Dec. 2

Alcatel OT-768T and OT-875T Unlock Guidelines

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Alcatel OT-768T and OT-875T Unlock Guideline

To order and calculate the Unlock Codes for any Alcatel OT-768T or Alcatel One Touch Sparq II from T-Mobile (aka OT-875T), we always request the IMEI (Serial Number) + Provider ID of your Cell Phone. Unfortunately lately we have noticed that more and more of these Cell Phones are not any longer showing the Provider ID on the Label/Sticker behind the battery. As a reminder, here are the guideline to find the Provider ID of an Alcatel Cell Phone:

Just look at the sticker located under the battery.
The Provider ID must be exactly 13 chars long as show in the picture below:

Alcatel Label/Sticker showing Provider ID & IMEI

If you can’t find the Provider ID (PID) of your Alcatel OT-768T or OT-875T here is a trick to find the corresponding PID by reading the SecRo of your Cell Phone instead . Here are the instructions for extracting the SecRo from your Alcatel cell phone::

– Power on the phone and press *#837# or *#3228#
– A list will be shown, search for a name that starts with the letter “X”.

Once you find the Secro, here are the corresponding Provider ID
[PID] <– corresponding  –> [SecRO]

– For the Alcatel OT-768T :

768T-TBUS1 –> XZC3UMB2
768T-IUUS1 –> XZC5UWB2
768T-ALUS1 –> XZC5YGB6
768T-ALUS0 –> XZC5ZZA0
768T-RCUS1 –> XZC5UGB1
768T-CJUS1 –> XZC5UQB1
768T-ALUS0 –> XZC5ZZ20
768T-E4US1 –> XZC7UP56

– For the Alcatel One Touch SPARQ II (OT-875T) :

875T-TBUS1 –> XZG2UM7C
875T-IUUS1 –> XZH1UW25
875T-ALUS1 –> XZH1YG27
875T-RCUS1 –> XZH1UG2A
875T-CJUS1 –> XZH1UQ26
875T-ALMX –> XZH0GD00