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JIC Unlock Server

There is a little revolution on UnlockBase for the popular “JIC Unlock Server“. Now when you’ll order one account with 1 Credit for any specific JIC Server tool below (Available from the “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account) you’ll be able to use the credits for any service (ie: if you order an account for Palm, you can use it for iDen) :

– Dell Streak/Aero/Venue JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– HP Veer JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– HTC Android JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Huawei G7010 JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Motorola iDEN JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Palm Pre/Pixi JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– SonyEricsson JIC Unlock Client v53.01

JIC Unlock Server it’s more than 2.6 Million Unlocked Phones and we have always in stock account this mean you’ll receive in real time the username and password with 1 Credit when you order from UnlockBase !

You can download the lastest version 53.01 here :

JIC Server Software

Work Under XP, Vista, 7
Work with Original USB Cable

Our official advertised price to unlock one phone with JIC Server is 20 USD. But much better price are available for returning customer, volume order, wholesaler, etc…  And as usual we’ll beat any offer from competitor if you find cheaper (Just contact us by email to [email protected] if you need to discuss the price)

Here are the up to date list of supported phone with JIC Server :

– HP Veer
– Huawei G7010
– Dell Streak 5, Aero, Venue
– Palm Pre, Pre 2, Pre Plus, and Pixi Plus
– Absolutely all Motorola iDen !!! (CNS 1 & 2)

– HTC Android, Kaiser, Niki, Wings, Polaris, Diamond (HD/PRO), Raphael, Iolite, Jade, Topaz, Desire, WildFire, Magic, Desire HD, Legend (very usefull when you get wrong code using “IMEI Unlock” method using Factoruy Code)

– SonyEricsson Xperia X10, X10i, X10a, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, U20, E10i, W8, E16, E16i, X8, E15i & Docomo SO-01B (Direct Unlock, without Test Point, even Android v2.3)

This is a brand new solution for unlocking Motorola Iden Phones by Cable :

– Fast 3 Second Code Reader
– Supports Fast 3 second Unlock of ROM 13
– No firmware flashing or downgrading
– Buy direct from the developers

< Absolutely all iDEN are suppported >
This is for phones that show “enter special code”
( not for “carrier not supported” ) 

Work only under Windows XP with any iDen USB Cable

Supported Models :

iDen i1000 · i2000 · i205 · i265 · i265 · i275 · i300 · i305 · i30sx · i315 · i325 · i325is · i355 · i35s · i370 · i390 · i415 · i450 · i50sx · i530 · i55sr · i560 · i580 · i600 · i605 · i60c · i615 · i670 · i710 · i730 · i760 · i80s · i80s · i830 · i833 · i835 · i836 · i850 · i855 · i85s · i85s · i860 · i870 · i875 · i880 · i88s · i90c · i90c · i920 · i930 · i95cl · ic402 · ic502 · ic902 · r750 · R8 · R9

Download now Client Software and .PDF with full tutorial:

Download now

Price :
– 10 Credits USD

How to order :

1 – Log to your UnlockBase account
2 – Go to “Cable Unlock” section
3 – Select tool ” Motorola iDen Code Reader v2009″
4 – Select desired quantity
5 – Press order

You will receive in REAL TIME your user name and password to use Client Software !