‘IMEI Unlock’ Archive

We’re glad to inform that all UnlockBase.com customers can now unlock all T-Mobile from United Kingdom just with IMEI Number, all model are supported, even Nokia BB5 and latest SonyEricsson !

Price : 25 Credits
Delivery : 24H from Monday to Friday

Today i was informed by the direct supplier that he filed his company for bankruptcy and he also stopped doing codes, which he appeared to do on the side. I herewith cancel ALL your SonyEricsson International orders. I don’t like this situation at all because the service was growing really fast. But this wasn’t under my control……. Should the service be running again some time, I will inform you immediately.

We restart today the T-Mobile U.S.A service with a new fresh suplier who advertise with good delay (24 Hours from Monday to Saturday), all models is supported except “Nokia” & “Samsung”…. I hope this time we have the good one, but we can’t guarantee stable service until we try him for few weeks !

From today we offer two service for Motorola Unlock Code by IMEI (WorldWide Network Provider) :

A – Motorola (Option 1) : new suplier !
– fast delivery (1<>12H)
– Working Days : from Monday to Friday
– Price :  5 Credits !

B – Motorola (Week End Delivery) : new option !  
– fast delivery (1<>12H)
– Working Days : from Saturday to Sunday 
– Price :  6 Credits !

The LG Service by IMEI was very popular because of LG KS20 and LG KU990 Viewty, but unfornutaly after 2 week of success delivery the service finally stop. Reason : the suplier lost access to the database for 1 week, and after service restart, the database was “locked” to Polish (Poland) provider…. The service is not at all anymore “International” so we decide to stop promote it from today and remove this tool from UnlockBase Server.

Starting today, it’s now possible with UnlockBase.com to get unlock code by IMEI for absolutly all SonyEricsson, from any network provider worldwide. Code comes directly from Factory but delay is long because our suplier deliver code only twice every month ! 

Price : 30 Credits
Delay : 15 <> 18 Days

New Samsung are now supported by IMEI (Factory Code) :

– A717
– A727
– A737
– A747
– U900
– J700
– i560v
– T819
– L310
– i640
– E251
– J150 
– F400
– i200
– F480

Very bad news for T-Mobile, after get a very unstable service for few weeks we decide to stop “T-Mobile (Option 1)” and “T-Mobile (Option 2)”, we get all drama possible for this network provider : cheap and then expensive, fast & then slow, reliable & the unreliable, at last it’s simply too much unstable to promote this network provider.

For now we’re only able to offer T-Mobile U.S.A Service for BlackBerry with good delay but expensive price : 25 Credits.

After one month without service for BenQ-Siemens IMEI Unlock (suplier lost his key to access database) the service finally restart with very fast delivery time (less than 24H from Monday to Friday) but price rise to 8 Credits !

We remind all network provider worldwide is supported by this tools.