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Sneaky tips to avoid roaming charges

Roaming charges – the sting that comes with any type of international travel! Let’s face it, none of us are likely to leave home without our phones while we are away – with no access to google maps to find our way back to the hotel, no Facebook and no way to call home to let people know we are safe. Luckily there are some sneaky tips that can make your roaming fees much more manageable…

Limit background data

Background data consists of things like app updates and emails. For apps that you don’t need you can go into your settings (usually in the menu that is called something like ‘wireless and networks’. Here you can choose which apps to limit. Better yet go to Play Store/Apple Store and turn off automatic updates (you can switch them to update when Wi-Fi is available).

Switch to Data Server mode

In Chrome you can switch to data server mode which restricts the amount of data that is used while browsing. In the Chrome settings it’s usually in the Advanced menu (Android) or the Bandwidth menu (IOS).

Chrome Bandwidth Menu (iOS)

Switch your SIM

Your contract SIM might not give you such a good deal overseas, in which case a travel SIM is a good idea. Not only are they pay as you go so you can’t over spend, but you can receive calls for free in all the popular destinations (your regular provider will charge you for this). Plus you get access to significantly lower data rates and call charges worldwide.

WorldSIM - Avoid Roaming

Change your apps

There are lots of apps that do the same thing as some of the apps you might already have – although they don’t need a data connection. Switch Google Maps for for example, so you can navigate your way around with no data roaming charges. In addition disable any apps that have ads as this will eat through your data and cost you a fortune!

Get Onavo Extend

This uber cool app compresses data usage by as much as five times, meaning you get 5 times more data without the added costs. Better still – it’s free!

Onavo App

Automatically connect to Wi-Fi

You can change your settings to automatically connect to Wi-Fi when it’s available. This will potentially save you a lot of money. I say potentially as you should remember to keep safe with your online security – open networks are prone to hackers who could steal your private information (bank details, PayPal logins etc). Be careful and only connect to secured networks that you trust.

Take WiFi with you

With handy little portable WiFi gadgets, you can take WiFi with you. An unlocked WiFi hotspot will enable you to put any data SIM inside whether that be your contract SIM, worldwide data SIM or a local SIM. You can generally connect 10 – 15 devices, and then you can get online anywhere worldwide!

Don’t leave our data roaming on

I shouldn’t have to say it but just in case! Make sure you keep data switched off unless you need to update or get online.

How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’ on Android Phones

Every week, no, make that every day, at UnlockBase, we get customers writing in with a variety of problems relating to any number of different cellphones. In this article we look at a problem that occurs most often with Samsung phones but can apply to other Android phones in general. First, to acquaint you with the problem, here is a typical customer complaint:

“We kept getting the ‘Not registered on Network’ message when trying to make calls. Many times the network connection was lost for a while. Then we realized by trying to make a call that for a period of time people were unable to get a hold of us or send text messages. We tried everything to try to resolve the issue, and ultimately we replaced our phones with another Samsung Galaxy S5. Guess what, the issue is still there and we still get ‘Not registered on network’ errors. Is this an Android issue or an Android issue? It’s no surprise that Google said that it’s a T-Mobile issue and not an Android issue. Please help!”

The ‘not registered on network’ error

The ‘not registered on network’ error

This annoying problem is often found in Samsung Galaxy devices, particularly when users update their Galaxy phone to the latest Android version and something went wrong. Please take note of the following models:

  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy

Their device is unable to detect the network and up comes the “Not Registered on Network” message. This occurs because after getting an update, your device IMEI number is changed to “SN 0000″ and it shows that your device SN number has been broken and need to be fixed.

Another reason is when you try to use the SIM Card from a new Network Provider and your Samsung fails to keep up when you’re trying to switch networks and needs a little help from you involving manually providing the new APN settings / Networks name in order to fix it.

In this situation the ‘Not registered on network’ error will show itself when you attempt to make a call or text. This occurs because your Service Provider is simply not notified of your IMEI number so on the screen you will see “Not registered on Network“. They even have the cheek to supply an OK button for you to press which does nothing to solve your problem at all! Frustrating, but don’t worry, we can solve this issue. First you should be aware that your phone is already unlocked. It’s not the case that you have to unlock your device in order to remove the ‘Not registered on Network’ error.

However, another reason for this error is if unfortunately your device has been Blacklisted, and by that we mean if your phone is reported as “Lost” or “Stolen” in the national blacklist database in your country. In this situation you have no choice but to take the following steps :

  • Go to the police and report the scam,
  • Try to get your money back from the seller,
  • Change the IMEI of your Phone (which is illegal),
  • Sell your cellphone overseas.

For everybody else here are the four ways to fix this problem and finally have use of your Cell Phone.

How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’  – The Solutions

Here we provide several methods to help you overcome this issue, one of them should work for you.

Method #1 – Manually select your new Network Provider:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then go to Wireless and networks.
  3. Tap Mobile Networks (If not found then tap first ‘More settings’).
  4. Now tap Networks operators.
  5. After you have completed searching select your Network Operator (Like AirTel, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, EE, Lycamobile, MetroPCS, Family Mobile, etc.).

That’s it, problem solved.

Updated Fix:  In Mobile Networks, set Network mode as WCDMA only and restart your phone.


Method #2 – Root your device and Install a Patch:

  1. Root your Galaxy device.
  2. Download from Google Play and install “Busy Box” on your device.
  3. Download this “Ariza patch” and install it on your Galaxy device.
  4. Now, open the app from the app drawer.
  5. Just click on the button saying “PATCH” and it’s done.


Method # 3 – Update your Device and Samsung Account Software (Make sure you are connected to a wireless connection) :

  1. Get Your Galaxy Up and Running. Charged and ready.
  2. Place Your SIM Card In Phone.
  3. Navigate to  Settings of your Phone.
  4. Scroll Down To the Extreme bottom.
  5. Select Software Update.
  6. Wait for the cellphone to reboot and complete update.


Method # 4 – Remove and Insert SIM:

  1. Turn off your phone by holding both the Power Button and Home together.
  2. While the phone is off, wait for 2 minutes.
  3. After 2 minutes remove the battery and the sim card from the phone.
  4. Press the Power button and the Home button together 10 consecutive times.
  5. Next, hold the power and home key for 1-3 minutes.
  6. Now insert your Sim card and battery.
  7. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy.
  8. With your phone on, remove then re-insert your sim card 5 times.


Still confused? Watch this easy to understand videos for a better insight into how to resolve this issue easily.

How to unlock iPhone from AT&T USA

It can be well worthwhile shopping around for an iPhone from the States, especially if the dollar is at a competitive rate. Many customers buy an iPhone from there, either from a website, while enjoying a visit, or they can pick up a bargain deal for a used iPhone from home by visiting Ebay USA.

The fact is, the price of an iPhone from the USA is often cheaper than it is in Europe. For example, the Apple store price in the US for a 64GB iPhone 6 is $749, whereas in France it is €819. If we convert to euros, (taking a rate of $1.25/EUR on average over the last 12 months), that puts the price at around €600, a saving of almost €220!

However, the used iPhones sold from the United States are usually blocked by the cellphone service provider.

It’s therefore important to pay attention to whether the phone is SIM FREE, or UNLOCKED (i.e. free of any operator). If not, the cost of unlocking the phone will need to be added to the purchase price. If the phone is locked you might be able to convince the former owner to request that AT&T unlock the phone. If not, you will have no choice but to pay for an unlocking service.

Cost of unlocking a USA iPhone, contract or unpaid

To unlock an AT&T USA iPhone only costs about $9.9 and the service is usually activated within 24 hours. But if your iPhone is connected to an ongoing contract, or there are arrears on the account, then the rate and the period is higher (see the site for rates). So when you buy your used iPhone, be sure to ask the owner if it is in compliance with its operator and whether there are any “Unpaid Bills” or “Unpaid dues”. Usually AT&T will sell a phone with a 2-year subscription. So if the phone has only a few months of contract left, there is a good chance that it is “barred.”

Compare the total cost of unlocking an iPhone on Orange France vs AT&T USA

To do this, take the case of an iPhone under 3 months: iPhone 64GB + cellphone unlocking = total cost.

USA AT&T: 600 € + 35 € = € 635.00
Orange FR: € 819 + € 75 = € 894.00

A total difference of €259!

Pay close attention to the American cellphone provider

Be careful when you make your choice because a locked USA iPhone from other cellphone operators, e.g. T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon can cost a lot more to unlock. T-Mobile USA, for example, costs four times more to unlock than AT&T, about €115.00!

Regarding Sprint and Verizon, there are two important points to note. First, make sure the iPhone has a compatible GSM network. Sprint and Verizon use a different technology which is prevalent in the United States. In general the recent iPhones are multi-network and are therefore compatible, but it is best to check before buying the IMEI number whether the iDevice is GSM or not.

Secondly, for Sprint USA if there are ANY arrears it will be impossible to unlock the phone. We receive many requests to unlock Sprint USA cellphones but in 70% of cases there are unpaid dues and the operator refuses to unlock the device. However when the client file attached to the phone is “clean”, Sprint and Verizon release the phone quite fast and at an affordable price of just €20.00