Jan. 3

T-Mobile U.S.A : Important News !

IMEI Unlock, U.S.A Networks

As you may experience, last weeks there is some unusual long delay on T-Mobile U.S.A, it’s because our (stupid) suplier decide arbitrary to make higher price when everybody was making party for end of the year event…… And without warn in advance his customer (us) so we have to find in urgence a new suplier/alternative.

We find the same day another suplier, he’s cheap as our first suplier, and good news, he’s able to make “Nokia” & “BlackBerry 7xxx or 6xxx” but the delay is longer. So finally, like for SFR France, we decide to offer now two services for T-Mobile U.S.A :

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 1) :

– Still low price: 9 Credits
– Slow service: 4 days. sometimes 7 days
100% success rate so far.

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 2) :

Old suplier, raises his price to 18 Credit for everybody
– As always next day
– Low success rate (only new phones and no nokia or blackberry 7xxx or 6xxx)