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We are pleased to inform you that HTC Jade is supported by UnlockBase by using the Factory Code option, we just need IMEI to get code in less than 5 minutes:

1 – Go to “IMEI Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account
2 – Select tool “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia X1, Android G1, …”

You can unlock your HTC Jade handset for 15 EUR or 20 USD or 13 GBP*


* If you find cheaper, or if you do large quantity, please contact us to negotiate better rates !

We are happy to inform you that UnlockBase can now unlock by code HTC Monet (aka Virgin Lobser 700) using the tool “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia X1, Android G1, …” (HTC Factory Code)

Lobster 700

Turnaround for delivery : 20 minute, 24/24 and 7/7 (full automatic)
Price : 16.5 Euro or 21 USD or 15 GBP

If you find cheaper and/or want to prepay large quantity (50+) please contact us to negociate price, we’ll always beat our competitor !

HTC PROMO Ended, so the new price starting today is :

– 16.5 Credits on EUR Server
– 15 Credits on GBP Server
– 20 Credits on USD Server

We’re happy to inform our customer that due to competition we just reduce our price for HTC (Windows Mobile Phone) by IMEI to 12.5 Credits instead of 20 Credits, it’s almost 40% cheaper and I’m sure you will enjoy it for Christmas period !

For your information, now this server is full automatic and deliver the code in 5<>20 minutes maximum from Monday to Sunday (7/7) and 24/24, and that you can unlock by IMEI with it absolutly all :

– HTC (Diamond PRO & HD included)
– HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1)

We’re happy to inform all our customers that from now, all our user receive in less than 20 minutes, 24/24, 7/7 any code for HTC using the tool “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia X1, Android G1, …” for 20 Credits (if you find cheaper, contact us and we’ll beat the price). We remind with this tool you get Factory Unlock Code by IMEI for all HTC, Qtek, SPV, XDA, MDA, SonyEricsson Xperia (X1), T-Mobile G1, HP, and almost all “Windows Based” mobile phone

We’re happy to inform that all the T-Mobile G1 (Android phone aka HTC Dream) are supported using “T-Mobile USA” Code by IMEI for 11 Credits, we make the test with 5 different in the night of 21 to 22 October, we get the code in less than 5 hours, and they are 100% working ! Enjoy.

– 100% of T-Mobile G1 Code are available using HTC Factory Code
– Only 30% so fare are available using T-Mobile U.S.A database

So if you get a T-Mobile G1 code “Not Available” using T-Mobile USA (11 Credits) Database, then please try again using “HTC Factory Code” for 20 Credits !

Now you can Unlock by IMEI all Windows Mobile Phone using UnlockBase , model supported :

– Qtek
– iMate

Turnaround : 1-2 days
Price : 20 Credits

Go to : IMEI Unlock
And then select “Windows Mobile Phone” in Drop Down Menu