Feb. 22

Exclusive NEW BlackBerry Network Supported !

BlackBerry, IMEI Unlock

 Unlock NEW BlackBerry MEP

World First and exclusivity for UnlockBase customer, we’re now able to get code for new BlackBerry MEP :

– MEP-09292-005 (Used for 9520 Storm 2 locked on T-Mobile United Kingdom)
– MEP-30218-001 (Used for 9700 Bold locked on Virgin Canada)
– MEP-30669-001 (Used for Telus Mexico)

To get code for these Network/MEP, just log to yor UnlockBase account, go to “IMEI Unlock” section, and select one of these tool :

BlackBerry EXCLU – 9520 Storm 2 from T-Mobile UK (MEP-09292-005)
BlackBerry EXCLU – 9700 Bold from Virgin Canada (MEP-30218-001)
BlackBerry EXCLU – Telcel Mexico (MEP-30669-001)

Price: 15 EUR or 20 USD or 13 GBP
Turnaround for Delivery: 10<>30 minutes