is not properly inserted, if it was damaged, or if it was not activated on your network, you will not be able to make or receive calls or texts, and you will see errors on your phone such as ‘sim not provisioned’, ‘phone not allowed for voice’, or ‘sim not provisioned mm2’. 

Other reasons for the sim not provisioned error to pop up are: 

  • You are no longer in your carrier’s coverage area and not activated for roaming. 

If you are indeed “roaming” or outside your carrier’s coverage area, you have to insert a SIM card from other carriers that are servicing the area you’re in. 

On the other hand, for this to work, you must ensure that your phone is not locked to your carrier. Otherwise, using another carrier’s sim card will not work. 

Removing the carrier lock on your phone is an easy and straightforward process and if your carrier won’t or can’t do it for you, you can do it safely with UnlockBase. Go here: https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/

  • You are using a new sim card that was not activated together with your device. 

If you have a new SIM card, it might take 24-48 hours before it’s fully activated by the carrier. 

How to fix SIM not provisioned error: 5 Ways

Sim not provisioned 
What does sim not provisioned mean
how to fix Phone not allowed for voice

What do you do when you see the sim not provisioned for voice error pop up? 

Identifying the reason why this error appears in the first place is the first step to fixing it. Let’s start with the simplest, most obvious reason and that is the appearance of the sim card. 

  1. Check SIM card for possible damages. 
  • Take the sim card out. Are there dents, damage, or possible scratches? 
  • Are you properly inserting the sim card to the sim slot? 
  • Is it the right sim card size? 
  • Is there dirt in the sim card or the sim card slot? 

You have to make sure the sim card and the sim card slot have no damage or dirt in them before you start using your phone. If this is the case, then you’ll have to replace the SIM card with one from your carrier. 

If you are using postpaid or you want to use the same phone number on your new SIM card, you have to activate the new sim card together with your device. They will ask you to provide the SIM card’s ICCID and your phone’s IMEI, both are the serial numbers assigned to them. 

If you have an older phone model, the sim card might be located at the back, below the battery. You have to remove the battery to access the sim card slot. Newer phones have a sim card slot on the side. 

  1. Re-insert and restart your phone. 

If the SIM card and the sim card slot (caddy) is not showing any physical signs of damage or dirt, try refreshing your phone’s system with a restart. 

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix SIM card not provisioned error. 

This error could have happened because the phone took longer than usual to connect with your sim card or just hiccups in its system that’s not too big to be worried about. 

  1. Enable Airplane Mode 

If restarting your device is not fixing it, you may try putting your phone on Airplane mode. Airplane mode disconnects your phone from any network. Tap Airplane mode again to enable your phone to reconnect. 

If you still see Sim not provisioned mm2 or sim not provisioned for voice error on the phone, your SIM card might not be activated. 

  1. Try the SIM card on another phone. 

This is an option if you are not sure whether it’s the SIM card or the sim card slot that’s malfunctioning. If you have a spare phone that’s working, you can try inserting the SIM card you have on that phone. 

But if it is detected by the other device, then it means the SIM card itself is functioning. If it’s not detected and it’s a new sim card or there’s no damage on the outside, then it’s likely that the SIM card is not activated by your carrier. 

NOTE: If you are inserting the sim card on a postpaid phone that uses a different carrier, your sim card will not work and you will see an error that would say ‘SIM not valid’ or ‘SIM not supported”. 

Related: How to fix sim not supported error 

  1. Activate your SIM card by contacting your carrier. 

Is your SIM card new? Are you using an old SIM card on a new phone? 

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it takes 24-48 hours to activate a new SIM card. If this is the case for you, all you need to do is wait for the time allotted for the SIM or phone to be activated. 

If you are using an old SIM card on a new phone, you have to inform your carrier that you wish to use the old SIM so they can ‘register’ and have it activated together with the new phone. 

Usually, new phones come with a new SIM card as well and that comes pre-registered with the phone. Also, you have to make sure your phone is compatible with your old SIM card. 

Conclusion: Troubleshoot  SIM not provisioned MM2 in under 5 minutes 

We hope the steps above helped you fix SIM not provisioned MM2 error. They will help know in under 5 minutes what the problem is and how to fix it. 

Did we miss anything here? Have you had this error before? How did you fix it? Let us know in the comments!

16 Things You Should Know About Digital Privacy Invasion



  1. Google is collecting data about you through your phone.
  2. Phishing comes in so many forms.
  3. Never trust your password to anyone, not even your phone.
  4. Use Password Managers.
  5. Change your passwords regularly.
  6. Add an extra layer of lock to your phone.
  7. Clean your browsers more often (than your house).
  8. Don’t just click “OK” or “I agree” absentmindedly.
  9. Employ 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) for all withdrawals (and on all your online accounts).
  10. Check the fidelity of your Social Media accounts.
  11. Create A Guest Wifi Network.
  12. Install a Firewall on your computer or on your home network.
  13. Use a VPN to hide your ass.
  14. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  15. Install manufacturer updates when needed.
  16. Be careful with the apps you install.


When we think about privacy in the digital world, we all suddenly feel anxious. Are we truly safe from privacy invasion? Are our phones especially equipped to keep our bank details, emails, phone numbers, etc free from hackers and digital thieves?

We’ve heard enough stories from people who lost their money because of email phishing and of those whose private videos got exposed and never got their peace again. It’s adding up to the anxiety people are burdened with nowadays, even after the extraordinary layer of security technology has to offer.

Mobile phones in particular, is one of the most vulnerable gadgets that is prone to hacker attacks. It gets especially hotter nowadays, since more and more people are using their mobile phones to buy things online, and even purchase products right off the shelves at Walmart.

Although mobile phones have become the best boon for humankind, it could also be the source of our greatest bane. With all the threats that’s going on around us, what can you do or what do you need to know to keep yourself safe when using your phone?

Well, let’s delve deeper and discover what you should know and what you can do to protect your privacy and essentially, your life.

1. Google is collecting data about you through your phone.


Google is collecting data about you through your phone


Did you know that you are being stalked by Google? Google knows almost everything about you. It can predict with absolute accuracy what you want to buy, what you want to search about, and even tell you where you’ve been last.

Google’s AI helps them know what ads to suggest based on your search behavior. And on your phone, there’s a default Google app that lets them know your location so they can suggest the best restaurants, places to visit, and report accurate temperature.

Ever since GPS, it was possible for anyone to follow us around or stalk without us knowing, and of course, this is a government initiative through NASA. Your mobile phone picks up signal from your mobile phone service provider towers and they can predict with almost perfect accuracy where you are at the moment just by using that data alone.

By default, Android and iOS users have GPS trackers enabled, but there’s no need to sulk, you can disable these location trackers just as easily. Here’s how to stop your phone from logging your location:


To Disable location reporting on Android:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Location
  3. Google Location Settings
  4. Switch slider off on both Location Reporting and Location History
  5. Delete Location History
  6. Repeat process on each Google Account on your device.


Note that by disabling these services you are essentially limiting Google on suggesting information that may be of help to you. Nonetheless, you can leave Location Reporting on when you think you need it. You can also block Google from seeing your location through the help of a VPN app for Android devices from services like ExpressVPN. This not only blocks Google, but also your ISP from seeing your location.


To Disable location reporting in iOS:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Location Services
  4. Swipe slider off on all apps or select apps you want it disabled (e.g Google Maps)
  5. System Services
  6. Deny location data from features you want to disable it


Note that with iOS you can’t erase the location history, so you have to log on to a web browser for you to do that. Choose the days you want to delete location history and you’re done.

2. Phishing comes in so many forms.


Phishing comes in so many forms


Bet you’ve probably seen how phishing emails look like, and hopefully it wasn’t successful on whatever its scheming to do. Email phishing disguises itself as a trustworthy organization aiming to gather important information from people who aren’t suspecting. They can disguise to be your bank, a famous brand, Google, and even your phone’s manufacturer!

Even Facebook has had this incident and a lot of accounts in so many countries had been infected. If you suspect your computer or your phone had been infected or hacked through Facebook or any other website, you can run a malware scan and immediately log out from the internet.

Unfortunately, hackers and phishers evolve fast and they are extremely creative. Nonetheless, it’s easy to outsmart them if you know how they really do it. Now, take a look at these examples:


  • Pop-up offering quick fixes for your mobile problems. They can show you a result of a quick device scan and will ask you to download or install a malware that is potentially dangerous to your computer and/or the data in it.


  • Email disguised to be your bank account asking for more account information. Your bank already has your account number, so there’s no way they’d ask that from you via email. Also, legitimate companies will not ask you to send your personal information through email or text.


  • A Facebook message from a friend with a link. Facebook hackers have made it to your friends’ inbox and if your friend unsuspectingly clicks on that link, all the person on their friends list will receive the message as well. This links will slow your computer down or install extensions on your browsers that can gather login information. You wouldn’t notice they installed anything but when you login to your bank, email, or work-related sites using the infected browser, it will send the information to the hacker’s server.


  • Emails disguised as customer complaint. High-level executives are the target of “customer complaint” phishers. They can even come up with an official-looking subpoena to make it look legitimate. More often, they are going to ask you to click a link where you will be asked to install a software so you can proceed. They can sometimes also clone your email login page where you will unsuspectingly enter your email login information to proceed.


  • Emails disguised as a shipping carrier asking for your personal information. Key here is not to provide your address or any information about you if you can’t confirm you have an order with them. Most carriers don’t really need to confirm shipping information because it is done by their vendor or the company where you purchase your goods from. If you are not expecting any order delivery, better to erase it right away.


  • Clone emails. As the term itself defines, this type of phishing clones or copies the exact email sent to you by a legitimate entity (e.g bank) and they also use an email address that looks like that of your bank. If you receive an email regarding a matter that your bank already had informed you with before, please don’t click any link. Instead investigate and verify the email by searching about it. You’re probably not the first to receive that email and the public have already been alerted about it.


  • Email from an unknown company about a freebie or a voucher you can claim by clicking a link. Well, it is easy to bait someone using their emotion, but remember, if the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.


  • Unsecured website login page. If you are routed to a page where you have to enter login information like username, email, pin, or passwords, always remember to check its security. Websites which as HTTPS and has a lock icon before the web address is safe and secure for you to enter your credentials. If on the other hand, it is only an HTTP or there’s no lock icon, you should be concerned. Also, you can check the website’s security certificate when you click on the lock icon. This helps you know how your data is protected.


Remember that phishing doesn’t only use one medium of communication. It can disguise itself as an unsuspecting text message from your daughter about your credit card information, or it can be through a call. When you receive a phone call from a company XYZ and they are asking personal information about you (including your birthday) that’s already one form of phishing.

There are other ways to prevent phishing and we’ll go through them in the next sections.

3. Never trust your password to anyone, not even your phone.


Never trust your password to anyone, not even your phone


As mentioned earlier, hackers and phishers have created ingenious ways to install extensions on your browsers with a single click. These extensions are triggered by certain websites, especially those where you enter login information. Although it would be easier for you to keep your passwords saved or “remembered” by your browser, it would be unsafe for you to do that.

Google Chrome, for example, isn’t a secure place to store your passwords. Anyone with access to your browser can keep your login credentials and save it for their own use. Although the hacker has to have physical access to your computer for them to steal your login information, you surely don’t want them to discover something you want to hide or keep for yourself.

Your phone’s browsers are also flawed the same. You can keep your social media logins to yourself if you allow people to use your phone or borrow it. You can stay unsuspecting but better be safe than sorry.

4. Use Password Managers.


Use Password Managers


If you have way too many passwords for you to remember, you can install a password manager like Lastpass. You need only one master password for the software login and you can keep all of your passwords in there safe and sound.

You can set a two-way authentication as well, so that when you login using a computer, you will need to authenticate it using your phone or another gadget of your choice. There are a lot of free password managers out there, so go get one now!

5. Change your passwords regularly.


Change your passwords regularly


Talking about passwords, it is necessary that you change your passwords on a regular basis, especially for those which concern your privacy and your banking logins. Even Apple Pay has its own flaws, so never trust yourself enough to keep these passwords and PIN’s just the same for more than 6 months.

It is advisable that you change your credit card pins on a regular basis to protect yourself from card skimming. If on the other hand, you use your phone to purchase, you need to make sure that your phone is locked enough that when someone steals it, it would be practically useless.

Jailbreaking a phone is something that even a grade-school kid can do nowadays, so to help protect yourself from this kind of disaster, you need to add an extra layer of lock to your phone which we will discuss next.

6. Add an extra layer of lock to your phone.


Add an extra layer of lock to your phone


Adding an extra layer of lock or security to your phone is going to help you not only secure your phone’s private data but it also prevents other people from using your information illegally.

There are a lot of free App Locks you can download from Google Play. With an extra lock installed you can lock certain apps and programs using a 6-digit PIN code and a simple toggle and voila, your Facebook, Gmail, or banking app is safe with another line of security.

Mobile phone manufacturers understand this necessity that’s why they always pack your devices with biometrics such as iris scanner, Face ID, fingerprint scanner, etc. However, no technology is perfect and there are still flaws in the system.

In an iPhone X, for example, your identical twin brother (if you have) can open your phone without any problem. In China, a lot of people had been in an uproar against Apple lately due to its racism in producing iPhone X.

A woman had discovered that her son can unlock her iPhone X and when she got to the store, she was told that there was a problem with the camera. She later discovered that everyone else can actually unlock her phone using their face with no problem and so was every other iPhone X in the store!

This major flaw had been denied by iPhone and of course, they denied the accusation of being racist. This had happened a month later iPhone X was released in the market.

7. Clean your browsers more often (than your house)


Clean your browsers more often (than your house)


Cleaning your browser is as important as cleaning your house. You have to erase your browsing history once in a while if you want to keep your devices safe from hackers.

Although there is a need for any hacker to have physical access to the device (e.g mobile phone), once someone breaks into your computer, they can look at the browser history and use the available data to steal information from you.


It’s easy to clean your browser. If you are using Chrome on your phone:

  1. Go to Chrome app
  2. Tap More History
  3. Tap Clear browsing data
  4. Go to Browsing history
  5. Uncheck any other boxes you don’t want to delete.
  6. Tap Clear data


Clean your browser often and save yourself from dirty trouble in the future.

8. Don’t just click “OK”or “I agree” absentmindedly.


Don’t just click “OK” or “I agree” absentmindedly


We all know that apps do ask “permissions” to access certain programs on your phone like your contacts, calendar, photos, messaging, notes, etc. By default, all of these programs have their boxes ticked, it’s up to you to uncheck the box next to the program you don’t want the app to have access with.

Limiting the app’s access isn’t going to affect the performance of the app, although there will be features that are to be compromised. Nonetheless, if you don’t want your Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or any other app for that matter have access to data that you think should stay private like Contacts, you can opt out and still be able to use them.


If you want to limit permissions on some apps, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Apps
  3. Device
  4. Tap the Gear icon
  5. App permissions
  6. Toggle slider ON or OFF on apps you want to limit access


In the same way, does some websites ask for permissions. If you have seen websites asking permission to “give you a notification about latest updates” or even asking to “enable cookies“, you better read what exactly they want from you.

By default, you shouldn’t allow them to do just that, and in fact, Google already penalizes websites who don’t let you opt out from these “permissions“. What these “cookies” do is to observe your behaviour when in the internet so they know what ads to suggest.

Amazon does this and so does other e-commerce websites. Google also does this, however, to a much healthier extent. When the information gathered by these cookies are given to the wrong hands, you’ll be spammed and the next thing you know, you’ll have annoying pop-ups every now and then.


If you are using Chrome on your computer, here’s how you change permission on all sites you will visit:

  1. On you computer, left click on Chrome
  2. Hover your mouse on the top right, click More (it looks like 3 bullets in a line)
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll down and click Advanced at the bottom
  5. Under “Privacy and Security” click on Content Settings
  6. Change the permission you want to update.


If you are using Android or iOS on your gadget, here’s how you get there:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. On the top right, click More  (it looks like 3 bullets in a line)
  3. Hit Settings
  4. Under Advanced, tap Content Settings (iOS) or Site Settings (Android)
  5. Tap on the permission you wish to change.
  6. Please follow “Recommended” advise from Google Chrome but ideally, you would want the following to be on the corresponding mode:
  • Cookies – Removing some cookies may mean that you will be logged out from some websites)
  • Camera – Should be on “Always Ask” mode
  • Location – “Ask before accessing
  • Microphone – “Ask before accessing
  • Notifications – “Ask before sending
  • Flash – “Ask first
  • Pop-up’s– “Blocked


For more information regarding Chrome browser settings, you can visit Chrome Support or you can go here for the full tutorial on their support site.

9. Employ 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) for all withdrawals (and on all your online accounts)


Employ 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) for all withdrawals (and on all your online accounts)


One way to also add another level of security to your bank accounts, Paypal, etc. you can add a 2-factor Authentication for all withdrawals. What this do is to provide you a notification on your phone (you bring daily), to authenticate and allow the withdrawal or any transaction.

This will help you to validate and deny the transaction that’s at hand. This keeps your money safe because the hacker has to have a physical access of your phone in order to do the last half of their job.

You can add 2FA on Paypal, WordPress, Evernote, Lastpass, Dropbox, Slack, Amazon, WhatsApp, and on your social media accounts. Google Authenticator is one of the commonly used 2FA apps and it supports a hostful of websites and apps that you want to have extra security. Thankfully, there’s a Google Authenticator app for both Android and Apple.

It’s fairly easy to get the app working. Once downloaded, install the app on your phone and sync your phone and tablet. For a full tutorial on how it’s done on Android or iOS, you can go here.

Apple also has 2-step authentication verification procedures that will notify you of any iCloud access or any app access on your iPhone or Mac. If you want to enable it, here’s how:


On iOS:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Sign in on iCloud
  3. Tap arrow on Apple ID
  4. Tap Password and Security
  5. Tap Turn ON Two-factor Authentication


On macOS:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Sign in on iCloud
  3. Click Account details
  4. Click Security
  5. Click Turn ON Two-Factor Authentication


Microsoft is also on the same league, and it will add more security on your OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live, etc. If you want to enable 2FA on your, you can look at this tutorial from Microsoft Support for guidance.

Google also has a 2FA capability and they have enabled email alerts by default so you can receive an email about new browser logins. If there’s a login on a new or unrecognized device, Google will let you know about it via email.

10. Check the fidelity of your Social Media accounts.


Check the fidelity of your Social Media Accounts


Your social media accounts are surely going to be a headache once hacked. People can steal your identity or use your private information to blackmail you. But as mentioned earlier, you can enable 2FA on each of your social media accounts to keep them protected.

For mobile-only app or service which do not have 2FA capability, you can enable login verification. Also, if you have logged in any of your social media account on another gadget, you need to remove or “forget” your password on those devices. With SnapChat, you can do this remotely using login verification. You can also generate a Recovery Key or Code for when your mobile device is stolen to protect your social media accounts.


On the other hand, Facebook also have created a way for their users to know whether their account has been hacked. If you haven’t tried this trick yet, here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Security and Login
  3. Click Where You’re Logged Into
  4. You will see your login history’s dates, places, and device used
  5. If it wasn’t you, click “Not You
  6. Click Secure Account
  7. Click Get Started and Facebook will walk you through the rest of the steps. It includes changing your current password.


If your Facebook account have been hacked you will see suspicious logins that you have not initiated. In order to prevent this from happening again in the future, you need to:

  1. Turn log in alerts.
  2. Update your password often.
  3. Enable 2FA
  4. Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if your account is locked out.
  5. Be vigilant with friend requests.
  6. Don’t click suspicious links.
  7. Don’t believe any emails about changing your password or about your account being hacked. You need to login to Facebook first to confirm this because you will receive a notification from them if it is indeed true. It’s a no-no to update your password outside of the Facebook app or web page itself because Facebook will never ask you to do that.


The same rule applies to every other social media account you have. Never assume your account is safe unless you did the extra mile of checking it. The information they can get from your Facebook or other social media accounts is enough to steal your peace and ruin your life.

11. Create A Guest Wifi Network


Create A Guest Wifi Network


The struggle of having a connected home is keeping everything safe from thieves. If you have a connected home network, you don’t want anyone else to see or even remotely access your computer or gadget.

This is also one reason why, it is advised that you have a “Guest” Wifi network, so if your friends want to connect to your home Wifi when you hang out, they can do so without compromising your security.

If you have a connected home, it is important to keep all the access only to your trusted gadgets. Letting in an unauthorized mobile phone or laptop to your main Wifi network is dangerous because that means they can access your router’s login page and change the settings.

Whereas if they are connected to the guest network, they will not be able to access your router’s page. Thus, a guest network strengthens your network’s security.

They can get the IP addresses of your home’s main server where you store and share access to your important documents and data. Giving them access to your main Wifi is equal to giving them access to all of your house’s connected devices.


How do you create a Guest Network?


By default, most routers nowadays is already broadcasting a guest network and the main network using unique individual passwords.  The guest Wifi network usually has a “-guest” suffix in the end.  If you want to customize it, which is recommended, you need to know how to access the router’s setup page.

First, know your router’s brand name. The router is the device that transmits the internet connection coming from your modem into wireless signals. It’s practically the source of your Wifi connection.

There are also times when your modem and router is just one box, but if you aren’t sure which is which, you can ask your internet service provider to walk you through.


If you now know your router’s brand name, you can then search how to open it’s setup page, in most cases, all you need is your router’s IP address.


  1. Open browser.
  2. Enter your Router’s IP address.
  3. Enter router’s login information (username and password)
  4. Once logged in, look for the keywords Network, Guest Network, or Guest Access and click on it, or
  5. Click on “Allow Guest Access
  6. Enter your preferred Wifi name on the SSID box.
  7. Enter your preferred Wifi password for your Guest network.
  8. Click OK or Finish.


And voila! Your guest network is already setup. If you can’t access your router’s setup page, you might need help from your internet service provider (ISP) or you can call the router’s manufacturer to walk you through.

There are a lot of high-tech routers nowadays and the router that came from your ISP is probably outdated and don’t have the guest network functionality. It is highly recommended you update it to the model that’s best for your family’s needs for wireless connectivity.

12. Install a Firewall on your computer or on your home network.


Install a Firewall on your computer or on your home network


A firewall is one integral component to a home network. If you are using a cloud server in your home, you want that protected with a Firewall. A firewall can be a physical device or a software you can install.

Your router is one good example of a firewall. When you are connected to the modem, you will be given a public IP address and that is the perfect ingredient towards a hacking disaster. If you are using a public IP address you are like going to a war without an armor and of course, and we don’t want that.

To fully arm yourself, you need a firewall or a device or a software between you and the cruel world of the internet. Instead of using a public IP address, you want to use a private IP address.

The modem gives you a public IP address while the router in the other hand gives you a private IP address. With a router in between your device and the modem, hackers will not be able to get on your network and access your device.

It would be an extra challenge for them to hack your network because they will have to be connected to your private home network first before they can get in and start doing their business.

That being said, it takes your WiFi password for them to be able to steal information. With a well-secured router in your home, your network has better security.

Now, on the other hand, a Firewall could also be a software. You can install a software on your device to prevent it from getting viruses or malwares that can potentially harm the data that’s stored in your computer. These malwares can also be used to steal information from you and even shut your computer down.

If you want the best security for your home network and your devices, you need to have a strong Firewall.

13. Use a VPN to hide your ass.


Use a VPN to hide your ass


A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a medium or a service that serves two purposes:

  1. To remotely connect to your company/home computer
  2. To safely hide all of the data you transmit over the internet.


The security that VPN offers is best if you want to transmit or access private information over the internet. A VPN encrypts all the information that you use over the internet, so that you browsing history, downloads, etc will not be visible to your internet service provider.

If you are travelling or always on the go, you won’t fear the security threat of using a public WiFi because you can login to your VPN and open your emails securely without feeling like anyone is sniffing on you. Now, you can use the internet and no one will know what you accessed, downloaded, or seen because your internet service provider will not be able to take records of them.

You can hide your ass or your IP address and essentially be able to download via BitTorrent and save yourself from copyright infringement litigation. Just be sure to use a VPN that doesn’t have Europe, US, or Canada as their exit points where these activities are considered illegal.

You can also install a VPN on your mobile gadgets, so if you like the convenience of opening your email or your work CRM‘s using your phone or tablet, you can freely do so securely!

Although it used to be mainly for corporate use, a VPN is also a wonderful add on to your home network because of the security offers. The process is pretty straightforward as downloading an app (mobile) or a software (computer) to make it work.

Next, sign up for the service, you can choose between a paid and a free service, although the latter will probably sacrifice a little privacy from your end as they will feed you with ads according to your browsing behaviour, which is somehow a contradiction of the purpose it serves.

After signing up, be sure to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) because not all VPNs are created equal and you might be compromising an essential feature due to this trifling negligence. There are thousands of VPN service providers and choosing one can get overwhelming, but the top thing to consider is the reason why you are using it.

If security is one of the things you are most concerned of, then getting a VPN should be at the top of your list.

14. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.


Avoid using public WiFi


As mentioned in the previous item, connecting to a public WiFi is a big no-no when you are trying to open your emails and even your social media accounts because this could potential put your privacy at risk.

If you are always on-the-go or can’t afford the cost of your postpaid service provider you can always have a VPN installed so you can keep yourself secured while on a public WiFi. You can’t expect for the speed to be fast though, as VPN connection uses a lot of data on encrypting your searches and may result to lower speeds.

Also, being on public WiFi means you are trusting the owner whatever information they get from your internet browsing data. If you have trust issues, don’t get yourself on a public WiFi.

Another alternative is to bring an unlocked portable WiFi hotspot which allows you to insert and use any sim from every country all over the globe. With your WiFi hotspot, you don’t need to connect to an unsecured public WiFi plus you can connect multiple devices and surf simultaneously on all these devices.

15. Install manufacturer updates when needed.


Install manufacturer updates when needed


Alright, this is one thing that is pretty much done by your phone or computer automatically, however it’s not always like that. For instance, your gadget is probably going to ask your permission to install any updates where you can do later.

Every persistent hacker out there will always find a hole out of every software update and this is why manufacturers continue to produce update even after their flagship is out of the stores. Apple has been consistent in giving software updates for their phones however, Android manufacturers had been notoriously called out because they seem to stop giving updates after a new phone is launched. That doesn’t essentially mean Android is less secure than Apple, but the assurance of a consistent software update even after 2 years of purchase should be a part of your buying conditions.

16. Be careful with the apps you install.


Be careful with the apps you install


Never ever download an app that is outside the official App Store or Google Play and that means you should only install apps from these places.

As mentioned in the earlier segment, apps ask permissions to get access to your mobile’s data, if you absentmindedly allow these apps to access anything they want to have access to, you just got yourself in to trouble.

The apps you download outside of the official Android and Apple stores are not tested by the software developers for security and they could potentially harm the data on your mobile by installing malwares or stealing vital information from it such as your contacts and calendar. It can even hack your email.

Stay away from sketchy app stores which offer apps you don’t see on the official app stores.




That was a whole lot of information about getting yourself safe in the internet both on mobile and on a computer, but the most important thing there is to remember is to always be vigilant and suspicious of everything you do online.

Be suspicious about the link, be very careful when you download, be vigilant when you grant app permissions, and be wary of suspicious websites. As the golden rule of thumb says, you’re better safe than sorry.

Most Popular Old Phone Models


If you are a #Millennial you have certainly witnessed the mobile evolution right before your eyes. Childhood days were the start of a booming mobile technology and we’ve seen how the Teletubbies antenna was used by Nokia to help our parents’ phones get a signal to send a text message.

You’ve also probably knocked some of your toes  with the same Nokia phone when you dropped it on the floor. It’s hilarious these phones are so heavy that they dent the floor instead of breaking or getting scratches.

It’s also funny to think that despite how Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony changed their shapes, colors, and technology, Apple stayed the same and just changed sizes! There were other minor changes of course, but nothing drastic really changed for Apple on the outside.

So much about that, let’s go through the 9 most epic mobile phones of your childhood you wished still looked cool ten years later.


1. Nokia 5110 (1998)


Nokia 5110


We all know Nokia 5110 was one of the sturdiest phones ever created. You could throw it to someone’s face and get them injured. That’s how big, chunky, and sturdy they are! Nonetheless, we all love the colors which, as mentioned earlier, made them really looked like they are the Teletubbies.

Not to mention the love-hate relationship we had with the antenna.

This phone will always be part of every #millennials childhood because of its playful colors and replaceable casing. I’m sure you’ve had at least two Nokia 5110 casing on its entire lifetime. Changing those casings were like dressing up a doll!

And oh, the nostalgic monophonic Nokia Tune! And oh, the nostalgic monophonic Nokia Tune!

Buying yourself a phone on that era probably cost a fortune, because just like now, mobile phones continue to be a sign of social status and sophistication. Oh what fun would it be to unlock your Nokia 5110 now and use it for a show?

It’s going to be a #NokiaNostalgia !


2. Nokia 3310 (2000)


Nokia 3310


Every single millennial kid out there would agree Nokia is part of their childhood. In fact, we can say that Nokia once ruled the mobile world because at a particular point, they were able to sell over 126 million units worldwide!

We’re talking about a time when only the first world countries had convenient access to the internet and when mobile phones were only called Nokia – the golden millennia 2000. Of course, there were other phone manufacturers, but Nokia trumped them all worldwide.

Motorola, Blackberry, and HTC already existed at this time. Technically speaking, Motorola started the mobile phone technology but at that time, it was Nokia who was killing it (even in third-world countries).

Snake was one of the most popular (if not the only) mobile phone game at the time. I can only imagine the frustration of a game over when your Snake ate its own self!

It was also this time that the phones had customizable names and welcome messages (which you probably changed every time you get a new inspiring quote from your teacher).

Nokia also made it more fun when they allowed users to edit the ringtone and make it sound like your favorite love song – Right here waiting, Two Less Lonely People, etc. Agh, there were so many things you can do if you loved music and if you loved playing around.

And of course, we would miss the time when we never actually run out of battery even for 2 days! I’d gladly unlock my Nokia 3310 any time of the day, only if it is still a cool option as a backup phone when I’m travelling!


3.  Blackberry 6200 (2003)


Blackberry 6200


If you didn’t knew, Blackberry had been rocking the mobile industry ever since it started. And since then, they didn’t appeal to the wider audience but to those who are in the business niche.

It’s a rather small niche but they were successful in ruling it. Just like the saying, “it doesn’t matter if your the best, it matters if you’re the first,” (I’m sure I heard that somewhere).

Speaking of being first, it is also the first to have an email-centric approach, so yeah, you’re Mom and Dad probably spent a fortune to have the convenience of a Blackberry.

It’s funny because Blackberry made the impossible possible, quite literally, in putting a full QWERTY keyboard, which you only see on your lengthy computer keyboard at home.


Blackberry 6200 Keypad


Nonetheless, this made Blackberry stand out from the crowd of mobile phones which are fighting for a generic market.


4. Motorola i730 (2004)


Motorola i730


2004 was the year of the flip phones. You surely can’t miss the glossy looking Motorola i730 flip phone. It has the push-to-talk feature that lets you play with friends as if they were walkie-talkies from the future! (Did you even knew about that back then?)

This phone was also the real thing because it had a true GPS functionality. You can’t get lost with this while travelling can you?

This feature makes this phone the ultimate travel companion since Qualcomm said they developed and tested the GPS assisted tech to locate the user within feet from their actual location (mindblown).

Qualcomm really made stalking easier for the government or any other entity for that matter. Just great.

Anyways, getting stalked can be done in just a matter of seconds nowadays. You can’t deny the fact that you’ve stalked at least one person’s social media account (aight?).

After all, isn’t that what it’s made for?


5. LG Chocolate (2006)


LG Chocolate


This phone will literally make you want to lick it to bits. LG Chocolate really looked like a chocolate bar with a keypad and a screen. How did you manage to not bite it when you’re craving for a chocolate?

I’ve mentioned chocolate three times in a single paragraph, but it just doesn’t stop there. (I swear I’m going to try my best to help you curb the craving)

The LG Choc***** came in different flavors, err, colors. In the US there are four different colors which are: (1) Light Green for Mint Choc, (2) White for  White Choc, (3) Pink for Strawberry Choc, and (4) Red for Cherry Choc.

Hmm, yummy.


6. Motorola RAZR v3 (2006)


Motorola RAZR v3


Motorola RAZR v3 is one of the phones which are truly to die for during 2006. I can guarantee you that’s without exaggeration because this particular Motorola is looking so lovely and sleek- it totally slayed all the other flip phones during its time.

It was an excellent trendsetter and it came in so many colors and designs, that you’d sulk in a Motorola store for days because of confusion. (I’d totally ship one right now)

This flip phone was thin and lightweight, however, this meant this phone is going to break once you drop it. This started the era of classy phone cases to keep the phone from scratching or at least give an extra layer of protection.

This year was truly fun and amusing for mobile phones because you can get neon-colored leather covers and pastel colored cases. Remember how it looked so cool to flip open your phone when someone calls?

However, this was also the era when phones became so fragile and break so easily. On the lighter note, this year became the best year for Apple and it changed the mobile history since then.


7. iPhone 3G (2007)


iPhone 3G


There’s a saying that if iPhone divided the history of mobile; Before iPhone and After iPhone.

Being a teenager during the time iPhone was born gave every millennial the capability to tell the history of iPhone since 3G up to iPhone X, simply because you were there and you experienced every single change firsthand. And mind you every millennial knows the accurate reason why it’s called an iPhone.

So why? It’s not my Phone, it’s not your phone either. It’s iPhone. Duhh.

Ever since the iPhone 3G, companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, had to up their game as well. First of all, the design of the iPhone looked like it came from 50 years after compared to all the other phones which existed at that time.

Although, the price of an iPhone is arguably more expensive compared to other phones, it made Apple a symbol of sophistication and even wealth! And still, over a decade later not everyone can afford a flagship iPhone.

Steve Jobs really did a good job at making our teenage years extra cool because of the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad.


8. Samsung BlackJack II (2007)


Samsung BlackJack II


2007 was really a bad year for Samsung, especially for the Samsung BlackJack II. This was supposed to be an awesome year of cellphone designs but here comes Apple raking all the attention.

Samsung tried to make this a good comeback with the BlackJack II. It had everything a teenager would be looking for a phone;  a GPS, a huge battery, bigger screen, bigger memory and an SD card slot, a high- resolution camera, a full QWERTY keyboard, a music player, and BLUETOOTH. (Who doesn’t love bluetooth on 2007?)

It also had this sophisticated Blackberry look with a spinning jog wheel which was a huge plus at that time. Remember when you hated the 4-sided Ok and navigation button because it sounded on every click?

IMO, this phone would’ve been a huge hit had the iPhone 3G released a year later, but I guess Samsung’s timing wasn’t that good. Nonetheless, it continues to be iPhone’s closest competitor.


9. HTC Hero (2009)


HTC Hero


This is HTC’s third shot at making phones, and well, HTC Hero didn’t disappoint. This phone is so peculiar because you don’t normally see a phone with a chin (curved bottom). It adds a lot of novelty and it’s obviously making people curious.

It was a good fit for an average hand and who wouldn’t like how convenient it was to your fingers to press those buttons at the lower part of the phone? We were used to always adjust our hand and fingers to the phone, but this time HTC figured out how the phone can also adjust to how our fingers and hands are made.

It also had an awesome trackball to avoid the disappointment of Android fans.

It had the back, home, and search buttons conveniently at the curved edge for your chubby hands to easily access. For the industrial design alone, HTC already won the hearts of all Android fans.


Cellular Phone Evolution


There you have it folks. If you have that #Millennial vibe in you why don’t you sport your old phones and have fun with it? For sure, it’s going to create a lot of fun and nostalgic conversations among your friends. It is also cool to show off your childhood gadgets once in a while, so why don’t you give this a go?

By the way, if you plan on making your phones fully operational with a different network, you can have it SIM unlocked. It’s super affordable and convenient, and of course, it’s going to bring new exciting memories.

Have fun will yah?

Best Gadgets To Gift Yourselves With This Christmas of 2017


Guess, you’re done shopping for everyone else but for yourself, so you’re out here looking for the perfect phone or gadget you can gift yourself this Christmas. And dang, we know it’s not an easy task. 2017 has so much to offer so, don’t give up, because we’re giving you this little list to help you finally make up your mind about your own gift.


Here’s Unlockbase’ list of the 10 best gadgets to gift yourselves with this Christmas of 2017.


1. Budget/ Mid Range Phone: HTC U11 Life ($350)

Budget/ Mid Range Phone: HTC U11 Life ($350)


If you have made yourself the least priority for gift giving and only have a meager amount to buy yourself something, well, don’t feel sorry anymore. The HTC U11 Life is similar to its predecessor HTC U11, a flagship device, which is also happens to be twice the price.

With $350, you get 64GB of internal memory capacity, plus 4GB of RAM. That’s more than decent for the price, and that’s not the only thing it boasts of. U11 Life has a pretty good camera for a mid range phone, because you get a pretty 16mp camera you can shoot in 4k quality.

We’re not claiming it has the best camera, but on par with other mid range phones, this one surely stands out. It has a large battery at 2600 mAh. It’s also solid, maybe a little lighter than most flagship phones, but it has a glossy glass cover that looks so classic.


2. Gaming Console: Xbox One X ($499)

Gaming Console: Xbox One X ($499)


2017 is probably the best year to launch a flagship with an “X”, and we’re not only taking iPhone X, because after its release another game changer came in the world of gaming, and that’s no other than Xbox One X.

The price starts at $499, but it sure is worth the price according to the consensus of tech geeks. It’s noticeably a little pricey compared to its close competitor PS4, but it’s definitely worth the price. You already know how Microsoft advertised this, yet it’s unbelievable delivers as promised.

It has the fastest CPU and GPU, if you’re a gamer you know what I mean. You can expect this one to have the best graphics card configuration, power management, and ergonomic design. Yes baby, that’s 4k gaming at 60fps.


3. Smartphone Camera System: LG V30 ($800)

Smartphone Camera System: LG V30 ($800)


Now, before you cross your arms iPhonegeeks, you might want to check our article for LG V30  iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8 vs LG V30. I can tell you’re raising your eyebrows right now, but let’s get to the narrative. You can compare mobile phone prices and be amazed at how much features you’re actually getting with an LG V30.

Compared to other flagship devices, LG V30 comes at a rather bargain price $800. It has the edge-to-edge screen which is so 2017, and it has the best hardware protection compared to other expensive flagships. It also has by far the best audio quality, perfect for every audiophile, which is admittedly a small niche market.

In addition to that, it has an awesome 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage, perfect for any gamer or multi-tasking digital nomad. It’s camera features lets you have preset filter for all your videos and images. You can edit images and videos, of up to 50 different series.

It also has a dual rear 16MP camera with f/1.6 that lets you switch to wide angle shots smoothly. The battery life on the LG V30 also lasts you a day under normal to moderate usage, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing power in the middle of the day.


4. Most Versatile Laptop: Lenovo Yoga Book ($270- $300)

Most Versatile Laptop: Lenovo Yoga Book ($270- $300)


Lenovo Yoga laptops are known for their being both a laptop and a tablet at the same time. You can open the laptop flat of up to 360 degrees that the screen and the keyboard can touch each other’s back.

Okay, aside from its versatility, Lenovo created two different versions of the newly released Lenovo Yoga Book; one is running Windows and the other is running Android. Ain’t that cool? If you are torn between getting a notebook or a tablet, well not anymore.

The Lenovo Yoga Book surprisingly doesn’t cost you a fortune, the price ranges between $270- $300 without sacrificing any vital feature or hardware. If you are the type who likes to collect the “firsts” of every gadget innovation, then you’re going to dig this.

The Lenovo Yoga Book is thin and light, weighing only 1.5 lbs (680g). That’s totally insane! It doesn’t stop there, this notebook/tablet’s screen can be used as a Wacom digitizer and it has an entirely digital capacitive keyboard. That’s right, there are no physical buttons, but it types accurately.

With a simple press of the pen button on your digital keyboard, you can now switch from typing to drawing. The Create Pad, as Lenovo calls it, uses EMR, and that means your pen/stylus has nothing inside it to operate. You can draw or scribble on a paper and it will digitalize it for later use or edits. The build is magnesium alloy and it looks and feels so premium you wouldn’t feel like you’d been bringing something like a scribbling pad.

With all these features, it’s no doubt that the Lenovo Yoga Book is the most interesting notebook and tablet that’s ever happened to us.


5. Smart Watch: Samsung Gear Sport ($300)


Smart Watch: Samsung Gear Sport ($300)


If you are the sporty and health conscious type who wants to track everything down to the last calorie, then this must be the watch that you are looking for. Samsung Gear Sport is the only smartwatch that lets you track your calorie count and even help you burn them down!

It does pretty much every single smartwatch could do minus the hefty price because this smartwatch is priced only at $300, that means you don’t need to break the bank just to have all the convenience you need for “just” a smartwatch.

It has 4GB storage running on 708 mb RAM, 300 mAh battery that can last you more than a day even with the always on display activated. As expected of a sport gear, it has a water resistant rating of 5ATM or 50 meters. If you are fond of water sports like swimming, you can readily sync Speedo On, the brands swim tracking app.

Navigation is also a breeze because its settings and notifications dock is easily accessible with a mere swipe. You can receive and reply to text messages when your phone is connected via bluetooth. It is also NFC enabled and you can pay your groceries using your smartwatch using any Samsung Pay compatible NFC reader.


6. Television: Sony XBR-X900E ($1498)

Television: Sony XBR-X900E ($1498)


If you are looking for a TV that has 4K quality and awesome features, then you’re up for one of the best TV’s of the Year, Sony XBR-X900E. This mid-range, Android TV is just half the price of high-end TV’s, starting at $1498, but it is definitely not half the quality and features. With its sleek, minimal and modern style and almost endless screen, you’d definitely conclude this TV is a bargain for a Sony.

It has two different sizes, 49”classes and 65” classes. Chromecast is also built in so you can cast from any Android, iOS and laptop. You can keep Youtube or Netflix easily on your beautiful Bravia screen.

It has a premium build and the picture is on par with OLED TV’s like LG, which is twice the price. It also comes with helpful apps and programs like Google Assistant that you can activate through its Remote Control, Google Home or an Amazon Alexa Speaker.

It also so classic on its center pedestal, thin and shiny enough to make it almost feel like it’s floating in the air.

This Sony TV is also a great companion to your gaming devices. Overall, it’s the best TV for the price.


7. IOT Innovation: Logitech Harmony Hub Elite ($263)

IOT Innovation: Logitech Harmony Hub Elite ($263)


We’re already in the age of the “Internet of things”, and we’re living a life full of convenience because of immense connectivity. If you have a smart home or are planning to have one, then you must have been wishing for that one device who can control everything for you. Well, the tech heavens heard your prayers and created Logitech Harmony Hub Elite.

This 3-in-1 Harmony Hub can control everything inside your home, like your TV, AC, Refrigerator, Gaming Consoles, Lights, etc. All this perks for just $263 and we’re pretty confident you can control all of your devices using this because it currently supports over 270,00 devices. There’s no way you can have more than that, I believe.

You will never have to hate yourself for being forgetful ever again! Remote controls are definitely one of the hardest thing to find, next to your car keys of course, but thanks to Logitech because you will have one single remote control for all your devices, gadgets, and appliances.

It comes with a free mobile app so you can also make your smartphone as the remote. You will never find yourself an excuse why you can’t turn off your devices because you’re too tired to get turn off your TV from the other room.


8. Sound/ Headphones ($100)


Sound/ Headphones ($100)


If you are the audiophile or an audiophile wannabe, you probably have a collection of headsets you keep in your chamber. If you are planning to add another baby for a mere $100, the Grado SR80e open-back headphone is definitely going to give the best bang for the buck.

Grado Labs is a family-owned business who takes pride in creating their devices right inside the borders and not taking cheaper mass production options from China, really, the best foot forward.

Speaking of the best foot forward, it really is quite affordable for a Hi-Fi device, and it has this 80’s retro look that is going to stand out from the massive modern, minimal, and futuristic design of other headphone brands.

Of course, this is going to be an upgrade to its predecessors but sound quality-wise, you couldn’t quite expect any difference at all from its brothers from the same lab. It is comfortable and it has fully rotating earcups. Quite surprisingly, it has foam pads, but it’s easily torn, so you might find yourself replacing it in just a matter of months.

It’s best to use this headphones in an area where there is lesser noise so you can really enjoy the music. It doesn’t isolate noise effectively, more likely because it is an open-back headphone, sound leakage is also not efficient, so you can best enjoy this on a quieter environment.


9. Fitness Trackers ($50)


Fitness Trackers ($50)


If you are the fitbit type but you don’t want to learn a complicated gadgets like smartwatches, Moov Now is definitely the best fitness tracker that you want to get your hands on. It’s very affordable, at $50, which should suffice the reason why it doesn’t have a screen, it doesn’t have a heart rate tracker, but for the things it lacked, it made up for its battery life.

It’s battery can last of up to 6 months, and it offers pretty much everything you want to have for a daily fitness tracker. You can easily connect your iOS or Android to your device, simply strap it in your wrist and you’re good to go.

Everyone’s definitely loving Moov Now, bet you’d love it too.


10. Virtual Reality: Google Daydream View ($99)

Virtual Reality: Google Daydream View ($99)



Google has added a new line to its smart gadgets and that’s the reason why Google Daydream View has been hotly anticipated by both Google and Virtual Reality fans. It works great with Google Pixel and other Android devices. It’s affordable at $99 and from experience, it’s definitely worth the price when compared to other VR headsets.

Daydream has a lot of great apps available and it has exclusive access to Youtube VR which makes it all the more exciting. It has a fabric design with vibrant colors and it comes with a remote control.

The remote control is a crazy, genius initiative from Google because it can be used for game navigation and gameplay wand. It’s lightweight, and material design makes it a must on your gadget wishlist for 2017, and you can enjoy amazing VR experiences without having to break the bank.


There you go friends. The Holiday season is just around the corner, and while we love to give gifts to other people, it’s not bad to splurge on to something for yourself, too. Mobile gadgets are essential daily drivers so get yourself some and enjoy the new year coming up ahead!