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MX-Key  Dongle

We just add “MX-Key SL3 Activation” in the Cable Unlock section of UnlockBase for 49 Credits USD. To order we just need the Serial Number of your MX-Key dongle and we’ll activate the SL3 Module in less than 24H!

MX-Key  Dongle

BlackBerry server for MX-Key is back online now and working.

If you still have error, remember to use only last software 3.4, older versions are no more working. If you or your customers get error you can not use it because not enough credits, please remember need to have MINIMUM 100 dct4 and 100 bb5 in same time to be able to use BlackBerry MEP CALC from MXKEY.

MX-Key New Activation Price :

– MX-Key 050 x Nokia BB5 Credits : 15 USD
– MX-Key 100 x Nokia BB5 Credits : 30 USD
– MX-Key 050 x Nokia DCT4+ Credits : 15 USD
– MX-Key 100 x Nokia DCT4+ Credits : 30 USD

Price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitors!

MX-Key Dongle

If you own a MX-Key dongle, you can now Unlock all Nokia 1202, 1661, 1662, and 5030 for free and unlimited by Cable just buying a simple 30 USD add-on !

If you don’t have MX-Key Dongle with Cable, you can buy from our Store
Price : 59 USD  for the Dongle alone
(Delivery Direct from China)

How to order the add-on if you already have Dongle :

1 – Log to your UnlockBase account,
2 – Go to “C
able Unlock” section,
3 – Select “MX-Key Nokia DCT4+ Add-On (1202/1661/1662/5030 UNLOCK)

4 – Select Quantity (1) and enter the Serial Number of your MX-Key Dongle
5 – W
ait 1<>3 Hours to get the activation !

Download : mx-key-dct4.rar  (Software + Instructions)