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Unlock iPhone from AT&T USA

You can still Unlock all iPhone from AT&T USA
But now you can also pick the Price & Quality of service you need

AT&T USA – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S (6<>24 Hours) [Tool ID: 402]
AT&T USA – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S (Express/Instant) [Tool ID: 401]

Both services are very stable. But when using “Express/Instant” please note that service open usually from 9am to 11pm (New York Timezone). Confirmation of Unlock arrive almost instantly (less than 5 minutes) when server is ON. But you may experience on rare occasion some delay if the server is overloaded (when one customer submit one big list of 100+ IMEI). When this happen, situation usually get back to normal after 1 hour.

Unlock iPhone from Telus and Koodo Canada

We’re happy to inform our customers that the service to Unlock iPhone from Telus & Koodo Canada is fully tested & working. Absolutely all models are supported and code are coming in less than 24H.

Tool Name:Telus & Koodo Canada – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S” [Tool ID: 406]
Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>24 Hours
Price: 69 €, 79 $, 49 £

Sony Xperia Unlock with 4SE Server

World First, we just add 4SE Server “Signature Unlock Credits on UnlockBase Server. This is simply the Ultimate Solution to Unlock using Original USB Cable and Without Test Point all new Sony Xperia in Real Time! If your phone is in the list of supported models below, then you can unlock it right away & in real time no matter the name & country of the original network provider of your Sony Xperia!

Supported Model :

A – Platform STE U8500:

Sony Xperia P LT22, Xperia Sola MT27, Xperia U ST25, Xperia Go ST27

B – Platform: MSM8x55:

SonyEricsson Walkman WT19, Xperia™ PLAY R800 and Sony Xperia PLAY Z1, Xperia Acro IS11S, Xperia Active ST17, Xperia Arc LT15, Xperia Arc S LT18, Xperia Mini ST15, Xperia Mini Pro SK17, Xperia Neo MT15, Xperia Neo V MT11, Xperia Pro MK16, Xperia Ray ST18, Xperia Neo L MT25

4SE Credits  Structure:

1 Unlock = 30 4SE Server Credits
1 Unlock = 20 4SE ServerCredits if you have 4SE Dongle

You can order username & password with 20, 30, or 100 Credits on UnlockBase and receive your account in Real Time directly from the “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account. Just select one of these tools in the drop down menu:

4SE Signature Unlock (020 LOG Account) for $30 (or $1.5 / Credit)
4SE Signature Unlock (030 LOG Account) for $43.5 (or $1.4 / Credit)
4SE Signature Unlock (100 LOG Account) for $130 (or $1.3 / Credit)

System Requirements:

32-bit: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Windows 7
64-bit: Windows Vista, Windows 7
RAM: 2Gb (recommended 4Gb)
HDD: 100Mb

And the Original USB Cable of your Sony Xperia Cell Phone

Click-Here to Download
4SE Server Signature v1.87.exe

4SE Software Download v1.87

HTC  Factory Code (New Records)

We’re pleased to inform all our customers that we just restart the HTC Server after merging/consolidating the tools into four 24/7 Instant Services:

– HTC 2008 (Old Records)  [Tool ID: 259]
– HTC 2009<>2010 (New Records) [Tool ID: 261]
– HTC 2011<>2012 (Supernew Records) [Tool ID : 375]

And in case of “Not Found” using any of these services then you can give a try using this non-instant service “HTC 2012 (Not Found)” [Tool ID: 387]. Using this last option you usually get code in less than 5 days. By the way we keep update on regular basis the Instant tool “HTC 2011<>2012 (Supernew Records)”.

HTC Widget (Tool Advisor) is also up to date & running:

Unlock Canada Networks

Today we re-organize our services for Canadians Networks.
First we introduce 3 new services:

1 – “Telus & Koodo Canada – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S” [Tool ID: 406]
Turnaround for Delivery : 1<>24 Hours

2 – “Telus & Koodo Canada – INQ / Samsung (Database 2)” [Tool ID: 407]
Turnaround for Delivery : 1<>12 Hours

3 – “Roger Canada (Database 2)” [Tool ID: 303]
Turnaround for Delivery : 1<>5 Hours

But we also improve our link to the API of our supplier to speed up the turnaround of delivery for these services below:

1  – “Fido & Roger Canada (Express Service)” [Tool ID: 309]
Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>3 Hours

2 – “Bell Mobility Canada” [Tool ID: 360]
Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>2 Days

HTC  Factory Code (New Records)

We’re please to inform that the HTC Widget is back to work ! And we also just update the HTC Supernew Records Database with 2.500.000 IMEI (Mostly HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One XL, One V, Sensation XL, Runnymede, X315e, Desire HD, Ace, A9191, Spade, Incredible S, Vivo, Desire S, Saga, S510e, Droid Incredible 2, Inspire 4G, Stallion, Flyer, P510e, Primou and Velocity 4G).

The HTC IMEI Check Widget is also 100% Up to date :

UnlockBase Scheduled Maintenance

UnlockBase is moving to a new Datacenter and new server (Cloud Based). A scheduled maintenance is expected today Sunday 15 July 2012 around 9:30pm (New York Timezone). You should expect a Downtime of 4 Hours. The new UnlockBase will be much faster, and support heavier API access, and most important “auto scale” to support our traffic growth for the rest of our life!

iPhone Network Finder

The tool “iPhone Network Finder” (Tool ID : 312) was down since the 19th June. But service just restart today and it’s still working instant 24/7 and providing all details (including Simlock Status) ! The price remain the same. Here is a sample result:

IMEI: 01300xxxxxxx – model: iPhone 4S 64GB White – version: 5.0
warranty coverage: Limited Warranty – warranty period: 2011-11-05 / 2012-11-04
activated: yes – carrier: vodafone United Kingdom – SIM locked: no

You’ll see what’s the activation carrier only if the phone is activated !

WARNING : This tool is not to Unlock your iPhone, it’s just to get data you may need to unlock or activate your iPhone and check the Unlock Status in case of complaint!!!!