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Why does Android use more ram than iOS?

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does android use more ram than ios

Why does Android use more ram than iOS? When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android and iOS are the top contenders. While both have their own unique features and benefits, one area that sets them apart is the amount of RAM they require.

It is a frequent misperception that iOS devices use less RAM than Android smartphones, but the fact is exactly the opposite. In this blog, we’ll look at Why does Android use more ram than iOS? devices and what this means for customers. So, whether you use Android or are thinking about switching, this is a must-read!

What exactly is RAM?

Why does Android use more ram than iOS? RAM is an abbreviation for random-access memory. There are several kinds of RAM, however, the SDRAM used in cell phones is volatile. Unlike your phone’s non-volatile flash memory, which stores data indefinitely, RAM can only store data while your device is switched on. It is essentially your phone’s working memory; it stores the data that your device is actively consuming at any one time.

does android use more ram than ios

Why does Android use more ram than iOS?

Why does Android use more ram than iOS? The amount of RAM required for smooth functioning is one of the most significant differences between Android and iOS. Android smartphones, on average, demand more RAM than iOS devices. This is attributable to a number of factors, including:

  1. Android’s Open-Source nature
    Why does Android use more ram than iOS? Android is an open-source operating system, making it available for usage and modification by anyone. Due to its open-source nature, Android has inspired the creation of a huge variety of distinct hardware and software products, each with specific needs and capabilities. As a result, to handle this greater variety of devices and applications, Android smartphones must have more RAM.
  1. Multi-Tasking Capabilities
    Why does Android use more ram than iOS?Android smartphones are made to support multitasking, which enables users to run numerous applications concurrently. To make sure that these applications function properly and don’t cause the device to slow down, more RAM is needed. iOS devices, on the other hand, are made to concentrate on a single job at a time, which uses less RAM.
does android use more ram than ios
  1. Options for Customization
    Why does Android use more ram than iOS? The ability to install custom ROMs and launchers is only one of the many customization choices available to users of Android smartphones. To ensure that the gadget operates without hiccups and with this level of customization, additional RAM is needed. On the other side, iOS devices have a lot fewer customization options and therefore don’t need as much RAM.
  1. Larger Screen Sizes
    Why does Android use more ram than iOS? Android devices typically have larger screens than iOS devices, which also helps explain why they need more RAM. More RAM is needed because larger screens need more memory to render the larger display.

Is having additional RAM really an issue?

Why does Android use more ram than iOS? Android is a more versatile operating system than iOS, both in terms of what devices can run it and how developers may utilize it. As a result, Android and iOS have distinct RAM requirements. For performance comparable to that of iPhones, such flexibility comes at the expense of more RAM being needed.

does android use more ram than ios

However, given that both the $450 Google Pixel 6a and the $1,100 iPhone 14 Pro Max feature six gigabytes of RAM, it is obvious that memory isn’t a significant cost factor. Even while Android might require more RAM, if manufacturers can produce flagship models at prices that are equal to, or even lower than, comparable iPhones, the extra memory may not necessarily be a negative thing.


Why does Android use more ram than iOS? The open-source nature of Android, its multitasking capability, customization possibilities, and larger screen sizes are some of the reasons why its RAM requires differ from those of iOS devices. Regardless of whether you favor Android or iOS, it’s critical to comprehend the many prerequisites and criteria of each operating system in order to make an informed choice when selecting your next smartphone. 

It is important to mention that, depending on the precise device and usage patterns, the actual RAM needs of each operating system can change. Both Android and iOS will continue to develop and improve their utilization of RAM as technology advances, providing a better user experience. Please let us know if you have any questions in the section below.

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