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We’re pleased to present a new unlock solution working without dongle to unlock easily most of the lastest SonyEricsson Xperia by Cable ! This solution is very well done and video tutorial about how to connect the phone is directly available in the client itself…. You should definitevly give it a try today. Some phone need the use of “Test Point” but these are really easy to find and access. And working with a simple tweezer. No need to solder anything so don’t be affraid!

Retail Price: 19 USD
Name of the Tool: SonyEricsson Xperia Unlocker (UnlockRobot)

Price is negotiable to compete with other available Cable Unlock Solution for SonyEricsson

You can order username and password with credit to unlock one phone directly from “Cable Unlock” section of yuour UnlockBase account. And most exiting, this solution is 100% Brand Free, there is no way for you customer to have any idea where you are sourcing this solution from :

SonyEricsson Xperia Unlocker

Supported phones without Test Point:

E10 – Xperia X10 mini
E15 – Xperia X8
E16 – W8 Walkmann
U20 – Xperia X10 mini pro
X10 – Xperia X10
SO-01B – Xperia X10 (JAPAN NTT DoCoMo)

Supported phone with Test Point:

LT15 – Xperia arc
MK16 – Xperia pro
MT11 – Xperia neo V
MT15 – Xperia neo
R800 – Xperia PLAY
SK17 – Xperia mini pro
ST15 – Xperia mini
ST17 – Xperia active
ST18 – Xperia ray
WT19 – Live with Walkman
Z1 – Xperia PLAY
SO-01C – Xperia arc (NTT DoCoMo)
SO-01D – Xperia PLAY (NTT DoCoMo)
SO-03C – Xperia ray (NTT DoCoMo)
S51SE – Xperia mini (JAPAN EMOBILE)

HTC Supernew Database 2012

There is only ONE way to be ready for Christmas Season 2011. It’s to work with the only server to support unlocking of hot HTC Model of 2012 including Sensation, Sensation 4G, Sensation XL, Sensation XE, Titan, Explorer, Legend, Desire HD, Rhyme & Chacha.

UnlockBase just release HTC Supernew Database 2012
and update it with 3.5 Million IMEI of Fresh Records !

If your code return as Not Found using the tool “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia, Android, Palm Pro… ” or “HTC Factory Code (New Records)” or “HTC Factory Code (Supernew Records 2011)“, then this mean your IMEI is only available using the “SUPERNEW RECORDS 2012” Database. The supplier stop update the other Database the 16 November 2011, so if your HTC was produce after this date, you need to use “HTC Factory Code (Supernew Records 2012)

With now 4 differents services to Unlock the HTC using Factory on UnlockBase, we’re the first direct source with the most up to date database (fresh records uploaded weekly on SuperNew Records Database 2012). But even if we provide instant delivery 24/7 for HTC, we understand it’s sometime annoying for our customer to quote a price to their customer with 5 different service <> pricing :

– HTC Regular (2005 <> February 2010)
– HTC New Records (February 2010 <> 25 Mai 2010)
– HTC Supernew Records 2011 (25 Mai 2010 <> 16 November)
– HTC Supernew Records 2012 (16 November 2011 <> Today)

To help you in this issue, we just release the 31 August 2011 a small Widget that will help you to know instantly what’s the cheapest HTC unlock tool to use to request your code. For this you just need to submit the IMEI of your HTC using the Widget below and we’ll answer you in real time without any upfront cost witch tool you should use :

HTC Tool adviser Widjet
Click Here to open the HTC Tool Adviser

Webmaster & API developers : We also release an API just for you so you can offer this Widget brand free on your website to redirect your customers directly to the right tool.