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Unlocking Xiaomi 14: Steps and Procedure

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Unlocking Xiaomi 14

Unlocking your Xiaomi 14 is now easier than ever with factory SIM unlock codes. With the correct NCK code, you can permanently unlock your Xiaomi phone using the IMEI. This process ensures you won’t need to alter the firmware if your phone prompts for an unlock code after a SIM swap.

Unlocking your Xiaomi 14 via code is the recommended method because it maintains your phone’s warranty. It’s the quickest and safest way to unlock your device, allowing you to use any SIM card from any network worldwide.

Why Unlock Your Xiaomi 14?

Unlocking your smartphone gives you greater control over your device. Here are three compelling reasons to unlock your Xiaomi 14:

  1. International Use: Avoid high fees by using your phone internationally without restrictions.
  2. Carrier Flexibility: Change carriers without buying a new phone.
  3. Increased Value: An unlocked phone has a higher resale value.
Unlocking Xiaomi 14

Unlocking Your Xiaomi 14

UnlockBase is an excellent tool for unlocking your Xiaomi 14. This service is simple, convenient, secure, and legal. The best part? It’s a permanent solution! Once unlocked, you won’t have to worry about the carrier lock again.

Steps to Unlock Your Xiaomi

Go to : https://www.unlockbase.com/unlock-phone/

  1. Select Your Phone Brand: Choose Xiaomi.
  2. Enter IMEI or Serial Number: Dial *#06# on your phone to get your IMEI number.
  3. Enter Model and Current Network: Provide details of your Xiaomi 14 and its current network.
  4. Email Confirmation: Enter your email for confirmation.
  5. Select Network’s Country: Choose the country of your locked network.
  6. Select Network/Carrier: Confirm your network, make the payment, and wait for an email confirmation.
Unlocking Xiaomi 14

After Receiving the Unlock Code:

  1. Switch OFF Your Xiaomi 14.
  2. Insert a Different SIM Card: Use any other network provider’s SIM card.
  3. Switch ON the Phone: Your phone will prompt for NCK/SIM Network Unlock PIN.
  4. Enter the Unlock Code: Input the code provided by UnlockBase.

Your Xiaomi 14 is now permanently unlocked for use with any GSM SIM card. The unlock code originates from the manufacturer’s database, ensuring a reliable and official unlocking process.

Not Sure If Your Xiaomi 14 is Unlocked?

Check if your phone is unlocked, insert a different SIM card and turn it on. If the phone displays an error message like ‘SIM not valid,’ ‘phone restricted,’ or asks for an unlock code, it is likely locked.


Once your Xiaomi 14 is network unlocked, you won’t need services from your original carrier to use it. Simply insert any compatible SIM card, and as long as you have an account and credit with that network, you’ll be able to make calls, send SMS, and go online.

Unlocking your Xiaomi 14 is a straightforward process that enhances your device’s flexibility and value. With the right unlock code, enjoy the freedom of using your phone with any carrier worldwide.

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