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iPhone Network Finder

WorldWide iPhone Service unlocks ALL Networks WORLDWIDE! Africa Flex, America Movil, Bell Canada, Blacklist, Cable & Wireless Jamaica, Digitel Venezuela, Egypt Mobinil, Meteor Ireland, Mexico Telefonica, Orange Spain, Softbank Japan, T-Mobile UK, Unassigned Factory Default & MORE!  The only requirement for this service is the phone must be a iPhone 4 (8GB) or 4S (16GB).

Lost/Stolen, Past Due Bill, Barred, Blacklisted, Prepaid, Postpaid, Flex, ALL IMEI are supported! (Only LTE 99xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Verizon or Sprint are not supported)

Tool Name: iPhone 4 (8 GB) & iPhone 4S (16 GB) WorldWide (Tool ID: 462)
Turnaround for Delivery: 3<>7 working days
Price: €125 or $159 or £105

Unlock iPhone from Verizon USA

We finally restart the service to Unlock iPhone 2, 3, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone 5 from Verizon USA in 24<> 72 Hours. We tested this new supplier the last  few days with some IMEIs and confirm the phones we submited was unlocked successfully after run a report using “iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status“. So the service is 100% tested & working !


It needs to have a GOOD ESN. To check if device has a good ESN go to: On this website, it will have a drop down menu. You will choose the option: Verizon (not PagePlus). You will type the MEID that is 14 digits (IMEI is 15 digits to make it meid remove last digit). Site will tell u if clean or not clean. DO NOT SUBMIT IF NOT CLEAN. After Unlock, these devices will work only overseas, but not in USA.

Tool Name: “Verizon USA – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 (No USA GSM Usage)”
Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>3 days (Monday to Friday)
Price: $99 or €79 or £65
Tool ID: “424″

Unlock iPhone from KT & SK Telecom Korea

There are a lot of “Not Found” with the existing tool to Unlock iPhone from KT & SK Telecom South Korea. So today we decide to start promote a new “Premium” service for these Carriers. So now whenever you get a “Not Found” using the cheaper regular service you will be able to give a try using the new Premium Service. Here are the two options :

Option #1: KT & SK South Korea – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
Tool ID: (393)
Price: €24 or $32 or £21

Option #2: KT & SK South Korea – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 (Premium Service)
Tool ID: (461)
Price:  €48 or $64 or £42

Unfortunately, we don’t always have good news to announce…
And today we have two bad ones 🙁

1 – Recently the supplier of the service “BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 (All Networks)” slash the price to see if he will get more volume and at the same more profit while making you happy. But in the end he just get the exact same volume… So he decide to raise the price to what it was before.

2 – The Tool “Motorola Database 2” is officialy down. The supplier told us the reason why and without disclose more details we can just say that it’s very unlikely that this service will restart in future. But instead you can use the tool “Motorola Special (Not Found)“.

Unlock iPhone Replacement EMEA

The 26 February 2013 we start to promote a new service to Unlock EMEA iPhone and start to advertised: “This service is for Replacement iPhone provided by Apple after Service (Repair, etc…)“. This was unfortunately quite not right… The true about EMEA Service is Below:

First EMEA is an abbreviation for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which is a regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes. A few years ago, French carrier Orange worked together with Apple and brought the iPhone to customers in Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Orange’s African markets. iPhones sold there may have their carriers marked as EMEA in the Apple’s database, and may not necessarily be tied to a specific carrier.

To know if your phone can be considered as EMEA you just need to run the IMEI on the tool “iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status” (Tool ID:  312) and if the result show “Next Tether Activation Policy Description: EMEA Service” then you’ll be happy to know that you can unlock this phone using one of following services:

Option #1: iPhone EMEA Service – All IMEIs Supported (Tool ID: 460)
Turnaround for Delivery: 12<>24 Hours
Price: €29 or $39 or £25

Option #2: iPhone EMEA Service – Out of Contract Only (Tool ID: 457)
Turnaround for Delivery: 12<>24 Hours
Price: €15 or $19 or £13

Unlock ZTE R3100 (aka T-Mobile Beat & Orange Hollywood)

We just add a new service to Unlock all ZTE R3100 (aka T-Mobile Beat & Orange Hollywood) in less than 20 minutes. Service Open All days, from 8AM to 11PM (GMT+1).

Tool Name: ZTE R3100 (aka T-Mobile Beat & Orange Hollywood)
Tool ID: 459
Price: €6.9 or $9 or £6

Unlock BlackBerry Z10 & Q10

We’re happy to inform our customer that we just slash the price of the tool “BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 (All Networks)” (Tool ID : 451). And keep in mind that all our advertised price are always negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor !

New Pricing: €37 or $49 or £32
Turnaround for Delivery: 2<>3 Hours *
* Service Open EveryDay from 9AM to 9PM (United Kingdom Timezone)

White House Pushes for Cell Phone Unlocking to be Made Legal

Good news regarding our Blog’s post from the 26 January 2013 about DMCA Ruling (Only for Customers from USA). The Petition hit before the deadline the 100k signatures and the answer from the White House was to Pushes for Cell Phone Unlocking to be Made Legal.

You can read the official answer from the White House here:

And you’ll find numbers of articles in the news today about this:

Bill to legalize phone unlocking on the way (NBC News)
Mobile Phone ‘Unlocking’ Should Be Legal (TIME)
It’s Time to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking (ABC News)
Senator Crafting Bill to Make Cell Phone Unlocking Legal (PC Mag)
White House Pushes for Cell Phone Unlocking to be Made Legal (Fox)

However if you’re a seller from the USA and want to be sure that the Bill to legalize cell phone unlocking not ONLY concern consumers but also business providing this service, here is a letter we suggest you to send to Senator Amy Klobuchar before she finish to draft the bill.

Dear Senator Klobuchar,

I commend you for standing up for consumer rights and the free market.  I also have some concerns that I would appreciate having you consider while writing this legislation.

Please be sure to include wording that makes it clear that it is also okay for businesses to assist consumers in unlocking their phones.  I own an online (or offline) business called XXXXX and I have sold hundreds of thousands of unlock codes the last several years.  I also sell hundreds of codes every day to hundreds of independent wireless business owners who unlock and flash phones for their customers because they cannot do it their self.

This ban on unlocking has had a direct impact on thousands of wireless stores and businesses all over the country who have relied on unlocking phones for their customers not only to earn income, but also to allow their customers access to the service providers they want to use.  Without businesses being able to offer this service there is no point in allowing consumers the ability to unlock their own phone.  It would take someone who is very technically inclined to even know where to begin.  USA consumers would be forced to buy unlock codes from companies out of the USA and would have no local assistance to enter the codes, and no legal recourse should the codes fail.  This causes more risk of financial loss to consumers, takes even more money out of our own economy, and causes thousands more people to be unemployed.  If cell phone unlocking is legal it should be made legal for both consumers and businesses.

Although it was legal before for consumers to unlock their cell phones, it has never technically been legal for businesses to assist them.  Please consider my experience when writing this legislation.  If there was not a very high demand for consumer assistance by businesses then I would not have had a very successful business since XXXX.