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What we currently know about the iPhone 15

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apple iphone 15

Apple iPhone 15? You can count on Apple to release a new version of the iPhone with a spectacular launch event and eye-catching advertising, even if the phones themselves haven’t changed significantly. The leaks and rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 series show that 2023 will be no different. When the iPhone 15 series debuts in 2023, will it provide more than simply cosmetic upgrades to get more people to make the switch? Let’s find out.

Apple iPhone 15: Models and Colors

Similar to 2022, we expect four new iPhone models in 2023. Apple plans to release a standard iPhone 15, a larger Plus option, and two more expensive, high-end phones, resembling the iPhone 14 lineup. While the two devices may have the same name, there have been rumors that Apple is considering rebranding the Pro Max as the iPhone Ultra. In keeping with the new branding for the Apple Watch Series 1, this could enable the corporation to demand an even higher premium for the device. However, it would have to stand out from the smaller iPhone Pro by using novel materials or having more functionality.

Although there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the color scheme, earlier this year, a leak provided us with the first peek at a new color option. Above, you can see that the color’s hex code is 410D0D and that its name is Dark Sienna. Dark Sienna is the name of the hex code for this color, but Apple may decide to call it something else. This hue is expected to be a Pro and Pro Max-only offering.

apple iphone 15

The same source also says pink and light blue could be available for the regular and Plus models. It did, however, caution that these preferences might shift before the product went live. The news source went on to say that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus might also be available in a mint green hue. Possible future additions to this palette include the standard primary colors plus black, white, silver, gold, and red. It has been said that only the Pro models include frosted glass on the backs of their models. The publication claims, however, that the frosted glass may be standard on all new models for the next generation.

Apple iPhone 15: Design, Display Sizes and Specs

Lighting Port or USB-C Port

Apple concedes the need to abandon its proprietary Lightning port for a USB-C connector to meet EU regulations. The deadline is 2024, but there are speculations that the iPhone 15 series might feature a USB-C port to comply with the rule.

However, it’s unclear if the USB-C change would be universal. Apple may introduce the port update only to Pro models or specific SKUs in select markets. In the near future, an iPhone without any ports is also expected, so time will tell

Flat or Curve?

With the iPhone 12 release, Apple shifted from rounded edges to flat edges in its mobile device design. However, the iPhone 15 series might bring a new change by adopting rounded corners on at least one side, resembling the iPhone 5C’s design as per ShrimpApplePro claims. This design choice seems inspired by the current MacBook’s base case, showcasing Apple’s unified design themes across product categories.

Rumors suggest a titanium frame for the Ultra model, which aligns with earlier leaks. If these changes don’t materialize in time for the iPhone 15, it could be due to supply chain capacity constraints.


Given Apple’s track record, it’s hardly surprising that the iPhone 15 is visually similar to the iPhone 14. However, it appears that the interface may undergo some modifications. Expectations are that the next-generation standard iPhone will include a 6.2-inch screen, making it slightly larger than the 6.1-inch display of the iPhone 14.

It has also been speculated that the Pro Max’s display will feature a brightness of 2,500 nits. Unfortunately, Apple may not upgrade from its 60Hz refresh rate. While there have been speculations that Cupertino may eventually adopt micro-LED panels, the next generation of Apple’s mobile devices will not feature them.


Without a doubt, Apple plans to introduce a fresh new processor; the rumored A17 Bionic might become the first one manufactured using TSMC’s brand-new 3nm technology. Hopefully, this will be standard across all iPhone 15 variants, just as Apple’s new A16 Bionic was only available in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and not the more affordable iPhone 14 versions.

As a cost-cutting measure, Apple may consider making the transition from TSMC’s N3B process to N3E in 2024. This would result in much less efficient new A17 Bionic chips compared to the original batch. The publication, however, expresses skepticism that this will occur before the iPhone 15 is discontinued.

In 2023, Apple may increase the amount of memory in the iPhone 15 series. In their assessment on the next iPhone 15, research firm TrendForce claimed that “Apple will bump up the capacity and specifications” of RAM. The company has previously speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro would “feature a memory capacity upgrade to 8GB to match its new processor.” The base model and Plus might be left out of this RAM increase, but they could still get an LPDDR5 upgrade.


A report claims that the iPhone 15 has a 3,877mAh battery, the iPhone 15 Plus has a 4,912mAh battery, the iPhone 15 Pro has a 3,650mAh battery, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 4,852mAh battery. In an amended version of the post, however, the publication cites a second leaker who disputes these figures. This specific leak should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Another theory proposes that Apple may use a stacked battery design. The battery life and energy density of the iPhone 15 would be much improved as a result. It is also speculated that the cable charging speed for the iPhone 15 or 16 could be 40W, with MagSafe charging at 20W. You should treat this rumor with caution as well, as it comes from a leaker we aren’t familiar w

New Chip?

Apple updated its Ultra Wideband (UWB) processor to the next generation, featuring it in all iPhone 15 versions. The new chip’s fabrication process reportedly shrinks from 16nm to 7nm, aiming for improved performance and reduced power consumption. The introduction of the Vision Pro likely inspired this change to advance spatial computing and maintain Apple’s connected environment’s reliability.

Apple iPhone 15: Camera

apple iphone 15

Every year, Apple improves the cameras on its smartphones, either through new hardware or enhanced software. In 2023, Sony’s most advanced image sensor is expected to enhance the primary camera’s capabilities, possibly only on Pro models. The saturation signal intensity in each pixel is doubled, boosting the effectiveness of this ‘state-of-the-art’ sensor.

All the rumored photographs suggest the iPhone 15 will have the same dual-camera configuration at the back. Only the Pro models are likely to feature a third camera. The lenses on the iPhone 15 Pro also appear thicker, possibly indicating an increase in sensor size.

An upgraded LiDAR scanner could significantly improve photography. According to a leak from MacRumors, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are speculated to receive new LiDAR scanner components from Sony.

More intriguing is the speculation that the iPhone 15 may debut an exclusive periscope lens with 5x or 6x optical zoom. Theories predict this lens will first be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max before reaching the iPhone 16 Pro in 2024. High-end Android flagships have long included folded zoom cameras, making this another example of Apple catching up. Still, it’s an exciting possibility and could be the most significant enhancement to the iPhone’s camera in years.

Apple iPhone 15: Release Date and Price

The release of the previous two iPhone versions coincided with the middle of September announcements. A postponement seems likely at this point, even though we normally anticipate Apple to continue this cycle in 2023. Apple has not explained why the release of the new iPhone would be postponed until the fourth quarter. The release date, if correct, would be between October and December.

Apple may have a special event for the introduction of the iPhone 15 Ultra if the company decides to shake things up by releasing an enhanced version of the phone. Based on the information we have at this time, one live announcement show remains the most likely scenario.

apple iphone 15

Under the assumption that Apple maintains the same pricing structure for the iPhone 15 series in the US, the 128GB models would cost:

  • iPhone 15 — $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus — $899
  • iPhone 15 Pro — $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max — $1,099


As the actual debut of the iPhone 15 draws near, the time for conjecture is coming to an end. Apple’s carefully planned keynote event will stop all the speculation and reveal the true depth of the iPhone 15’s innovation, putting an end to the leaks and speculations. No matter how closely the iPhone 15 matches our expectations or how wildly it deviates from them, one thing is certain. It will captivate our imaginations and forever change the way we use our smartphones.

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