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HTC  Factory Code (New Records)

We’re pleased to inform our customers that we just imported all 2013 Supernew Records into the cheapest “HTC 2009<>2013 (New Records)” Database. And we rename it at the same time to “HTC 2009<>2014 Database (New & Supernew Records)” (Same Tool ID: 375). We update at the same time the Database with 4.5 Million IMEI. And starting today we’ll only update this service (we’re not any longer offering “HTC Not Found” service).

The HTC IMEI Check Widget is also 100% Up to date:

iPhone APAC Unlock Services

There are now 3 Services to Unlock iPhone WorldWide (All Networks Supported) in up to 5 working days. Now even the iPhone 5S is supported, and we also just reduce the price of the first two previous services (for iPhone 4, 4S and 5). Please note that to use this service you need to provide IMEI + S/N of your iPhone

You can get the serial number by tapping on Settings > General > About and scrolling down alongside other info like model, IMEI, and baseband firmware version. If the device is connected to a computer you can also look under the “Summary” tab of iTunes to find the serial number. It look like this :

Warning: If your IMEI and S/N do not match, you may receive confirmation of Unlock for the S/N you provide. No Refund is possible in this situation. Only specific S/N are supported as details below with the description of each Services:

Tool Name: iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S WorldWide (All Networks) – [Tool ID: 462]
Serial Number MUST End by DTC0, DTD2, DTC1, or DTD3.
Price: $150 or €115 or £94

Tool Name: iPhone 5 WorldWide (All Networks) [Tool ID: 471]
Serial Number MUST End by DTWD, DTWF, F8GH, F8H2, F8GJ, or F8H4.
Price: $199 or €149 or £125

Tool Name: iPhone 5S WorldWide (All Networks) [Tool ID: 582]
Serial Number MUST End by FRC5, FP6H, FP6K, or FP6J
Price: $225 or €169 or £139