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We are leaders in Cellphone Remote Unlocking services and will provide you with an unlock service in a timely manner at the best price. With an efficient, courteous and reliable customer service we build lasting relationships with our clients.

some testimonials


It worked without trouble the first time. The code came in about 24hrs, I keyed it in and presto! : the phone unlocked.


Unlocking service was very fast, it lasted altogether less than 15 minutes. It could have been a bit cheaper, but very satisfied with instant license delivery and overall service.


Literally, 2 minutes after making the purchase, I got the code emailed to me and 4 minutes after turning on my locked phone and adding the sim card, my new phone was unlocked. And it only took 4-6 minutes. I will recommend UNLOCKBASE to anyone. Thank you guys!


15 business days or less I respect the professionalism of this site and the admins just unlocked my phone it is legit
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