Nov. 29

Unlocking Android 12 : Everything you need to know


Android 12 is now available for download. Android 12 is a huge update to the operating system that includes plenty of new features. After Google’s Pixel presentation , the new OS was released. 

Android 12 is the most significant redesign of the operating system in years. Customizable color palettes, enhanced alerts, and speedier, battery-saving performance are all expected in Android 12. Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones, which are powered by Google’s own Tensor processors, were introduced alongside the new OS.

Is my smartphone Android 12 compatible?

Android 12

It’s impossible to identify all of the Android phones that will support the upgrade to Android 12 because there are so many. However, you can anticipate the Google Pixel 3 and later, as well as newer phones from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, and other manufacturers, to be compatible with Android 12.

Where can I get Android 12?

The exact method and timing of the update will be determined by the manufacturer of your device, such as Google, Samsung, OnePlus, or Xiaomi. However, once the update is available, you should go to System > Advanced > System update > Check for update
If you’re still waiting for your phone to get the Android 12 or you’re interested to switch on using Android when you saw this update you can also Read Latest Apple iOS 15

Android 12

Android 12 Features

  • Material You
Android 12
Android 12

Android 12 introduces a new design language called Material You, helping you to build more personalized, beautiful apps. The new design combines many aspects into a single, clear and concise design language that operates across the OS. The color changes occur throughout the OS, including in Settings, Quick Settings tiles, and any app that supports Material You.

  • Redesigned notifications and widgets
Android 12
Android 12

Google is revamping its notification interface to make it more trendy and convenient. Instead of going through an intermediate provider to initiate an activity, tapping on a notice will lead you straight to the app or action you wish to do. Everything should run more quickly as a result of this.

App widgets have been updated to make them more helpful, attractive, and discoverable. With new interactive controls, mobile-friendly layouts, and dynamic colors, you can create a unique yet consistent design.

  • Face-based auto rotate

For years, auto-rotation was determined by the accelerometer on your phone. When your phone is flipped on its side, it detects it, and the screen follows suit. Face recognition for auto-rotation is now available in Android 12. Basically, your phone looks at your face and rotates only if it detects that the phone’s orientation has changed. As a result, you may do things like sleep on your side in bed and the phone will not rotate.

  • Performance

Faster, more efficient system performance. For quicker app loading, improved app startup times and streamlined I/O, and increased Cursor Window by up to 49x for big windows while doing database queries. Optimized foreground services, Android 12 prevents apps from starting foreground services while in the background More responsive notifications. Faster machine learning gets the best possible performance through the Neural Networks API.

  • Privacy
Android 12

New features in Android 12 give you more visibility into which applications are accessing your data and additional controls so you can make educated decisions about how much personal information your apps may access.

Users now have more control over whether your app receives microphone, camera, and location data thanks to a new dashboard in Settings. Users have even more control over their location data, and they can give your app access to an estimated position even if it asks for a precise location. Indicators in the status bar notify users when your app is utilizing the device camera or microphone. Without requiring location permission, your app may search for and link with nearby devices using new permissions.


Android 12 is a major update to the OS with a number of new features, marking a significant shift in Google’s mobile strategy. While Android 12 may be out of reach for the time being, you explore more your Android’s recent Update! Android 12 marked a significant shift in Google’s mobile strategy.  Let us know your thoughts in the comment below!