Aug. 8

Here’s How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

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How did technology change the way people travel?


How did technology change the way people travel?

  1. It made quick travel bookings possible.
  2. It helped people travel without much paper (i.e. paper maps, travel guides, books, etc.)
  3. It enabled people to take photos in the comfort of their phones.
  4. It helped people communicate with people easily and inexpensively.
  5. It made communicating with the locals (of the place they traveled to) easier through language translation apps.


Have you tried to unlock your SIM network through pin codes so you can connect to people while you are on tour? How about booking a hotel online to spend the week with?

Over the years, technology has continuously changed the way we travel. It definitely helped make traveling easier, cost-efficient, and much more enjoyable. However, were you aware of these changes?

No worries, here is a list of how technology changed the way we travel and which you can look into. Who knows, you might agree with us!


Quick Travel Bookings

Quick Travel Booking


What made traveling easier today is the birth of travel websites over the internet. It minimized the hassle of purchasing tickets that normally takes a lot of time and patience.

Today, people can freely choose their desired destination and travel package in the comfort of their home or even at the office, right on their own devices. More so, it enables them to quickly book flights, hotels, transfers and many others that they would need for their newest escapade.


No More Papers!

No More Papers!


Before, people would stack papers on their backpacks, which may include travel guides, hotel flyers, paper maps, flight papers, and books (especially on holiday trips). This eventually causes a heavy load that can contribute to extra load charges.

Now, traveling is almost paperless as people can find travel guides through apps, book hotels online, switch on Google Maps for directions, and include their favorite books on their Kindle library. Definitely, there’s no more reason to carry a bulky backpack whenever you travel.


Taking Photos is Easier

Taking Photos is Easier


Of course, among the most important contributions of technology to the way people travel today is the use of smartphones. Back then, it could be pretty difficult to capture every moment you wanted due to the limitations on your film supply.

Today, people can take various photos for each and every moment through their own smartphones, which they can also share on their own social media accounts or save in the Cloud to maximize their storage.


Stay Connected Anytime

Stay Connected Anytime


Way back in the old times, one would still need to write letters and send pretty postcards to their families back home to know that they are okay and they are doing just fine. Furthermore, staying connected wasn’t cheap and easy, hence, some families will only expect to hear from them whenever there’s an emergency.

Today, staying connected to people isn’t costly nor difficult. It would only take a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to send e-mails or private messages on Facebook Messenger or other chat messaging platform. You can even start a video call via Skype to keep in touch with your family on a real-time basis!


Ciao? Ni Hao? No More Phrasebooks Needed!

No More Phrasebooks Needed!


What most people find difficult before is communicating with the locals. Thus, the need for phrasebooks to be able to ask for directions, or just about anything, is essential.

At present, thanks to apps like iTranslate and Google Translate, expressing yourself wouldn’t be so hard.



Key Takeaway

Do you agree with our list? Indeed, technology has changed how people travel through time. There are smartphones, apps, and online travel websites that definitely made traveling fast, easy, and cost-efficient. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to worry about the simple things such as maps and phrasebooks, thus, all you need to do is enjoy the trip and have fun as much as you can!