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Not Registered On The Network: Ways How To Fix

Not Registered On The Network

If your smartphone displays the message “not registered on the network,” it implies your SIM card is unable to connect to your carrier’s network. The “Not Registered on the Network” error will appear if your Android fails to recognize the SIM card in its slot. If the device fails to identify the SIM card, the service provider is unable to connect with the IMEI and, as a result, the handset is not connected. 

There’s a good chance you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls or text messages. Because this problem may affect any Android phone, the procedures to resolve it are the same regardless of the brand or model.

Why Is It That My Phone Says It’s Not Registered On The Network?

When you encounter this issue, you are unable to make calls to anybody, which is a very annoying condition. And if you’re wondering why your phone claims it’s not registered on the network, here are some of the most prevalent causes:

  • This type of warning might appear when a new update does not support the device. You’ll have to wait for an official fix if the problem occurs after the update.
  • Another issue with the error message is the IMEI number.
  • When you move to a new SIM card, your smartphone may fail to keep up with provider updates, resulting in error popups.
  • When the firmware on your Android phone or OS is out of date.
  • If the SIM card has been damaged or is no longer functional.
  • When your provider is experiencing a service interruption.
  • Your phone is Carrier Locked

Ways How To Fix Not Registered On The Network

  • Restart Device
Not Registered On The Network

After restarting your phone once, the network problem should be resolved. There might be a number of defects that cause such unanticipated problems, but there’s no reason to be concerned. The problem can be resolved with a simple restart.

  • Manually select a network

Make sure you’re using the right carrier in your settings. Select your carrier’s network by going to

Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search now and select your carrier’s network

Not Registered On The Network
  • Disconnect wireless connections.

Turn off Wi-Fi on your phone for 30 seconds before turning it back on. This will re-establish your connection and may help to address any temporary technical issues.

  • Replace the SIM card / Change your SIM card
Not Registered On The Network
Close-up Of Nano Sim Card Ready To Insert In Smart Phone Over The Desk

Remove your SIM card and inspect it for damage before reinstalling it. Check that the card is correctly seated in the tray and that the metal pins are in the correct position or,

Switch out a spare active SIM card to test if your phone can connect to the network. If it can, something is wrong with the SIM card.

  • Update APN Settings

    You may need to alter the Access Point Name (APN) settings if you have switched service providers. This is a more sophisticated remedy, so proceed with caution and make a note of the default APN settings so you can revert if something goes wrong.
  • Update Your Phone’s Software

Ensure that your operating system and firmware are up to date so that you get the most recent upgrades for your phone.

  • Go into Service Mode For Samsung Devices
Not Registered On The Network

It’s possible that if you’re a Samsung user and you see this error, it’s because your wireless signal is switched off. When there is an issue with Wi-Fi or GPS, this occurs.

As a result, in this case, you must do the following steps:

Type (*#*#4636#*#*) onto the dial pad.

A dialogue will appear, prompting you to enter Service Mode; click it.

Then select “Device information” or “Phone information” from the drop-down menu.

Then select “Run Ping Test.”

Now press the “Turn Radio Off” button to restart your smartphone.

Select the Reboot option if required.

  • Change Network Mode

    If you’re in a low reception area that doesn’t support 5G or 4G, it’s best to switch to 3G or 2G.
  • Reset Network Configuration

A new connection to your carrier’s network can resolve issues that a reboot cannot. All Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth connections will be erased if you reset your network settings, so use it only as a last option.

  • Unlock your device!

    If none of these ways to fix your device You may need to unlock your phone with the previous carrier if you recently acquired a phone or are switching to a network from another network.

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Not Registered On The Network


You can’t make any calls if your Android phone isn’t registered on the network since you’re not linked to your carrier. To potentially cure this problem and register a phone on a network, use the techniques listed above. These are the techniques for resolving the Not Registered On the Network issue on Android, and perhaps, after using them, the problem will be fixed. Did we resolve your problem? Let us know in the comments below!