Apr. 26

T-Mobile USA: New Suppliers & Services!

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T-Mobile U.S.A.

Recently the service for T-Mobile USA was really crappy so we decide to switch to a new supplier….. Service is now working much better & faster and price remain the same for everybody!  We also decide to reorganize the various T-Mobile USA services so now we offer these different services:

NEW: T-Mobile USA – Samsung (NCK Only):  1<>5 days
NEW: T-Mobile USA – Sony & Sony Ericsson: 1<>5 days
T-Mobile USA – Garmin : 5<>14 days
T-Mobile USA – Nokia : 1<>5 days

For the brand below you can use Factory Code as it’s much faster !

– T-Mobile USA – LG (Factory Code)
– T-Mobile USA – SideKick Slide & Motorola Q700
– T-Mobile USA – Samsung (Factory Code)