Oct. 2

Unlock BlackBerry 9320 and 9730 New Algorithm

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Unlock Blackberry 9720 and 9320 New Algorithm

We just add 2 new products to Unlock the latest Blackberry 9320 and Blackberry 9720. These phones have Old MEP (MEP-30218-002) and but code generated by Calculator does not work  as they have new security and the only codes that work are from the Blackberry database (Factory Code). For the moment most of these new security are coming from Telus Canada.

Tool Name #1: BlackBerry 9320 New Algo (Factory Code) [Tool ID: 570]
Tool Name #2: BlackBerry 9720 New Algo (Factory Code) [Tool ID: 569]
Turnaround for delivery: 6 <> 12 Hours