Mar. 3

Roll with the Future: Introducing the Motorola Rizr Rollable Phone

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motorola rizr

Rollable phones are the next big thing in the smartphone industry. Companies invest heavily in research and development to bring these innovative gadgets to the market. Motorola is one such company that has taken the lead in this space with its latest concept phone, the Motorola Rizr Rollable Phone.

Motorola demonstrated a rollable concept phone on the eve of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While it still needs an official name or release date, the concept phone was not a fabrication.

We came as near to it as possible during the demonstration. Here’s all we’ve seen and learned about the gadget idea that makes foldable smartphones appear like old news.

Motorola Rizr Build and Display

Motorola chose a compact design factor for its Motorola Rizr rollable. The phone’s small form features a 5-inch, 15:9 POLED display manufactured by BOE Display. It’s tiny compared to the 6-inch and larger flagships we’re accustomed to, but as the razr series and Samsung Flip series have shown, there’s a significant desire for smaller, more pocketable phones.

motorola rizr

The display wraps around the bottom of the Motorola Rizr and rises from the back, occupying approximately one-third of the backside. Double-tapping the power button on the side activates the motorized mechanism, which rolls the display up until most of the back panel has moved to the front of the phone. This process takes around three seconds and enlarges the display to a 6.5-inch, 22:9 format. The Android interface adapts: apps extend vertically, and icons on the home screen are rearranged for easier access. Motorola is also developing custom wallpapers that automatically adjust to this transformation.

The apps expand and adapt when the phone unfolds from its tiny 5-inch form.

In the taller position, the Motorola rizr rollable phone seems more like the premium devices we expect. The similarities and differences between the Razr and other clamshell foldable become apparent here. The big, user-friendly display is there but is not often concealed under a practically useless casing. With the default, small arrangement, two-thirds of the same display are still accessible. The design more closely resembles the original Motorola Rizr line of sliding phones, thus the name.

motorola rizr

If you double-tap, the display will roll back down and be hidden from view. Moreover, it may drop farther to expose the front-facing camera and speaker grille. Like any other Motorola phone, this one supports Moto actions so that a double wrist flick will move the camera app to the selfie lens.

The Motorola Rizr’s most significant drawbacks are its thickness and weight. Despite its lower height and breadth, it is still relatively thick and weighs 210g, more than several more significant flagships such as the Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Nonetheless, it appears necessary to fit the display and its mechanics.

Motorola Rizr Hardware and Software

Regarding innovative software features, the Motorola rolling idea has several other tricks. Agreed, a rotating display was insufficient as is customary for Moto products, a double flick of the wrist changes between the primary camera and the selfie camera.

YouTube is one of the applications optimized for the idea. If you have YouTube running in standard mode and then roll the screen up and rotate the phone, the video will automatically enlarge. Motorola’s rolling display will automatically rise when you launch Gmail, giving you the whole screen to compose your email.

motorola rizr

When the screen rolls up, applications and icons change automatically, moving from the device’s back to the main screen. It is intelligent, and if Motorola gets the software for this gadget right, it might be fantastic.

Again, there is a limited amount of information available on the hardware. There is a USB-C port on the left edge, but the battery and processor details are unknown. Likely, this won’t be a cheap gadget if/when it releases, so it’ll need some solid technology to justify itself beyond the rolling design.


Motorola Rizr Rollable Phone is an exciting concept that has the potential to revolutionize the smartphone industry. While we await more details on the phone’s release date and price, we can only hope that Motorola gets the software and hardware right so the Motorola Rizr Rollable Phone becomes a game-changer in the market. We can’t wait to see what other innovative features Motorola will include in this phone to make the most out of its rolling display technology. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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