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 Unlock SideKick PV300

It’s now possible to unlock the SideKick PV300
in Real Time (Instant Delivery 24/7)
Code Reading by Cable or Direct Unlock

SideKick PV300 Unlock Software

Click Here to Download the Software

SideKic PV300 Unlocking Code


To order just go to “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account and select the tool “SideKick PV300 Unlock Server” you will receive in real time (Instant) the username and password with 1 Credits to Unlock a SideKick PV300 ! It’s fast, and very easy….  No License Key or boring process. Enjoy it !

It’s also still possible to unlock by IMEI the PV200, PV210, PV250 in real time:

– T-Mobile Sidekick 3 (PV200)
– T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 (PV210)
– T-Mobile Sidekick LX Midnight Blue (PV250)
– T-Mobile Dianne Von Furstenberg (PV200)
– T-Mobile Dw
ade Sidekick 3 (PV200)
– T-Mobile Sidekick ID (PV150)
– T-Mobile Sidekick LX Brown (PV250)
– T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony H
awk SE (PV250)
– Suncom Sidekick 3 (PV200)

Price : 25 EUR or 30 USD or 22 GBP
Tool :SideKick (Calculator)

 Unlock Motorola AT&T

As you may have noticed, there may be a few more not found codes than usual for the newest AT&T phones. AT&T has changed their unlock system completely and codes become available in database after the phone is 3 months old. For these newest phones, if they are not found via the AT&T network method, please resubmit via Factory Code !

Problem is T-Mobile and AT&T Code are also Not Found using Motorola Factory Code Database…. But today we just add a new service “AT&T USA – Motorola” using this new tool you will be able to get code for all the newest Motorola from AT&T and unlock the most popular like Motorola MB200 Cliq / Dext, Motorola MB300 Backflip or Motorola V9xx.

 Price is: 25 USD or 15 EUR or 17 GBP
Turnaround for delivery: 24/48 Hours from Monday to Friday

Unlock Palm Pre Plus

Many people ask us recently so we confirm officially that you can unlock the Palm Pre Plus using the tool “Palm Pre Unlock Client” in the Cable Unlock section of your UnlockBase account. Price is 25 GBP (price in USD and EUR change everyday depending of the today exchange rates)

Unlock HTD Legend, Desire & HD2

It’s 100% Confirmed, all the newest HTC Legend, HTC Desire, and last release of HTC HD2 can be unlocked by IMEI in Real Time (Instant) using the new tool “HTC Factory Code (Supernew Records)” this database include all models released by HTC since the 25th May 2010 and is 100% up to date. Exclusivity for Server !

HTC  Factory Code (New Records)

We recently launched a new service “HTC Factory Codes (Supernew Records)” – this service serves the purpose of when there is a code not found using, “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia, Android, Palm Pro… “ or “HTC Factory Code (New Records)” as the supplier stopped updating the Database since 25th May 2010…

So if your HTC was produced after 25th May 2010, this service is definitely for you!

The reason why this wasn’t promoted earlier was the fact the service was taking about 24 hours, now this is INSTANT 24/7! – therefore making it an hot service to use and to advertise ! The most common phones used for this service is, HTC HD2 (specially the one from T-Mobile US), HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC Magic, HTC Hero , HTC Touch HD2, HTC Touch, HTC Touch HD2 Leo, HTC LEO, T-Mobile G1, HTC HD, HTC Tattoo, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, HTC Bahamas, HTC G1, HTC Touch PRO.

The next official SideKick submission day is the Thursday 8th July 2010, expected date for delivery one week later. We remind it is not possible to cancel a request of code on SideKick Factory Code after the submission day !


We’re now offering two differents tools for SonyEricsson :

– SonyEricsson (all except X10, need S/N)
– SonyEricsson (all including X10, no need S/N)

The first tool is the Old service for SonyEricsson we offer since 3 month, all models are supported except X10 (supplier stop do them he can’t handle the volume), and we return 4 code (all level) price is still same and delivery is every Thursday evening for all IMEI you submit before Monday morning.

The second tool is new service, all models are supported (including X10), price is higher but delivery is 1<>2 days from Monday to Friday and we just need IMEI (don’t need the S/N)