We’re really sorry to inform our customers that our suplier rise price for BlackBerry Factory code so we have to increase also our price from 23 Credits to 28 Credits. All customers who submit code before the 12th Septmber will still pay 23 Credits (I will not return code as not available) but all order submited on our server from now will be charged 28 Credits. We remind next submission day is the 17th September for a delivery the 24th September.

It is with great joy that I announce the FIRST IN THE WORLD restart of the LG Worldwide Factory Code Unlock by IMEI, all models and all networks are supported. Considering the fact that now it’s harder and harder for the supplier to get the codes, they have decided to increase the price for this service. The new price for LG Worldwide (Factory Code) is now 35 credits! Time for code delivery is 24 hours.

We’re happy to inform all our customer that Samsung Server by IMEI (Factory Code) support from now 19 new models :

– A237
– B130
– B210
– B510
– B2700
– D980
– E200
– E215
– F268
– i740
– i8510
– i907
– J800
– M150
– M140
– M130
– M200
– M3510
– S7330

Brand New Service (World First) : SUNCOM USA UNLOCK BY IMEI.
Price : 15 Credits
Delivery Time : aprox. 21 days but it WILL get faster t
he more IMEIS will come in.

Please be aware that soon new models will come out and the christmas business will start. Suncom mobile phone model list as of September 4th 2008 :

Sony Ericsson: W200, W300, W580
BlackBerry: 8310 Curve
Nokia: 2760, 5310, 6085, 6300
Motorola: RAZR, V3 RAZR, V3i RAZR2, V8, W220, W510

We finally stop the service “Motorola by IMEI” (Factory Code) for 8 Credits

The Reason is Motorola change the security to access to the database, since this change was done, it’s hard for suplier to make more code than daily limit allowed by the system. The finality is the request is far higher than the offer so suplier make only very few code everyday but only to people who are ok to pay the high price, it’s like bidding, if you are the one who offer the higher price you get the daily limit of the day….

In this condition it’s imposible to offer a stable service with fixed price.

At the moment we prefer to stop offer this service and look at the market to see how will move the thing and calculate the ideal price.

I’m sorry to inform you that we remove today the Tool “LG International (Factor Code) by IMEI for 28 Credits”

Seems there is some kind of update of the database or some change in the security access to the database. The result is our suplier is not anymore able to make code. Today he deliver half of the waiting code and ask me to return as “not available” all the missing one and then turn off the service.

I hope to get better news next monday as the suplier tell me. But for the moment this service is officilay stoped !

PolarBOX LOG (Sagem & Vodafone) are now available on

10 logs (10 Phones unlocked) – 40 allgsm credits( 4 Euro x Log )
25 logs (25 Phones unlocked) – 90 allgsm credits ( 3,6 Euro x Log ) 
100 logs (100 Phones unlocked) – 300 allgsm credits ( 3 Euro x Log )
200 logs (200 Phones unlocked) – 580 allgsm credits ( 2,9 Euro x Log )
300 logs (300 Phones unlocked) – 850 allgsm credits ( 2,8 Euro x Log )
500 logs (500 Phones unlocked) – 1250 Euro ( 2,5 Euro x Log )