‘U.S.A Networks’ Archive

We’re happy to inform that all the T-Mobile G1 (Android phone aka HTC Dream) are supported using “T-Mobile USA” Code by IMEI for 11 Credits, we make the test with 5 different in the night of 21 to 22 October, we get the code in less than 5 hours, and they are 100% working ! Enjoy.

– 100% of T-Mobile G1 Code are available using HTC Factory Code
– Only 30% so fare are available using T-Mobile U.S.A database

So if you get a T-Mobile G1 code “Not Available” using T-Mobile USA (11 Credits) Database, then please try again using “HTC Factory Code” for 20 Credits !

Brand New Service (World First) : SUNCOM USA UNLOCK BY IMEI.
Price : 15 Credits
Delivery Time : aprox. 21 days but it WILL get faster t
he more IMEIS will come in.

Please be aware that soon new models will come out and the christmas business will start. Suncom mobile phone model list as of September 4th 2008 :

Sony Ericsson: W200, W300, W580
BlackBerry: 8310 Curve
Nokia: 2760, 5310, 6085, 6300
Motorola: RAZR, V3 RAZR, V3i RAZR2, V8, W220, W510

As you maybe see, some of our competitors reduce price today on some tool, as we want keep good relationship with our customers we take the time to speak a lot with our suplier to get again better price :

T-Mobile U.S.A : 11 Credits instead of 12 Credits
Cingular U.S.A : 3 Credits instead of 4.5 Credits
AT&T U.S.A : 3 Credits instead of 4.5 Credits
Fido Canada : 4 Credits instead of 5 Credits
Roger Canada : 4 Credits instead of 5 Credits
Red Canada : 4 Credits instead of 5 Credits

Nokia BB5 .ask <> .rpl : 8 Credits instead of 9 Credits

All other prices reduction our competitor do today (Alcatel, SMTi, etc…. they just align with our price) so we’re still the cheapest server worldwide because of you who help us to make great volume and helping me this way to negociate better with my supliers !

Again, due to hard negotiation with our supplier, and most importantly the volume YOU do with us, we’ve been able to get a better price and make this reflect on the price you pay :

– Cingular U.S.A- AT&T U.S.A : 4.5 Credits instead of 5 Credits
– AT&T U.S.A : 4.5 Credits instead of 5 Credits
– Nokia BB5 U.S.A : T-Mobile : 19 Credits instead of 23 Credits
– Nokia BB5 Canada : 5 Credits instead of 5.5 Credits
– Nokia BB5 Red : 5 Credits instead of 5.5 Credits
– Nokia BB5 Fido : 5 Credits instead of 5.5 Credits

Enjoy to be UnlockBase.com Customers !!!

If you order a BlackBerry code using tool “T-Mobile USA” (12 Credits) and get code “Not Available”, then you can try with the new tool “T-Mobile USA (BlackBerry)” (22 Credits). It is just a little cheaper than tool “BlackBerry” (23 Credits) but delivery time is really faster (1-2 days with week end delivery)

We restart today the T-Mobile U.S.A service with a new fresh suplier who advertise with good delay (24 Hours from Monday to Saturday), all models is supported except “Nokia” & “Samsung”…. I hope this time we have the good one, but we can’t guarantee stable service until we try him for few weeks !

Very bad news for T-Mobile, after get a very unstable service for few weeks we decide to stop “T-Mobile (Option 1)” and “T-Mobile (Option 2)”, we get all drama possible for this network provider : cheap and then expensive, fast & then slow, reliable & the unreliable, at last it’s simply too much unstable to promote this network provider.

For now we’re only able to offer T-Mobile U.S.A Service for BlackBerry with good delay but expensive price : 25 Credits.

The “Fast” suplier for T-Mobile (Option 2 – 18 Credits) lose his access so we desactivate this service. Anyway, you can still get unlocking code for T-Mobile using “T-Mobile Option 1” (rename as “T-Mobile”) for 9 Credits, more model is supported, but delay is longer (4 to 7 days for delivery)

As you may experience, last weeks there is some unusual long delay on T-Mobile U.S.A, it’s because our (stupid) suplier decide arbitrary to make higher price when everybody was making party for end of the year event…… And without warn in advance his customer (us) so we have to find in urgence a new suplier/alternative.

We find the same day another suplier, he’s cheap as our first suplier, and good news, he’s able to make “Nokia” & “BlackBerry 7xxx or 6xxx” but the delay is longer. So finally, like for SFR France, we decide to offer now two services for T-Mobile U.S.A :

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 1) :

– Still low price: 9 Credits
– Slow service: 4 days. sometimes 7 days
100% success rate so far.

T-Mobile U.S.A (Option 2) :

Old suplier, raises his price to 18 Credit for everybody
– As always next day
– Low success rate (only new phones and no nokia or blackberry 7xxx or 6xxx)