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Running a Blog, Website, or online Cellphone Store ? Then it's time to seriously consider offering your customers and readers UnlockBase Unlock Services. We've been in the Cellphone Industry since 1998. It didn't take long for us to realize that while the wholesale business of accessories and Cellphones can be profitable long term, it is also heavily cash flow intensive. On the other hand, the business of Services (Repairs & Unlock) is the bread & butter of the business with even longer lasting profit and consumer recognition.

Every day you sell or recommend the latest Cellphone Plan for the latest phones, but how many times do you really help your customer to save money and become an instant “Master” in their eyes ?

UnlockBase gives you the power to finally offer not only a product, but also a real service that will give you instant recognition and approval from your customer base.

We can offer you a White Label solution to offer this service directly to your customers. We take care of EVERYTHING, from Technology, Billing, Marketing, and Customer Support. The only thing you have to do is get your share from the massive pie it represents for your web traffic.

Depending on your sales volume, you will be granted better pricing automatically from one of our 3 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold). You simply advertise to our customers at our official retail price, and you get to keep 100% of the profit made between your price level, and the price at which you sell.

Should you find a plan cheaper than our “Base Pricing Plan” no problem, you can individually negotiate each pricing with us and improve on your margin. But even if we take care of everything to make your life easier, you are still at liberty to discuss with your customer base to improve on their pricing and earn more loyalty from them (or simply let us take care of this for you).

Once a customer registers from YOUR website, then it's your customer for Life and you will be paid every day, week or month (you can request payment whenever you wish) based on their activity.

We offer a Brand Free solution with your own logo so you will always appear unique, and if you're willing to spend a little more time, then the easy customization features are almost endless so that you can edit the content of all pages to avoid “Duplicate Content” on Google and thereby enjoy the benefit of even better SEO Results.

Just open an UnlockBase account today and check the “My Reseller” page on the “Footer” of the “Client Area” to open your store, customize it, and start making money with us. Need help? Please contact us by email ( so we can guide you through the process or even take care of everything for you.

Becoming an UnlockBase reseller guarantees :