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Nokia SL2 Simlock RPL Generation for Unlock/Relock/Autolock/Repair
(incl. 9ddb, all RAP3 and RAPIDO) for 10 Cyclone Credits

– Nokia DCT4 RPL for 1 Cyclone Credit
– Nokia DCT4+ RPL for 2 Cyclone Credits
– Nokia DCT4+ Super Activation (for UPP 3168) for 50 Cyclone Credits

You can purchase your box credits directly from us in “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account, here is our pricing :

CycloneBox Credits (0100 LOG Account) : 80 USD
CycloneBox Credits (0300 LOG Account) : 210 USD
CycloneBox Credits (1000 LOG Account) : 600 USD
CycloneBox Credits (5000 LOG Account) : 2500 USD

CycloneBox Credits Pricing

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