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Moto G7 Power Unlocked

The Moto G7 Power Unlocked, like other GSM Motorola handsets, will remain carrier locked and cannot be used on another network until it is unlocked. Suppose you attempt to use a sim card from another carrier. In that case, you may see the message “sim network unlock pin,” which is the 8-digit unlock code you’ll need to eliminate all network limitations and use this smartphone with your preferred carrier.

For this unlock code, most carriers will demand a hefty cost. We can supply the same Moto G7 Power Unlocked code for a lesser price.

What advantages would unlocking my Moto G7 Power Unlocked bring me?

Moto G7 Power Unlocked

By switching SIM cards, you’ll be able to use your Motorola Moto G7 Power smartphone with any GSM carrier locally and abroad without incurring roaming costs. It is a one-time procedure.

Even if you upgrade or hard reset your phone, it will permanently be unlocked. Unlocking your smartphone will also boost its resell value. You may use this service to unlock any cat phone with a code.

Moto G7 Power Unlocked Device in 3 Easy Steps

To get started, go to https://www.unlockbase.com/. There are a few easy steps to follow.

The first step is to input your IMEI number.

Moto G7 Power Unlocked

You’ll need to input your smartphone’s IMEI number into our software. Dialing *#06# is the most efficient way to get your one-of-a-kind IMEI number. Your phone’s screen will show a 15-digit IMEI number after doing so. After you’ve provided the IMEI number, click submit.

The second step is to choose your network provider and the country in which you reside.

Select the provider with which your smartphone is locked (for example, Verizon) and the nation in which you reside. As previously stated, our technology can unlock phones regardless of the provider or country in which they are locked.

However, if you cannot discover your network or are confused about which one to choose, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

The third step is to generate the unlocking code.

Our program will provide a one-of-a-kind unlocking code for the Motorola Moto G7 handset within minutes based on the carrier details, country, and IMEI information provided. You’ll also be given step-by-step instructions on utilizing the generated code to unlock your Motorola Moto G7.

How To Unlock Moto G7 Power

To unlock your Moto G7 Power phone, please follow the procedures listed below:

Go to: https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/motorola/moto-g7-power/.

  • Select the brand of your phone.
  • Type the IMEI of your phone.
  • Enter your email for confirmation.
  • Choose the country where the phone is locked to.
  • Choose your network/carrier.
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation.


Remove the network blocker from your Motorola Moto G7 Power to simplify your life. Stop worrying about enormous expenses and being trapped with the same provider all of the time. Motorola network unlocking is a low-cost, quick, and easy procedure. It was made to eliminate the blockage on all Motorola phones that run on the Android operating system. Let us know any comments below if you have any questions! 

How Can I Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card? These phones are only available via their respective carriers for a short time. When the contract expires, the phone may be unlocked.

In certain cases, though, you may be able to unlock your phone by paying an early termination fee. When buying a new or used phone, knowing how to check whether it’s unlocked without a SIM card is essential. Locked phones make it difficult for consumers to switch mobile networks.

Before you unlock your Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card, there are a few things you should know.

1. Ensure your Phone isn’t blacklisted

Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card

An IMEI checker is required to determine whether your phone is on the blacklist. Because a blacklisted phone, especially one locked to any carrier, cannot be unlocked.

Probably won’t be able to unlock your phone if it has been blacklisted, perhaps because you reported it as lost and neglected to notify your carrier when you discovered it again.

2. Ensure your phone’s Carrier.

Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card

Over 20% of Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card requests are invalid, according to research, because they don’t know what carrier their phone is locked to.

For Motorola Phones you can visit UnlockBase’s  IMEI Check Service If you didn’t know to what carrier your phone is locked here:


After you’ve obtained your phone’s IMEI number, input the 15-digit IMEI number into the box given.

Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card Using UnlockBase

If you want to Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card, the UnlockBase Service is a great option to use. In comparison to other options now available on the market, this instrument is really unique and amazing in terms of its ease of use and convenience.

It’s safe, legal, and most importantly, it can be performed on your own utilizing a simple step-by-step process. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning you won’t have to do it again after you’ve broken the carrier lock.

Unlock Motorola Phone Without Sim Card
  • Select your Phone brand
  • Type your phone’s IMEI Code
  • Type your email for confirmation
  • Select the country of the network the phone is locked to
  • Select your network/carrier
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation


The primary notion of having an unlocked phone is that it should operate with your carriers; to ensure this, just bring your Sim Card with you and have it tested before paying for the phone and leaving, only to regret it later. If you don’t have a Sim Card, you can just follow the steps above!  Second, consider coverage; your phone should be compatible with a service that offers extensive coverage. Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

Network Locked Sim Card Motorola

What is Network Locked Sim Card?

Network Locked Sim Card Motorola, also known as a SIM lock, simlock, or subsidy lock, is a technique used by wireless communications carriers to prohibit mobile phones sold by them from being used on another network. Cell phones can be restricted to a specific country, network, or subscriber identity module (SIM) card.

Why does my phone need a SIM network to unlock PIN?

Due to the fact that your phone’s network is still locked to the previous network provider, you will be receiving a Network Locked Sim Card Motorola. Until you enter an unlock code of either 8 or 16 digits into your device, it will not be possible to use it with several SIM cards at the same time. This restriction is in place for the time being.

In the case that this occurs, one of the following error messages may appear on the screen of your mobile device:

  • Network Unlock Code
  • SIM Network Unlock PIN
  • Network Control Key
  • SIM PUK Code
  • Master Unlock Code
  • SIM Network PIN Blocked
  • Network Pin
Network Locked Sim Card Motorola

Why does my phone say “Invalid SIM Card – Network Locked”?

There are three main reasons why your cellphone locks up when you enter a new SIM card. Here’s why:

  1. Network Lock

If you got the device from your network provider, then they may have locked the device only to their network.

  1. Region Lock

In some places of the world, some smartphones are exclusively designed to work with the SIM card issued by the default network carrier.

  1. Faults with the Phone’s Firmware

If your smartphone displays the network-locked SIM card inserted error message after an update or restore, it could be due to a bug in the phone’s firmware.

What Is the PIN/Code for SIM Network Unlocking?

Network Locked Sim Card Motorola

The SIM Network Unlock PIN is a code that your network provider gives you so that you can unlock your SIM Card. They also put this lock in place so that you can only use their network.

How to unlock Network Locked Sim Card Motorola?

Now that you know what does network-locked SIM card mean, it’s time to fix this problem.

Go to: https://www.unlockbase.com/

Network Locked Sim Card Motorola
  1. Select the brand of your phone.
  2. Type the IMEI of your phone.
  3. Enter your email for confirmation.
  4. Choose the country where the phone is locked to.
  5. Choose your network/carrier.
  6. Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation.
  7. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card and turn ON your phone.
  8. The “Enter Subsidy Code” box appears 
  9. Enter Unlock Code

Note: If one of these messages appears:

  • “Contact Service Provider” 
  • “Tamper Alter”
  • “Wait before entering the special Code”
  • “Contact Service”

It’s because you or someone else has already entered too many wrong codes. You just need to leave the phone on at the error message (don’t close the phone if it’s a V3), and after 40 minutes to 12 hours, the message “Enter Subsidy Code” will appear again.


Are you prepared to unlock your Motorola phone right now? Motorola, as well as the rest of the phone makers and network providers, advocate UnlockBase’s technique of IMEI unlocking. Please share any further recommendations you may have with us in the section below intended for comments.

Unlike AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon phones operate and connect via a CDMA network, which means it is not configured to work on GSM networks as AT&T and T-Mobile do. If it’s a CDMA phone it’s by default unlocked, however, simply inserting a sim card from AT&T or T-Mobile or any foreign network won’t make it work.

In this guide, we will show you how to reconfigure a CDMA XT1528 to connect to GSM networks so it can be used with any other SIM cards from AT&T, T-Mobile, and even international ones!

There’s a video below that supplements this written guide:

We also supplemented this step by step guide with screenshots to help you along the way. 

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Download and install the universal ADB drivers from this website (Clockworkmod). Note: the universal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers are needed because it will allow you to control your android device over USB from your laptop or desktop computer. Through this, you can copy files, install and uninstall apps, and do special functions that will unlock your Motorola phone.

You may delete this file from your computer at the end of this guide or after your phone is successfully unlocked. 

Step 2. Download the SDK Platform Tools from Android Developer’s website and extract the said file to your desktop so we can easily find it later. Note: SDK Platform Tools is needed here because it will allow you to perform functions available only for Android Developers. This will help you get into the “brain” of the phone and remove the sim lock from Verizon. 

You may delete this file from your computer at the end of this guide or after your phone is successfully unlocked. 

Step 3. Open the “platform-tools” folder, and then copy everything on its address bar.

Step 4. Open the command prompt and type “cd” (without quotation marks), press space, and then right-click on your mouse

Step 5: Activate the Developer mode on the phone

Step 6. Allow USB Debugging on your phone.

Step 7: Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cord. Type the following codes on your command prompt in this order. Note: DO NOT include the quotation marks.

• “Adb shell” and press Enter. After this, you will see a prompt on your phone. Tap box for “Always allow from this computer”. 

• Type “adb shell”, again on your command prompt box (black box). If you see “[email protected]_cdma:/ $”. It means you’re doing everything correctly, so far.

Step 8. Next, type the following codes in the command prompt box in this order. Note: DO NOT include the quotation marks.

• “pm clear com.android.providers.telephony”, then press ENTER on your keyboard. Do this, twice. 

• “settings put global preferred_network_mode 9”, then press ENTER. Do this, twice.

• “settings put global preferred_network_mode1 9”, then press ENTER. Do this, twice.

• “settings put global preferred_network_mode2 9”, then press ENTER. Do this, twice.

• “reboot”, to reboot the phone.

It should look like this.

Step 9. Wait for the phone to reboot. If you see the network’s name on the upper left corner (and on the bottom of the screen), along with signal bars (upper right side). It worked!

On the other hand, if the phone says “No Service” repeat step 8. 

Step 10. Add your carrier’s APN. To obtain your APN’s info, click on the search bar and type your APN’s name. The example is using Sun Cellular so I typed “Sun Cellular APN”. Once you filled up all the info, tap on the three dots on the upper right, and then tap “Save”.

Step 11. Turn on your Data.

And that is the end of this guide! You may now disconnect your phone from your computer and remove all the files you have downloaded on your computer earlier.

If you’ve been able to successfully use another sim card using this guide, congratulations! 

Do you have a phone that you want to sim unlock from your carrier? Let us know how we can help! We have unlocked over 8 million phones worldwide and we have the fastest turnaround times, perfect if you’re traveling or in a hurry! 

If you think this guide has helped you immensely, return us the favor and share this with your friends or give us a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter! 

Got any questions? Comment it down below and let’s talk about it!

Choosing a good phone is not an easy thing to do. Price always matters and we always end up sacrificing one good feature or more.

Good phones come in the shape of a flagship and they are oftentimes too expensive. Budget phones exist unfortunately, they only offer a good camera and not enough battery life or the other way around. We can’t seem to have the best of both worlds, especially in the budget phone department.

Good thing, those days are now over. And luckily, Motorola has created the phone that meets all of our needs.

And yes, that beast is the new Motorola Moto e5 Plus. Whether you game or vlog, this phone should be number one on your list.

Moto E5 Plus is a winner

Want To Permanently Sim Unlock Your Phone From MetroPCS?

For starters, it has a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, but that’s not the most amazing thing about the Moto E5 Plus.

It has a whopping 5000mAh battery! For a budget phone, this is definitely a road less taken, and Motorola Moto E5 Plus is a certified trailblazer.

This phone also comes with 6” HD display meant for less scrolling, more fun, and wider gaming screen.

Camera and battery life? 100! You got the beast and the beauty all in one phone.

You’ll never have to compromise about the specs and the price, because you can get this phone from MetroPCS for only $49 if you port over. The phone comes locked to them, but you can easily have a temporary or permanent unlock using the Device Unlock App.

Help Guide: How To Use The Device Unlock App- MetroPCS

You’ll never be sorry buying the phone outright because it’s only sold for $209.

Moto E5 Plus: A Certified Beast

This phone will always come handy for when you are travelling. Say goodbye to the not-so-nice sight of charging in the airport or losing battery when you are lost in a new city.  You will never have to look for an outlet and charge every hour just to make sure you have enough power until you arrive at your hotel.

For a gamer, a huge battery is great, but having a huge RAM is even better. Well, the Moto E5 will never disappoint you with a 3GB of RAM and 1.4GHz Octa-core processor.

This beastly phone will give you both the power and the speed even for an entire day of gaming.

And the phone is designed with an ergonomic weight; it looks and feels so compact you can’t even tell it has a huge battery in it.

Though it has a big battery, charging for 6-8 hours is not necessary because you only need 15 minutes to use it for another 6 hours non-stop.

All thanks to the TurboPower charger on board.

Moto E5 Plus: A Budget Beauty

You can also unleash your vlogger-wannabe side with this phone.

The 12MP Rear Camera with laser autofocus technology can help you capture sharp, bright, and livelier photos or videos in an instant.

Whether you are shooting inside your room or in any dark places, this phone will still encapsulate all the beautiful details of your selfie in the best light because of the 8MP front camera that has its own LED flash for the low-light environment.

Now, you don’t have to worry about blurry pictures, you can take them anywhere and anytime!

Though it is truly a big phone, it still comes handy and can be use with one hand because it has a slim design that can fit in your pocket or palm. The 6in edge-to-edge screen is packed with a Max Vision display that will help you enjoy the “crazy-wide” landscape view.

One of the things we so love about the Moto E5 Plus is the fingerprint scanner. You don’t always see a budget phone that offers all of these convenience!

If you think that’s all that this phone can offer, well, there’s more to that!

Both the Moto E5 Play and E5 Plus are water-repellent; you don’t have to worry about a little splash of water.

Don’t get it wrong for being waterproof, this phone can handle sprinkles, but not submersion to water.

Nonetheless, it makes it more amazing isn’t it?

Getting Unlock Errors? Here’s A Complete Guide On How To Troubleshoot It. 

Moto E5 Plus has more in store!

If you plan on taking a lot of photos, this phone can house all of them. It is packed with a 32GB internal memory and has an expandable external memory of up to 128GB via microSD.

Last but not the least, this phone runs on the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. You get to enjoy all the beautiful features the new Android system has to offer, like a split screen when you have to do too many things like play and text people at the same time.

Now that’s what you call a phone! If you want this phone, grab one through MetroPCS and enjoy the life without worries.

Let me start off by saying that you can get this phone for FREE if you are planning to port over to MetroPCS. The same model is also available through T-Mobile (different version) with a $150 price tag, a little higher than MetroPCS, but with no significant difference on the tech specs. Do note that this phone may be cheap, but it doesn’t come unlocked. There’s only one way to permanently unlock your phone and that is through the Mobile Device Unlock app already pre-installed in the unit.

You Might Be Interested: How To Use The  Device Unlock App

Moto E5 Play: Nothing fancy but worth it

The Motorola E5 Play does not boast any fancy features, it doesn’t have a striking look that will make you “wow” in its appearance, but for the affordable price tag, it is no wonder one of the best value budget phones for the year 2018.

Although this phone came out together with its brother the Motorola E5 Plus, they are two worlds apart, and the latter is priced a little higher but for good reasons. It has a whopping 5000mAh battery and more advanced tech specs.

It runs on the Android Oreo 8.0 and has a 2GB of RAM packed together with a 1.4GHz Quad-core processor. It also has a huge 2800mAh battery that can last you a day on a single charge and comes with a 16GB built-in storage space which is expandable through a microSD card.

What makes this model a winner for us for its price is its 3.5mm headphone jack and fingerprint reader located at the back.

With these features on board, it tells us that Motorola had been all out on the technical specs and the quality of experience you would get for a budget phone.

You Might Be Interested: How To Troubleshoot Device Unlock App Errors- MetroPCS

Moto E5 Play Design

The Motorola E5 Play is has a straight up plastic back cover- it’s nothing shiny or glass-like on the outside, but it has a huge screen standing 5.2 in tall.

This is complemented by good front and rear cameras that both hhavea flash and autofocus features; giving you bright and crisp photos. The back camera is 8MP and the front camera is 5MP.

Despite having the tagline “Everyday. Extraordinary,” there is pretty much nothing extraordinary about the Motorola E5 Play on the outside that would make it stand out; only that it is fairly priced and has decent enough features for a smartphone in 2018.

But the unique selling point of this phone compared to the other budget smartphones is its water-repellent coating.

It is not waterproof; it is just water-repellent. This means that it cannot survive underwater submersion, but it cannot be easily penetrated by water.

It is indeed the bottom line Motorola phone but it doesn’t mean the E5 Play had compromised all the good stuff. It has a remarkably loud and clear speaker, ga ood camera with a flash, and a fingerprint sensor.

Moto E5 Play vs LG Aristo 2

It’s a bit unfair if we compare the Moto E5 Play to the Moto E5 Plus because they have a considerable price difference, so we will compare it to another phone within the same price range, which is the LG Aristo 2 when it comes to the features.

Specs Motorola E5 Play ($139) LG Aristo 2 ($139)
Processor 1.4GHz Quad-core processor 1.4GHz Quad-core processor
Phone Height 5.95in 5.7in
Front Camera 5MP with Selfie flash 5MP with Selfie light
Rear Camera 8MP with Autofocus with flash 13MP PDAF with LED Flash
Internal Memory 16GB (8.64GB usable) 16GB (9GB usable)
External Memory Up to 128GB via microSD card Up to 32GB via microSD card
Battery Size 2800mAh 2410mAh
Features Fingerprint Sensor, Water-repellent coating Face Unlock, Fingerprint scanner

It’s clear to see that both phones have almost similar features. The better phone actually depends on personal preferences, whether you like a big phone like Motorola Moto E5 Play or a smaller phone like LG Aristo 2.

Learn More: MetroPCS Permanent Mobile Device Unlock

If you’re more concerned about the quality of the images and having a better camera, the LG Aristo 2 might be the best for you. But if you are more concerned about power and longer battery life, the Moto E5 Play is clearly the better option.

Moto E5 Play – Conclusion

The Motorola Moto E5 is a budget phone so if you plan to get this phone, always remember to manage your expectations.  Nothing about it has a wow factor, but it offers a remarkably clean Android experience and all the complete security necessities we would be looking for in a smartphone.

With the Moto E5 Play, Motorola has once again proven that they are truly a lord of budget phones always going beyond the price and giving a better experience every time.

Everything You Need To Know About Unlocking Motorola


Unlocking your Motorola? You’re at the right place. We offer the lowest available price for unlocking your Motorola phone and the least turn around time as well!

If you are interested on how to permanently unlock your Motorola phone, please read on.


Things To Remember When Unlocking Your Motorola


Things To Remember When Unlocking Your Motorola


Unlocking a Motorola is fairly easy. You don’t need to have a higher level of technical savviness to get this done right the first time. Here’s what you need to remember:


1. Jot down your phone’s IMEI or serial number. You can get this by simply dialing *#06# on your phone. You can also get this by going to your phone’ Settings. Just hit About Phone> IMEI.


2. Know your phone’s tied-up carrier. If you’re owning a second-hand device, ask the previous owner which carrier it was first connected. If you bought it online and can’t get ahold of the first owner, you can take a look at the box or at the back cover of the phone for you to check for the carrier. Also, upon the phone’s boot up you will also probably see the logo of the carrier before or after the logo of the brand.


3. Before unlocking your phone, make sure that your phone is compatible with the carrier’s network. Some networks run CDMA and some networks run GSM. Ask your carrier to know this. We will not refund you if your phone’s issue is incompatibility.


4. Make sure your phone still has remaining unlock attempts. To know this, you can try to insert a different/non-accepted carrier SIM in your phone and wait for it to boot up. Once the screen is already boot up you will see a screen prompt asking for a “SIM Unlock PIN” or “Enter Special Code“. In case your phone is not prompting for any of these keywords this is probably because your phone is already “Hard Locked“.

If you are seeing:

  • “Contact Service Provider”
  • “Tampert Alter”
  • “Wait before enter special Code”
  • “Contact Service”


It could be probably because you have tried entering the wrong code multiple times and it’s not letting you to enter any code anymore. If this is the case you can wait for a day or two for it to refresh. Once it’s fully refreshed, you can see the prompt for the unlock code again. Otherwise, your phone is probably already hard locked.

If you however, proceed on your order without confirming its unlock eligibility you will not be able to get a refund. We cannot unlock hard locked phones, although we are sure that the code we have created will definitely work had your phone allowed you to enter the unlock code.


5. If you are ready to unlock your phone, you can now proceed to the UnlockBase Motorola Unlock page. Choose your phone’s model number from among the list and then you will routed to another page. Enter your phone’s IMEI and the necessary information to proceed.


6. Wait for our email confirming your order. It will also include the details and the turnaround time for us to create the unlock code and send it to you. It will also include the Refund Eligibility Requirements page which will be the contract agreement before you confirm your order. Make sure to read all the instructions first before ticking the boxes.


7. If this is your first time to unlock your phone online, you can read: A Complete Guide on How To Unlock Your Phone Online and Do It Right the First Time. This will provide a complete narrative about how-to’s and most importantly, it covers our Refund Eligibility Requirements which will protect both of us should the unlikely event happen like when your phone is not unlocked.


8. If your phone is from T-Mobile or MetroPCS, you don’t need an unlock code to get your phone unlocked. You can now permanently unlock your phone through our Mobile Device Unlock App service. We can remotely enter your phone’s IMEI to your carrier’s database. Once it’s entered to the database successfully you can now proceed on the actual unlock process on your phone. You can read more about the Mobile Device Unlock App for your guidance.


9. Your phone’s hardware warranty will not be voided if you are going to unlock it with us. The process that we do is the recommended process by your hardware manufacturer. We will not modify your phone’s software in any way, we are merely just removing the lock that came from your carrier.


How To Unlock Your Motorola Phone


How To Unlock Your Motorola Phone


If you already received the code from us, please read and follow all instructions carefully. You will be given a set of codes, so please enter the exact code your phone is looking for.

This video will give you a similar process on how to unlock your Motorola phone:


  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM to your phone.
  2. Turn your phone ON. Wait for it to fully boot up.
  3. Your phone will prompt for a “Sim Unlock Pin” or “Enter Special Code”.
  4. Enter the code we sent you.
  5. Hit “OK”.
  6. Wait for phone to load home screen. Signal bars will start showing up.
  7. If you need to restart your phone, restart it to refresh.
  8. Your phone is now unlocked!


Why Unlock With Us?


UnlockBase is one of the pioneers in this industry, growing ever since 2004. More than our tenurity in this industry, here are a few reasons why we continue to be the best:


✔  We have 24/7 chat and email support that can cater your questions at any time of the day.

✔  We provide the easiest unlock methods, no matter the brand, no matter your phone’s carrier. You don’t need to ship your phone to get it unlocked.

✔  No need to flash your phone with any software. Your phone will never lose its manufacturer warranty. Our unlock method is the recommended unlock by both carriers and manufacturers.

✔  You can use your phone with any carrier all over the world. You will not be locked with one single sim for the rest of your life.

✔  We have a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 in over 8,000 reviews.

✔  We have secure payment systems.

✔  We will offer you a refund if all requirements are met. 100% customer protection.

✔  We have the fastest turnaround times. No more long waits. You can get your code in an instant.

✔  We work with many suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. No matter where you are, you can reach us.

✔  We match competitor pricing. We offer the best pricing for unlocking your phone. Retail or single unlock orders unlock starts at $4.90.

✔  It’s simply EASY, FAST, & CONVENIENT!


Unlock your Motorola phone NOW!

Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Online


Over the years, one can say that Motorola definitely knows how to market good phones at a budget price. The latest Moto E unit, Moto E 4th generation (also Moto E4), has ignited the curiosity of most consumers given the success of Motorola’s previous Moto E units. Though this handset may not level to a Moto G5, it surely provides for those who are looking for a budget phone that can offer satisfactory user experience. It is a great budget phone that is worth a second look!



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Design and Display

Design and Display

Released in June 2017, the Moto E displayed a similar look from its predecessors. From the usual oval fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen to the huge and round rear camera section. However, what sets it apart from the previous Moto E units is that its frame is made of plastic material instead of aluminum. In addition, it is relatively smaller in size measuring only up to 5.70 by 2.85 by 0.37 inches.

The phone looked more solid than expected despite being covered with plastic material. More so, it gives a good grip with the texture of its back panel – preventing the device from slipping off from your hold.

Consequently, it projects a 5-inch IPS LCD display panel with a 720 by 1280-pixel resolution, boasting a clear, good-for-outdoors viewing experience. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that simply adds to the quality of the unit.

On navigating the handset, one can find all the right details on the right places. The fingerprint sensor at the lower part of the front frame, the selfie camera and earpiece at the upper front, the 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom, and the volume rocker and power button at the right – definitely, the Moto E’s designed to be smooth and user-friendly.

Additionally, the unit sports an on-screen navigation button, thus, setting the bar for budget phones.



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Camera


With today’s market, it becomes harder to buy a budget phone with a good camera. But Moto E provides a good one compared to its competitors given its price range.

It flaunts an autofocus 8MP main camera that enables users to capture significant moments in crisp and beautiful photos. More so, with its 5MP front camera that goes hand-in-hand with an LED flash, which equips the user to snap their best selfies for sharing on their social media accounts. Furthermore, the device is also capable of shooting better videos with 720-pixels at 30fps.



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Connectivity and Performance

Connectivity and Network Performance

With MetroPCS as its carrier, the new Moto E is equipped with just the right connectivity protocols including Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS with GLONASS, and an on-the-go micro USB 2.0.

Regarding its network performance, users would not need to worry as it is also LTE-capable.



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Power and Battery

Power and Battery

Going further, the Moto E’s powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz Mediatek MT6737 and 2GB of RAM. It is equipped enough for daily multitasking and a day or so of usage, especially that Motorola has provided a 2800mAh battery capacity to the said unit.



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Software and Memory

Software and Memory

Since the Lenovo acquisition, there were fewer custom features that the Moto X has showcased in the Moto E series. However, what makes the unit simply impressive is that it is running on the latest Android operating system, the Nougat. It is a great deal for a budget price phone such as the Moto E.

Furthermore, the handset also includes a 16GB of built-in storage, extending its efficiency and a good micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to a good 128GB of additional storage.



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) Specs and Features

What’s New with Moto E (4th Generation)

What Motorola offers the market is not just a cheap phone, but a budget-friendly phone that can accommodate a user’s daily needs.

With the Moto E’s vibrant 5-inch LCD display that is coated with water-repellent, it is already too much for a phone of its price. The water-repellent nano coat prevents damage on the phone from a little rain, spills, and even splashes.

It does not only showcase a great compact design, but also a user experience that one shouldn’t miss. For a budget phone like this unit, one cannot expect a fingerprint sensor included. But Moto E is sure to serve its customer’s convenience over price, hence, a fingerprint sensor equipped home button.

A 5-inch LCD phone with 16GB of built-in storage and a fingerprint sensor included, what’s not to like?



Unlock Moto E (4th Gen.) with UnlockBase

Unlock Your Moto E (4th Generation) with UnlockBase

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Unlock Motorola G5 Plus

Widely regarded as the pinnacle of budget smartphones, while some brands have added more specs and a lower price point, only Motorola has managed to produce a phone that works like one that is worth twice the price.

The Motorola G5 Plus features a metal build this time around and measures 150.2 x 74 x 7.7mm and weighs 155g.

The phone has a front-mounted fingerprint sensor built into the oval capacitive home button as well as a large circular camera housing on the rear, giving the phone a more premium feel. It also has a water-repellent coating.

The G5 Plus features a graceful curve to the back and comes in Lunar Grey or Fine Gold, and will also be available in an O2-exclusive Sapphire Blue in the UK.

The G5 Plus has a pixel density of 423ppi, making it sharper and crisper than predecessors thanks to the size reduction. The displays are also flat based and for protection, the G5 Plus is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

As for cameras, the G5 Plus has a 12-megapixel sensor with Dual Autofocus Pixels, claimed by Motorola to be best in class, offering 25% more light thanks to its f/1.7 aperture, which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The phone also has the same 5-megapixel front camera as the Motorola G5.

According to Motorola, the Dual Autofocus Pixels is designed to improve focusing time because there are ten times more pixels on the sensor.

Running on the Android Nougat platform, the G5 Plus offers 32GB as standard, with microSD expansion available. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner on the front, and a 3.5mm headphone socket Powered by 3000mAh battery that offers TurboPower charging. It’s compatible with Motorola’s Rapid Charger, offering six hours of battery life in 15 minutes. The G5 Plus also has NFC on board.

In the UK, USwitch offers a wide range of deals on the Motorola G5 Plus from several different service providers.

For example, you can own the G5 Plus for £39.99 down from EE with a 24-month contract. Monthly payments amount to £17.99 per month with 1 GB of data per month as well as unlimited calls and texts with a lifetime total to pay of £471.75.

At the other end of the scale, Vodafone offers the Motorola G5 Plus for FREE but you pay £34 per month for a 24-month contract with 16GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. Total price to pay would be £816 in total. There are several other Motorola G5 Plus deals from other service providers, so you need to take the time to work out which best suits your needs.


Unlock Your Motorola G5 Plus With UnlockBase

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Motorola Unlock Server

We’re pleased to inform that we just restart the services “Motorola Database 2” (Tool ID: 326) on our server ! This service was down since the 15 March 2013 but hopefully we find recently a new supplier having access to this database in the new factory 🙂

Price:  €9.5 or $13 or £8.5
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