unlock Xiaomi phone

The factory SIM unlock code for the Xiaomi phones are now available, which means that with the right NCK code, you may permanently unlock the Xiaomi Phones. By using the IMEI, we can simply open any Xiaomi device. If the phone requests an unlock code after swapping the SIM card, there is no need to alter the firmware.

The suggested way for unlocking the Xiaomi Phones is via code because you do not lose the phone’s warranty. It is the quickest and safest way to unlock a phone using the IMEI code. An unlocked phone may be used with any SIM card from any network on the globe.

Why Unlock Your Xiaomi Phone?

unlock Xiaomi phone

There’s no reason you shouldn’t unlock your smartphone now that it’s legal, right? That’s right, unlocking your smartphone gives you, the owner, additional control over your device.

So, if you have the opportunity, here are three compelling reasons to do so. It allows it to be used internationally without having to pay high fees. It will enable you to change carriers without buying a new phone. It increases the phone’s value if you decide to sell it.

Steps To Unlock Xiaomi Phone

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your Phone. This instrument’s genuinely unique and fantastic aspect is its simplicity of use and convenience compared to other alternatives now available on the market. It is secure, legal, and, most importantly, can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again.

unlock Xiaomi phone

Go to:
Select your Phone brand
Enter the IMEI or the Serial number of the device you want to unlock and the model and current network. To get your IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone.
Type your email for confirmation.
Select the network’s country the phone is locked to,
Select your network/carrier, confirm your payment, and wait for an email confirmation.

  • After getting the unlock code :
  • Switch OFF to unlock Xiaomi phone
  • Insert any other network provider SIM card
  • Switch ON the phone. It should prompt for NCK / SIM Network Unlock PIN
  • Enter the unlock code, which UnlockBase provides
  • Your Xiaomi Redmi is unlocked permanently to use with all GSM SIM cards.

The Xiaomi Phone may be unlocked via code, which the manufacturer suggests. Because the unlock code originates from the manufacturer’s database, it will ultimately unlock your phone.

Not Sure If your Xiaomi Phone is Unlocked?

unlock Xiaomi phone

Place a different SIM card in the phone and turn it on to see whether it’s locked. Make sure you use another SIM card than the one that came with the phone.

Your phone is most likely locked if it won’t let you make calls and shows an error message like ‘SIM not valid,’ ‘phone Restricted,’ ‘SIM not accepted,’ or asking you to provide an unlock code.


The good news is that you’re done after you’ve network unlocked your smartphone, tablet, or portable hub; you don’t require service from your original carrier to unlock Xiaomi phone. Any appropriate SIM card may be installed, and as long as you have an account and credit with that network, you’ll be able to make calls, send SMS, and perhaps even go online.

android change sim pin

iPhone and Android Change Sim Pin: The SIM PIN code protects against unwanted access to your SIM card data. Some smartphones have this capability activated by default, while others require it to be enabled. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and is a four-digit access code. When you buy a SIM card, you get a PIN. This four-digit number is required to enable the SIM card in your phone so it can access your operator’s mobile network.

Is it important to have SIM Pin?

android change sim pin

We suggest you need to have a SIM PIN. If your smartphone is stolen, the thief likely wants it for its black market value, not to make calls or use your voice and data plans. But sometimes, the thief wants it too. Without an active SIM PIN, a thief may also be able to listen to your voicemail or read your new messages if they are close to you. You don’t want that, so creating a PIN for your SIM card is always a good idea. 

Android Change Sim Pin Guide

android change sim pin: In only a minute, you can change the PIN-code on your SIM card. To access the PIN change menu on Android phones, the addresses are usually identical. Here are the steps to take:

Enable SIM PIN

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Security
  3. Click More Security Settings
  4. Click SIM Card Lock Settings
  5. Enable Lock Sim Card
  6. Enter the current PIN of the card.
android change sim pin

Change SIM Pin

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Security
  3. Click More Security Settings
  4. Click SIM Card Lock Settings
  5. Enter the current PIN of the card.
  6. Enter the new PIN code.
  7. Re-enter the PIN code.
  8. Confirm the operation so that your SIM card has a new PIN code.

Change SIM Pin on iPhone

Changing your iPhone SIM PIN? Maybe you used your carrier’s code and want a more secure SIM PIN, or you created one yourself and want to change it now. Either way, it’s quick. Here’s how to change your iPhone’s SIM PIN.

Enable SIM Pin

android change sim pin
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Phone
  3. Choose SIM Pin
  4. Enable SIM Pin
  5. Enter your current PIN, then tap Done

Change SIM Pin

android change sim pin
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Phone
  3. Choose SIM Pin
  4. Click Change PIN
  5. Enter current PIN 
  6. Enter your new PIN.
  7. Re-enter your new PIN again to confirm.
  8. Tap Save.


As you’ve seen, the procedures are fairly similar for different phone brands. In most cases, the SIM card lock option is found in the Security and/or Privacy area. Input the new SIM card PIN code to secure your phone. Finally, using a unique SIM PIN helps protect your data if your phone is stolen. Leaving the default SIM PIN on makes it easy for the thief to guess. If the thief has access to your phone, they can make calls or send texts in your name and access sensitive data like bank account numbers. You should try your best to avoid it. Adding a second authentication mechanism like a fingerprint or lock pin to your phone also helps protect your data.

unlock icloud account

In case of theft, an iCloud Activation Lock is meant to keep your information safe and secure. It lets users of iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, and Macs safeguard their devices by wiping or locking them remotely through the iCloud website.

While this is an excellent security feature for iPhone owners, it has an unexpected effect on those who acquire used phones. After erasing a device, the iCloud account typically stays on the device, preventing access to the home screen.

Why did iCloud Activation Lock Appear?

unlock icloud account

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is ever lost or stolen, Find My features Activation Lock, a function that prevents anybody else from using it. When you enable Find My on your smartphone, Activation Lock is enabled immediately.

If you ever lose your device, whether it’s misplaced or you suspect it’s been stolen, mark it as lost in the Find My app right away. Mark As Lost uses a passcode to lock your screen and displays a personalized message with your phone number to help you find it. If necessary, you may even remotely wipe your device.

Even when the gadget is wiped, your personalized message remains visible. While Activation Lock works in the background to make it more difficult for someone to use or sell your lost device, Lost Mode makes it plain to anybody who discovers that it is still yours and cannot be revived without your password.

Removing iCloud Activation 

  • Bypass the Activation Lock with an Apple ID or passcode

    You simply put your Apple ID and password to that you used on that device to use your phone and get rid of Activation Lock.

    If you can’t remember your Apple ID email, Click Here.
    If you can’t remember your Apple ID password, Click Here. 
unlock icloud account
  • Bypass the Activation Lock remotely using Find My

    Learn what to do if your smartphone displays the Activation Lock screen or if you’re requested to deactivate Activation Lock on a device that isn’t in your control.

    1. Go to
    2. Use your Apple ID and password to get started.
    3. At the top, click All Devices.
    4. Select the device from iCloud that you wish to remove.
    5. Click Remove from Account.
unlock icloud account
  • Bypass the Activation Lock through Apple 

    If you can’t remember your Apple ID password, there aren’t many other alternatives available to you.

    It’s conceivable that Apple will assist you in wiping the device and unlocking it. You’ll need documentation that you’re the legal owner of the device, which should contain the serial number, IMEI, or MEID of the device.

    Fill out the forms on their Activation Lock help website if you have the paperwork and are ready to delete the device. Just keep in mind that even if you complete all of the forms correctly, there’s no assurance that they’ll assist you.

    You go to this website: if you need assistance removing the Activation Lock and have proof of purchase documents.
unlock icloud account

Unlock iCloud Account Phone Unlocking 

Removing iCloud Activation Lock and Phone Unlocking is a different thing. If you removed your iCloud Activation, your phone wouldn’t be unlocked from your current carrier; you just removed the iCloud activation. If you need Unlocking Service, click the link:


Before giving your gadget away or bringing it in for repair, make sure Find My is turned off. Otherwise, your device is locked, and anybody you give it to won’t be able to use it, and Apple specialists won’t be able to fix it. Simply sign out of iCloud and delete all of your data and preferences. This wipes your smartphone clean, disconnects it from your Apple ID, and disables Find My iPhone. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

one ui 4.1

One UI 4.1 : In late 2021, Samsung introduced One UI 4.0, which included Material You and the rest of Android 12’s features on various Samsung phones. The Galaxy S22 series comes with an enhanced One UI 4.1 version, including bug fixes and other improvements over 4.0.

However, One UI 4.1 introduces several useful new features to the Galaxy S22, as well as other devices that will be upgraded in the future. We went through every new part in the latest version to see what’s different and better than the software you’re presumably using right now on your new phone.

Update Your Software

Check that your device’s software and accompanying applications have been updated to the most recent version before attempting the suggestions below. Please follow these instructions to update the software on your mobile device:

Go to Settings > Software Update in the first step.

Step 2: Select Download and Install from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Follow the directions on the screen.

one ui 4.1

One UI 4.1 design, features, and enhancements

Innovative Smart Widget

In iOS 14, Apple introduced Smart Stacks widgets, which enable users to stack widgets on top of one other and swipe between them. Samsung has incorporated a similar feature called Smart Widgets in One UI 4.1. It has a similar appearance and feels like the iOS version, which is an excellent thing.

With Smart Widgets, you can stack many widgets on top and swipe between them. There are three sizes available, and you can use them to mix information like news and weather with controls for your Galaxy Buds headphones, for example.

Depending on the user circumstance, up to three glance widgets present the most appropriate widget, and the widgets are automatically displayed or discarded.

Suppose you have a Calendar event coming up in the next 30 minutes, for example. In that case, an upcoming event widget will show, telling the user of the event, the amount of time before the event, and other pertinent information. If the user clicks on the forthcoming event widget to verify the event or if the event time has passed, the widget will immediately remove.

Upgraded Gallery Features

one ui 4.1
  • Relighting a Portrait – Users may also create a Studio look by utilizing the newly introduced Relighting circle to add extra lighting from any direction. The Intensity bar allows users to alter the intensity of the auxiliary lights.
  • Enhanced Photo Remaster – You may increase the picture quality by eliminating reflections, shadows, and more using the Enhanced Photo Remaster option. Remastered photographs have a “Remastered” tag that replaces the original image.
  • Shadow and Reflection erasers have been added – With the touch of a button, you may easily remove shadows or reflections that are automatically recognized. To utilize the Object Eraser, go to Gallery, Edit, and More choices (three vertical dots), where you’ll discover Object Eraser.
  • Pro Mode Camera – One UI 4.1 fixes this, and you can now utilize the S22 Ultra’s 3X telephoto lens in Pro and Pro Video modes. This should be available once earlier phones are upgraded.

RAM Plus

one ui 4.1

The RAM Plus function in One UI 4.0 allocates 4GB of your storage for use as additional RAM, similar to a swap disk on a computer. On all devices, it’s enabled by default, but with One UI 4.1, you can now pick how much virtual RAM you want. You may choose between 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB of RAM, which might be helpful in Samsung handsets with 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

Enhanced S Pen and Notes Experience

one ui 4.1

Users may modify a note on one device and Edit, select, or alter the settings on another device using Samsung Notes’ in-app collaboration. With Quick note upgrade, users may rapidly add a website link and web page. Although the pre-loaded Standard mode allows you to use the Air command without covering the entire screen, try installing Compact mode to use the Air command without covering the whole screen.

Release of One UI 4.1

With the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has introduced One UI 4.1 based on Android 12. After the debut of its 2022 flagship phones, the business will issue the upgrade for many of its compatible smartphones in the following weeks and months.


That’s all the new features we’ve discovered in One UI 4.1 so far, and it seems to be a decent upgrade for Samsung customers. Adding the zoom lens to pro mode resolves a long-standing issue for many of us, and smart widgets are something desired on Android since Apple introduced Smart Stacks in iOS 14. While these features are now only accessible on the S22 series, prior years have indicated that One UI 4.1 would be released for earlier phones within the following month. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below!

unlocked android smartphones

Let’s pretend you’re preparing to switch from your current mobile phone carrier to a new one. There are a few things to consider before making the transition, such as unlocking your smartphone.

If you don’t pay the whole amount for a new phone upfront, it will be “locked” to your carrier. This means that until you pay it off, your phone will only be able to connect to another carrier’s networks. 

What is the average time it takes to unlocked android smartphones?

unlocked android smartphones

The time it takes to unlock a phone is determined by how you unlock it. For example, if you want to unlock your phone via your carrier, the unlocking procedure might take up to 30 days. If you employ a carrier unlocking service like UnlockBase, however, the unlocking process might be completed in just 24 hours.

What’s the best way to find out that you have your phone unlocked?

Finding out whether your phone is locked is straightforward. Simply insert a SIM card from another carrier and check whether the network’s name displays on your phone. If it does, and you can use your phone, it has been unlocked.

Why should you unlock a network-locked phone?

So, why should you get your phone unlocked from your carrier? There are several reasons why this is advantageous:

unlocked android smartphones

1. To get a higher price for the phone. Selling a locked phone is more difficult and reduces the device’s value. By unlocking it, more people will be interested in purchasing it, and you will be able to charge a greater price.

2. In order to get better data plans. Perhaps your current carrier is too pricey or doesn’t provide the sort of plan you want. After you unlock your phone, you may select from practically any network’s data package.

3. To have international coverage. Customers don’t normally prioritize foreign coverage, but if you travel often, you may discover that certain carriers provide superior service and lower pricing for overseas use.

If you move carriers without first unlocking your phone, you may be unable to send messages or make phone calls. So, if your phone is locked and you need to transfer carriers, do you need to have service with your original carrier in order to unlock your device?

No. You don’t need to have service with your original carrier in order to unlock your phone, But you can use and Insert different Sim Card To Unlock Your Phone. 

Does my iPhone need to be switched on while waiting for the unlock? You can read this article for your reference:

How to unlock a network-locked phone?

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your Phone. The genuinely unique and fantastic aspect of this instrument is its simplicity of use and convenience compared to other alternatives now available on the market. It is secure, legal, and most importantly, can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again.

unlocked android smartphones
  • Select your Phone brand
  • Type your phone’s IMEI Code
  • Type your email for confirmation
  • Select the country of the network the phone is locked to
  • Select your network/carrier
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation

Without the use of an Unlock Code, the Phone Factory Unlock can be completed completely remotely. Your Phone’s Factory Unlock is permanent, and it will remain so even if you upgrade OS or restore it.


The good news is that once you’ve network unlocked your smartphone, tablet, or portable hub, you’re done, you don’t need to have service with your original carrier in order to unlock your phone. Any suitable SIM card may be added, and you’ll be able to make calls, send SMS, and perhaps even get online as long as you have an account and credit with that network. Let us know if you have any additional suggestions in the comments section below!

smartphone gets too hot

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. When there are too many applications running in the background, phones might grow heated. It’s impossible to rule out the possibility of a faulty battery or other technical issues. It’s also possible that it’s due to a malware infestation.

Here’s the thing: all phones can, and almost always do, become a bit warm. However, it becomes an issue when your phone overheats to the point that you can no longer handle it, or when it starts to behave strangely. There are a variety of reasons why this could occur.

What causes your phone to overheat?

smartphone gets too hot

The internal temperature of your phone is determined by the temperature of its surroundings. When your phone becomes too hot, it might suffer from issues such as battery damage, forced shutdown, and even a complete meltdown (yes, your phone’s Central Processing Unit can melt at severe temperatures). If your phone was forced to shut down due to overheating, there’s a risk it won’t restart.

There are various causes for your phone to overheat that aren’t connected to the ambient temperature, and some of them center around your battery. Do you have a lot of programs running in the background on your device? Many programs use a lot of power, which may rapidly deplete it. As a consequence, your phone will get hot

Smartphone Gets Too Hot? Cool your phone down

smartphone gets too hot

Most of the time, the reason your phone warms up is due to a combination of factors, not just one. Here are some suggestions for lowering the temperature.

First and foremost, never put your phone in the refrigerator. Introducing your phone to drastically varied temperature ranges all at once may cause the screen to break and the system to malfunction. Putting a phone in the freezer, on the other hand, causes condensation both inside and outside the phone’s casing, which may harm electrical components.

Here are some better ideas:

  • Remove the case from the phone.
  • Turn on airplane mode to turn off all internet connections.
  • Kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Place your phone near a fan (but not in a fridge, freezer, or cooler).
  • Reduce the brightness of the display.

How to Avoid Overheating on Your SmartPhone Device

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we didn’t have to spend time cooling down our gadgets in the first place now that we know how? As a result, there are several things we should avoid doing in order to keep our phone or tablet cool.

If you want to keep your Android smartphone from overheating, be sure you do the following:

smartphone gets too hot
  • Make use of the Battery Saver mode.
  • To get rid of unwanted files and viruses, clean up your phone.
  • Reduce the usage of cameras.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.
  • Consider replacing the charging cord or battery, or repairing it.

Your phone should not only cease overheating in the future, but it should also survive longer!

Phones and tablets are intended to shut down at severe temperatures as a safety measure. To put the above into effect, you’ll only have to wait for it to recover from the extreme heat.


It’s crucial to keep your Android background applications and processes under control if you want to keep your phone cool. When a phone becomes too hot, it begins to slow down. It may shut down automatically until it has cooled down in certain circumstances.

You don’t want to miss a crucial call? Take the actions described above! Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions!

how to unlock iphone

You may have heard that an iPhone can be unlocked. This means that you can open an iPhone that is locked to a certain carrier. Unlocking your iPhone is a good thing because it gives you more options. The phone is called a SIM-free or contract-free phone because it doesn’t have a SIM card or a contract. There may be a good reason to unlock your iPhone, but does your iPhone need to be switched on while waiting for the unlock?

What you need to know Before Unlocking your Phone

  • If you found out that your phone is locked and If you are not 100% which network your iPhone is originally from, then please order first an iPhone GSX Network Check report.

If you have the details you need you can now go to the unlocking phase:

Why Unlock Your iPhone

how to unlock iphone
  • It Makes It Usable Internationally

    This means that if you travel outside of the United States, you can’t just swap out your AT&T SIM card for a local one. It won’t work. Then, you’ll be charged a fee by AT&T if you want to use your phone outside of the United States through one of its partners. Most of the time, this costs more than buying a cheap SIM card. This is because most of the world’s mobile service is much cheaper than in the United States, and because carrier partnerships cost the end-user a lot of money, which makes it hard to get cheap service.
  • It Lets You Switch Carriers

    Angry with your cell phone provider? In the old days, this wasn’t a problem. You could cancel the service, get the right SIM card, and sign up for a new service plan with a different carrier to get a new phone. Today, because of contracts and locking, it’s not so easy to do that.
  • It Makes the Phone More Valuable

    In the end, we all have to sell or give away our old phones, but if they’re tied to a single wireless provider, they’re worthless. It’s best to unlock your phone if you want to get the most money for your old phone, or if you want to give it to someone who isn’t on the same carrier.

How To Unlock iPhone

UnlockBase Service is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to unlock your iPhone. The genuinely unique and fantastic aspect of this instrument is its simplicity of use and convenience compared to other alternatives now available on the market. It is secure, legal, and most importantly, can be completed independently using a basic step approach. It’s also a permanent solution, meaning that once you’ve broken the carrier lock, you’ll never have to do it again.

how to unlock iphone
  • Select your Phone brand
  • Type your phone’s IMEI Code
  • Type your email for confirmation
  • Select the country of the network the phone is locked to
  • Select your network/carrier
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation

Without the use of an Unlock Code, the iPhone Factory Unlock can be completed completely remotely. Your iPhone’s Factory Unlock is permanent, and it will remain so even if you upgrade iOS or restore it.

Please follow the instructions below as soon as you receive confirmation that the unlock has been applied to your iPhone:

how to unlock iphone

1. Insert a SIM card that your iPhone doesn’t accept into it.

This means that you don’t need to switch on your iPhone while waiting for the unlock and you just need to wait for the confirmation that the unlock has been applied to your iPhone

SIM cards that don’t come from the network your iPhone was locked to will be marked as “non-acceptable” if you try to use them. From any network carrier in the world, you can get a SIM card. It doesn’t have to be the same SIM card you’ll use in the future.

2. When you get a new SIM card, you’ll be able to use your iPhone with it right away. That means that your iPhone has been completely unlocked now.

3. This means that your iPhone can now be used on any network anywhere in the world.


The iPhone Factory Unlock is applied fully remotely without an Unlock Code involved and you don’t need to switch on your iPhone while waiting for the unlock and insert a Sim Card that your phone doesn’t accept, by doing that you’ll unlock your iPhone completely. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

how to fix sim card not detected

Regardless of how far phone technology has advanced, the most vital function of every mobile device is still making or receiving calls. And if your phone says “SIM card not detected,” that indicates you haven’t used your phone in a while.

 The situation is likely aggravating, and a quick solution will be necessary. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, try these recommended steps when your Android phone’s sim card isn’t detected.

Ways How To Fix Sim Card Not Detected

Reboot Your Smartphone

how to fix sim card not detected

If a software fault causes your SIM card error, a simple reboot may be all that is required to resolve the issue. This can cure a variety of topics; however, customers complained that rebooting isn’t enough to repair the “No SIM” error and that rebooting may potentially produce the “No SIM card detected” message.

The answer was to turn off their phones for 30 seconds and then turn them back on. If this resolves your issue, you should continue to power down instead of restarting and then turn on your phone until an Android update or carrier settings update is issued to address the issue.

Re-Insert Sim Card

how to fix sim card not detected

Check your SIM tray next. Remove it and correctly re-insert it. Insert a little bent paper pin into the pinhole as you pull the tray out of the slot. Lightly push down on the SIM tray until it pops out.   Re-insert the tray after inserting the SIM in the proper orientation.

Don’t try to push it. If the tray becomes stuck, gently push it. The forceful push may damage the pin or the circuit board, increasing your “SIM card not detected” issue.

Check to see whether your SIM card is active.

This will help us to identify the specific source of the problem. Use the SIM card on a separate phone. If the phone does not recognize the SIM card, the SIM is the issue. 

  • To begin, contact your network service provider to verify that the SIM is activated.
  • Also, check to see whether the SIM registration is completed correctly.
  • Check to see whether the SIM is in good shape. Clean it with soft cotton cloth if there is any dust or carbon on it. But be careful not to scratch it. Otherwise, you risk inflicting more significant harm to the SIM card.

Enable your SIM card 

Examine your network and SIM card settings now. Go to Settings > Mobile Network to get started. Toggle on “Enable” under SIM Card Info & Settings, then tap the SIM. Also, while you’re in a roaming region, make sure data roaming is turned on to prevent this problem.

Set the Network Mode to Automatic.

how to fix sim card not detected

Another option is to change the network mode to automatic. You may do this by navigating to “Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode” and selecting LTE/WCDMA/GSM as the first option (auto connect).

Clear the Cache to Fix the SIM Card Error

To repair the no SIM card problem, clear the cache on your Android device. “Settings -> Storage -> Internal Storage -> Cached Data” that’s where you’ll find it. A pop-up will appear when you press on cached data, informing you that this will delete the cache for all applications on your smartphone. To complete the process, just hit “Delete.”

Check Sim Slot

Dust may collect in the SIM slot and connection, preventing the device from correctly reading the card. As a result, you should check into it as well. To clean the connection, lightly wipe it. Also, make sure the pin isn’t broken.

A damaged pin might also result in an android phone not detecting a SIM card. If you have any hardware damage, you should take it to a local service shop and have it serviced or replaced by qualified specialists.

If the sim slot is working fine, maybe you need to unlock your phone :

Unlock Your Phone’s Carrier

how to fix sim card not detected

If your SIM card is not inserted correctly, damaged, or not enabled on your network, you won’t be able to make or receive calls or texts, and you’ll get errors on your phone like “ Sim Card Not Detected.”

However, you must ensure that your phone is not locked to your carrier for this to work. Otherwise, using a sim card from another carrier would not work.

Removing your phone’s carrier lock is a straightforward process, and if your carrier refuses or is unable to do it, you may do so safely using UnlockBase.

Visit for more information


There would be no need to spend time trying alternative techniques if there was a way to identify generating the no SIM card problem from the start. Unfortunately, unless the Android smartphone displays a notification indicating the problem, you’ll have to rely on trial and error. If you have any other ways to resolve this problem, you can recommend it by commenting below!

Mobile Network Not Available

The notice “Mobile network not available” might be triggered by a hardware or software problem. However, in many cases, these are minor problems with straightforward remedies that may have you back into a working network in no time. Whether you’re having a different Carrier or not, we’ve covered all you can do here. You can simply prevent the issue from recurring once you understand what’s causing it and how to resolve it.

What is the reason for “Mobile Network Not Available” Error?

1. Check the Airplane mode and settings.

Starting any troubleshooting procedure by turning off and on your gadget is the best way to go. Then, Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network after that. Once you’ve arrived, check whether your SIM is still active. You can also find APN (Access Point Names) under Advanced Settings and restore network settings.

If you still can’t connect to the mobile network, try activating and disabling the Airplane mode. By selecting it from the Tool Bar menu above the Notification panel, you may do so.

2. Reinsert your SIM card

Mobile Network Not Available
Close-up Of Nano Sim Card Ready To Insert In Smart Phone Over The Desk

This. Try removing and replacing your SIM card. If your device allows it, you may also shuffle between SIM slots. 2. Restart your smartphone, then turn on mobile data to see whether it works. Check your data package since you may have used up all of your mobile data. If you’re not careful, all of your data allocations might be gone in no time.

3. Install the latest firmware

Another thing to think about is changing the firmware on your machine. Bugs that impair mobile data are uncommon, but they can occur, and keeping your phone up to date with the newest system version is an excellent method to ensure that you receive all of the solutions.

Here’s how to see whether your Android smartphone is up to date:

Open the Settings menu > System  > System update option to choose > Check for and install any available updates.

Mobile Network Not Available

4. Reset Network Configuration

Consider resetting your network settings to their default settings if none of the preceding procedures worked. Any setup VPNs will be deleted, and all stored Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections. However, it will also restore SIM and mobile settings, which should assist with any troubles you’re having. Find out more about this surgery by clicking here.

Here’s how to reset your Android’s network settings:

Open the Settings menu > Select a system > Activate the Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile > Reset the settings by pressing the Reset button.

Mobile Network Not Available

5. Contact your service provider

Finally, if nothing else works, contact your service provider for assistance. If your SIM card is brand new, it may need to be activated before being used. There might also be other network difficulties causing the issue for end-users.

6. Get your phone unlocked

Mobile Network Not Available

If your Android smartphone is network locked, you’ll need to unlock it if you transfer carriers. Look no further if you’re seeking for dependable unlocking service.

Fill out the form at, and the unlocking code will be sent to your email address. The whole procedure is simple to follow. Most significantly, the service is dependable, and there is no risk of harm to your gadget. Not only that but unlocking your phone will not violate your warranty.


A Mobile Network Not Available might be a simple glitch that goes away on its own. If that isn’t the case, try one of these options at a time. At least one of these should be suitable for you. Have you ever faced network issues before? What worked best for you? Please let us know in the comments section below!

q link wireless network

Q Link Wireless is a telecommunications firm established in the United States that offers Lifeline qualified Americans free wireless services. The company’s headquarters are in Dania, Florida. Q Link Wireless Network was designated the fastest-growing tech business in the United States in October 2019. Under the Hello Mobile brand, the firm also provides prepaid mobile phone services such as wireless voice, message, and data.

Issa Asad, the CEO of Quadrant Holdings, launched Q Link Wireless Network in 2011. It is one of many firms owned and run by Quadrant Holdings. Since the company’s inception, Asad has been the only CEO.

Get FREE Cell Phone Service with Q Link Wireless

q link wireless network

Signing up with Q Link Wireless Network gets you FREE phone service!

Q Link Wireless is a prominent cell phone service provider that offers qualified consumers FREE UNLIMITED monthly data, talk, and text under the government Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. Be a part of government assistance programs like Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, and others to qualify for FREE service.

You may be eligible for Lifeline and/or ACP if you participate in one of the following federal assistance programs:

SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits, and more. Additionally, you may be eligible with your household income.

UnlockBase and Q Link Wireless Network.

q link wireless network

There is phone eligibility before getting approved for Q Link Wireless Lifeline :

1. Before a phone to be qualified, all contractual and financial responsibilities with your existing carrier must be met.

2. The phone is disqualified if it has been reported as lost or stolen. To unflag the phone, contact your existing carrier.

3. Leased phones are ineligible.

If you have met all the conditions above you need to check whether your phone’s locked to a certain carrier, To bring your phone to Q Link Wireless Network, you will need to “unlock” your phone before activating it. Therefore, you cannot use your phone with Q Link Wireless Network until you unlock and release it from the current provider’s network. 

That’s where the Official Partnership with Q Link Wireless Network comes in, Unlockbase is the trusted phone unlocking service of Q Link Wireless Network.

Q Link Wireless Network: Bring My Own Phone

Bring Your Own Phone service enables you to connect to our network using any phone (if compatible). To get started, just follow these three simple steps:

q link wireless network
  • Check Your Phone’s Compatibility
  • Q Link Setup
  • Activate Your Phone

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