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Motorola Unlock Server

We’re please to inform that we just restart two services to Unlock Motorola :

Motorola Special (Not Found)
T-Mobile USA – Sidekick Slide & Motorola Q700

Turnaround for delivery for both service is 1<>2 days

Note about “Motorola Special (Not Found)“: If your unlock code was not found with the tools “Motorola 7/7” or “Motorola 16 Digits”, you can choose this service or “Motorola Database 2”. If you prefer to choose the “Motorola Database 2” tool and the unlock code is not found, you can submit it then with this service. This service ensures you get the code in 99% of cases in 1 to 2 business days, frequently less than 24 hours. Refunds are possible in all cases if you send a video proof, even if the same code from another tool

Unlock All Samung in Real Time

Since the 21 January the service for “Samsung Europe” was not instant anymore. But we’re pleased to inform that we just restart the tool “Samsung Europe (Instant Delivery 24/7)“. UnlockBase is exclusive reseller for this service (you can’t find it anywhere else). If your current supplier claim service is down, then it’s just because he didn’t accept the new price condition and trying to save time 🙂

Don’t waste your time and enjoy again the joice of Instant Delivery for Samsung !

Unlock iPhone 4 8GB and 4S from O2 UK

There is now 2 different services to unlock iPhone from O2 UK so you can now request code for iPhone 4 8GB and 4S :

– “O2 United Kingdom – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4” (Tool ID: 279)
– “O2 United Kingdom – iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 8GB” (Tool ID: 379)

Turnaround for delivery: 3<>5 days
Price: contact us by email: [email protected]