We decide today to stop officialy the “Sagem International by IMEI”, I know people will say some of our competitor still offer this service, but how people can still call this “a service” ? The thrue is people have to wait 6 week to 2 month to get code (sometime wrong) for a crazy price, so it’s simply all except a “serious” service. At UnlockBase, we try to be serious so we stop promote this crap from today ! (PS : we cancel all pending request on Sagem International and refund into credits our valuable customers)

The “Fast” suplier for T-Mobile (Option 2 – 18 Credits) lose his access so we desactivate this service. Anyway, you can still get unlocking code for T-Mobile using “T-Mobile Option 1” (rename as “T-Mobile”) for 9 Credits, more model is supported, but delay is longer (4 to 7 days for delivery)

As you may experience, last weeks there is some unusual long delay on T-Mobile U.S.A, it’s because our (stupid) suplier decide arbitrary to make higher price when everybody was making party for end of the year event…… And without warn in advance his customer (us) so we have to find in urgence a new suplier/alternative.

We find the same day another suplier, he’s cheap as our first suplier, and good news, he’s able to make “Nokia” & “BlackBerry 7xxx or 6xxx” but the delay is longer. So finally, like for SFR France, we decide to offer now two services for T-Mobile U.S.A :

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 1) :

– Still low price: 9 Credits
– Slow service: 4 days. sometimes 7 days
100% success rate so far.

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 2) :

Old suplier, raises his price to 18 Credit for everybody
– As always next day
– Low success rate (only new phones and no nokia or blackberry 7xxx or 6xxx)

We decide for better quality to stop service today theses tools :

– Vodafone Australia & Nokia BB5 Vodafone Australia : Suplier deliver zero codes since the start (always “not available“) people who offer this service seems to make bullshit offer. One suplier give me explanation about this problem of “too many code not available” : it’s because service support only PHONE that was bought in a Vodafone Australia Shop/Service Center, if the phone is locked from Vodafone Australia but was not sold in Vodafone Shop, then they can’t get code). Looks too strange for UnlockBase Team so we stop this service as we have too many code not available (waste of time)
– Optimus Portugal & Nokia BB5 Optimus Portugal : Suplier don’t work anymore, we dont have emergency suplier so we decide to remove Optimus Portugal Service. <- we’re looking for suplier for this

– Telenor Mobil Norway & Nokia BB5 Telenor Mobil Norway : Suplier don’t work anymore, we dont have emergency suplier so we decide to remove Telenor Mobil Norway Service. <- we’re looking for suplier for this

– T-Mobile Slovakia : Price is too expensive (40 Credits) and we get zero request of unlocking code from our customer after 2 month for network provider…. so we decide it’s better to remove it.

– Nokia BB5 International : After one week of work, suplier get busted (fired) from his work, so we have to stop this service !

– Furious TREO 650 .TXT to Unlock Code (File Unlock) : too long delay, and sometime wrong code, so we stop this server, instead you can use for 10 Credit the Nextgen Server from JIC (Cable Unlock) it’s very reliable and with real time delivery !

UnlockBase Team wishes you : 

1 year of happiness,
12 months of prosperity,
52 weeks of success,
365 days of good luck,
8760 hours of gladness ,
5,25,600 mins of goodness,

Every second of enjoyment……..

Price : 30 Credits
Time: 10-14 BUSINESS days

What we need to get unlocking code is :

– “model” (ex : Nokia N95 8GB)
– “imei” (ex : 359040495849384)
– “type” (ex : RM-122)

The type is “RM-XXX”
XXX = to replace with the number you can found by pressing *#0000#)

Without all three things, I cannot process.

This is a very hot new service and support absolutly all network provider, specialy :

– Nokia BB5 Orange Uk
– Nokia BB5 O2 Worldwide
– Nokia BB5 Vodafone Spain
– Nokia BB5 3 Italy
– Nokia BB5 3 Ireland
– Nokia BB5 3 Australia

To process, just log to > IMEI Unlock > Nokia BB5 International

Worlds first Unlock Code reader for MDA Compact 3 SPV M650 XDA Orbit Dopod
P800 HTC P3300 AND DASH MDA Mail HTC S620 XDA cosmo on Nextgen server!!!

Simply run activ sync.Connect the phone and  read the unlock code from the handset using Nextgen server client.

The Unlock code is displayed in seconds:
– No partial flashing!
– No reading and sending files!
– The safest and cheapest way to unlock any smart phone!!

Price : 20 Credit (2 LOG Account needed)
UnlockBase > Cable Unlock > Nextgen Server by JIC

Updates include:

HTC Artemis, HTC P3300, MDA compact III, XDA Orbit, Dopod P800W, Dopod P800,
Orange SPV M650 Code reader.

HTC S620, HTC S621, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile MDA Mail, O2 Xda Cosmo, Dopod
C720W, Dopod C720, Orange SPV E600 Code reader.

Nokia Product code changer and latest Ini file included in the installer..