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We’re pleased to inform that we’re now able to provide both NCK & SPCK code for LG Factory Code by IMEI, and not only NCK like in past, this way it’s now 100% of LG Phone from all over the world we can Unlock !

It is with great joy that I announce the FIRST IN THE WORLD restart of the LG Worldwide Factory Code Unlock by IMEI, all models and all networks are supported. Considering the fact that now it’s harder and harder for the supplier to get the codes, they have decided to increase the price for this service. The new price for LG Worldwide (Factory Code) is now 35 credits! Time for code delivery is 24 hours.

I’m sorry to inform you that we remove today the Tool “LG International (Factor Code) by IMEI for 28 Credits”

Seems there is some kind of update of the database or some change in the security access to the database. The result is our suplier is not anymore able to make code. Today he deliver half of the waiting code and ask me to return as “not available” all the missing one and then turn off the service.

I hope to get better news next monday as the suplier tell me. But for the moment this service is officilay stoped !

We’re happy to inform all our customer that we re-activate LG International Service on UnlockBase.com.

 All LG Model are supported except :

– LG 3G with IMEI beginning with 01
– LG from America (only European, China, India, etc… are in database)

Price : 28 Credits
Turaround : 1 <> 3 Days

We decide to stop LG International by IMEI as the service is really a nightmare…. Suplier not serious at all, no code coming since 10 days, as it’s the second time we get this kind of problem for LG International we prefer warn all customer to take care about any LG Code by IMEI suplier. (We’ll not re-offer this service in future)

The LG Service by IMEI was very popular because of LG KS20 and LG KU990 Viewty, but unfornutaly after 2 week of success delivery the service finally stop. Reason : the suplier lost access to the database for 1 week, and after service restart, the database was “locked” to Polish (Poland) provider…. The service is not at all anymore “International” so we decide to stop promote it from today and remove this tool from UnlockBase Server.

We add today LG International service by IMEI, you can now unlock by IMEI absolutely all LG for 35 Credits with around 2 days turnaround for delivery ! All network provider supported (Factory Code), all model supported : KS20, K990 Viewty, Prada, Shine, KU880, U440, etc… Enjoy !