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As per news of the market situations, we hear two international Vodafone UK code suppliers are out of business for Vodafone UK codes currently until further notice, we are still going strong, and if any one is interested please contact us for negotiation and you can buy from us.  Please note this service is HOT for, latest BB5 SL3 phones. Please note old SL2>SL3 phones are still NOT supported. Otherwise ALL other brands are supported for unlock except iPhone. This service is database based, so therefore there is no need to worry, if there is no code on the database, you willl get a refund!

We also provide two services, one FAST and one SLOW. So this way you can choose the correct service for your needs:

– FAST service will be delivered between 12 to 48 hours.
– SLOW service will be delivered between 2 to 7 days.

Service Operates from United Kingdom, so please keep in mind working hours.

At the same time we would like to tell you GOOD news that we are now also introducing a NEW service called FAST Orange UK codes, where there is submission 2 or 3 times a week. This is introduced due to other service taking long. This is great for those customers who need speed and service rather then price, please note all models are supported and is mainly useful for SL3 models.

Just a last note, as a reminder, we ALSO support unlocking O2 UK, Tesco UK and Orange UK iPhone Unlocking! This is permanent unlocking and very useful as it is not a patch unlock. We have tested and 100% verified this service.

 Unlocking Vodafone 533

The new Vodafone 533 available in UK for 30 GBP is now supported for unlocking using tool “Sagem“, using this tool you can unlock in 1<>3 days for all Sagem.

Price: 20 Euro or 28 USD or 18 GBP
All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor.

How to order code :

– Just log in “IMEI Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account
– Select tool/service: “Sagem
– Enter IMEI of your Sagem
– Select Model of your Sagem : Sagem Vodafone 533
– Enter Reference Number of your Sagem (replace 25xxxxx with 28xxxxx)*

* To locate the Reference number on your Sagem phone, look at the sticker located under the battery. You will see the 9-digit reference number under the IMEI line (and have the format 25xxxxxxx or 28xxxxxxx, but for Vodafone 533 it’s always 28xxxxxxx) :

Vodafone United Kingdom Express Unlock Service

We try today a new source for Vodafone United Kingdom who sell unlocking code higher but who provide code in less than 24H, service is working very well after our test so we just add to UnlockBase, we have now tree services for Vodafone United Kingdom

– Vodafone United Kingdom in 7<>10 days
– Vodafone United Kingdom – Nokia BB5 in 7<>10 days

Price : 8.15 Euro or 15 USD or 7 GBP*


– Vodafone United Kingdom including BB5 (Express)

Price : 20 Euro or 28 USD or 17 GBP*

* If you find cheaper, just contact us by e-mail to negotiate better rates !

Here is the planning of working day of Express Service for November (London Timezone) :

Nov 16 Monday 11-20
Nov 17 Tuesday 11-20
Nov 18 Wednesday off
Nov 19 Thursday 10-19
Nov 20 Friday 10-19
Nov 21 Saturday 9-18
Nov 22 Sunday 9-18
Nov 23 Monday 9-18
Nov 24 Tuesday off
Nov 25 Wednesday 11-20
Nov 26 Thursday 10-19
Nov 27 Friday off

 Unlock Orange UK

We’re extremely happy to inform you that Orange UK is again supported in UnlockBase, all phone models, including Nokia BB5 SL3 models can be unlock by code just with the IMEI of your mobile phone ! Turnaround is 1<>5 days for delivery.

To use this service :

1 – Log in your UnlockBase account
2 – Go to “IMEI Unlock” section
3 – Select tool “Orange United Kingdom” or “Orange United Kingdom – Nokia BB5”

Price : 25 Euro or 39 USD or 23 GBP but if you find cheaper or have large quantity, just contact us by e-mail to negotiate better rates !

We’re glad  to inform that we can now unlock Toshiba TG01 from Orange UK

Toshiba TG01

Time for Delivery : 6<>24H from Monday to Friday
Price : 30 Euro or 45 USD or 25 GBP

To request code :

– log in your UnlockBase account
– go to “IMEI Unlock” section
– and select tool “Orange United Kingdom – Toshiba TG01”


We are pleased to inform you that we improve Vodafone United Kingdom service adding a “Express” service ! This service is running from 11am to 11pm (GMT United Kingdom) working every day, even the week end and holiday to Get Code in only 1 <> 3 Hours !!!!

To order, simply follow theses instructions :

1 – Go to “IMEI Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account
2 – Select tool “Vodafone United Kingdom (Express)”
3 – Enter your IMEI and wait 1<>3h to get Unlock Code !

You can unlock using this service for 10 EUR or 15 USD or 8 GBP, by the way if you find cheaper or if you do large quantity, please contact us to negotiate better rates !

A regular service is still available for cheaper to get code in 3 <> 24h.

We are extremely happy to inform you that starting with today, any phone locked on T-Mobile United Kingdom Operator can be unlocked faster and cheaper than ever before, from now :

20 Euro or 28 USD or 17 GBP

Sad news but due to competition we was almot forced to advertise fast for Orange United Kingdom by IMEI service……But after send waiting IMEI to 3 differents supliers, none of them return a code after 1 week, seem it’s simply fake service from dump people. We return & refund today all code from Orange UK and desactivate this tool from UnlockBase !

We’re happy to infom all our customer that we’re now able to get code for Orange UK (BB5 Included), that’s definitivly a great news for people from United Kingdom to make nice Christmas sales, here is the condition :

– GBP Server Price: 20
– EUR Server Price : 23
– USD Server Price : 30

Turnaround for delivery : 24<>48 Hours

Many of our customers notice that BlackBerry Storm codes are not available using the Vodafone UK Database. But we find a solution, it’s now possible to get Code for BlackBerry Storm from Vodafone UK using special tool “Vodafone United Kingdom (BlackBerry Storm)” for 22 Euro or 30 USD or 18 GBP. Time for delivery is little longer than usual vodafone database (24<>48H) but 100% of the codes for BlackBerry Storm are available using this database !