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Mrtuje on 25-07-2018   The Bronx, United States - Usa
This the first time use it I like it with in week my phone is unlocked thanks u and keep the good work
Darwin on 24-07-2018   Downey, United States - Usa
I searched the web, and Unlockbase was the cheapest one, great service and works perfectly, thanks, guys!
Gary on 24-07-2018   Zagreb, Croatia
Had to jump through a security hoop to validate my identity for some reason. But after that I received code for a Lumia 520 within 48 hours. It worked first time. So I'm happy!
William Strange on 24-07-2018   League City, United States - Usa
Great Service.... I would not use any other service.
Francisco Carrillo on 24-07-2018   Tampico, Mexico
Excellent, the code was right!
Sándor Dávid on 24-07-2018   Hungary
Várni kellett p10 el egy napot a kódra de pikk pakk kész volt Samsungnal 30 perc alatt ki érkezett munkanapon ennyi pénzért ágyból függetleníteni tökéletes és ha el akad az ember nyugodtan telefonált ha nem veszik fel a gsm be akkor vissza hívják maradok ennél a cégnél ha fuggetlenitesrol van szó :)
R miaj on 24-07-2018   Loughton, United Kingdom
Best service yet
Ryan on 23-07-2018   Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
The service has been great and it was so easy to use
Caroline on 23-07-2018   Brisbane, Australia
Thanks for assisting with my phone unlocking. It was super fast and at a reasonable price. (My only concern was the unlocking app & firmware questions as I wasn't sure how to find that information out.) Luckily I wasn't affected so now my old phone was speedily unlocked and I can hand it to my mum to use on her provider without having to go out a buy a brand new phone. This is much better!
Stephen on 22-07-2018   Sutton, United Kingdom
Fantastic my HTC was unlocked in a few minutes


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