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Unlock iPhone from Telcel Mexico

We’re pleased to inform everybody that you can now Unlock all iPhone from Telcel Mexico (América Móvil) on UnlockBase Server. Service is 100% tested & working and support all IMEI, including the iPhone 5S & 5C. Turnaround for delivery is 1<>3 Hours from Monday to Friday.

Tool Name: Telcel Mexico – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S & 5C [Tool ID: 624]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>3 Hours
Price: $19 or  €14 or £12

Unlock iPhone from Verizon USA

We just add a new service to Unlock iPhone 2, 3, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and iPhone 5S/5C from Verizon USA in 7<> 10 Days. We tested this new supplier the last  few days with some IMEIs and confirm the phones we submitted was unlocked successfully after run a report using ”iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status“. So the service is 100% tested & working !


It needs to have a GOOD ESN. To check if device has a good ESN go to: On this website, it will have a drop down menu. You will choose the option: Verizon (not PagePlus). You will type the MEID that is 14 digits (IMEI is 15 digits to make it meid remove last digit). Site will tell u if clean or not clean. DO NOT SUBMIT IF NOT CLEAN. After Unlock, these devices will work only overseas, but not in USA.

Also if your IMEI is not recognized here, then it’s not supported either:

After Unlock, these devices will work only overseas, but not in USA.

Tool Name #1: “Verizon USA – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S & 5C”
Turnaround for Delivery: 7<>10 days (Monday to Friday)*
Price: $95 or €75 or £59

* Service works ONLY on working days. Weekends and holidays are not included.

Unlock Code for Huawei

We just added a new service to Unlock the new Huawei USB Modem in real time. Below you’ll find the list of models supported in real time by this Calculator :

Huawei E352, E353, E353WS, E353WS-2,
Huawei E357, E362, E368 , E372,
Huawei E392, E398, E1732, Huawei E1815,
Huawei R205.

Name of the Tool: Huawei Caculator for new Modem [Tool ID: 620]
Turnaround of Delivery: Instant 24/7
Pricing: $3.5 or €2.5 or £2

Unlock All Samung Canada (NCK Only)

We just restarted the cheapest service to Unlock Samsung Europe & Samsung USA. Unfortunately this time the service is not “Instant” and also it doesn’t work the week end – but it’s 1<>2 days of delivery for Europe, and 2<>4 days for USA. All Samsung Models are supported including SM & EK Series (Galaxy S5, etc…).

Tool Name: Samsung Europe – All Models with S5 Support (1<>2 days) [Tool ID: 380]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>2 days (no service the week end)
Price: $19 or €14.5 or £12*

Tool Name: Samsung USA – All Models with S5 Support (2<>4 days) [Tool ID: 403]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>2 days (no service the week end)
Price: $19 or €14.5 or £12*

* Volume discount available if you do more than 10 IMEI / days on these services !

Unlock ZTE Cellphone by Code using Factory Code

We just add a new service to Unlock absolutely all cellphones from ZTE by code, just with the IMEI. This is a “Factory Code” service, meaning that all ZTE are supported, no matter the name & country of the original network provider your ZTE, and just any models from this brand is supported !! As it’s not a Calculator it’s not instant, but you can expect to get code in 1<>3 days after place your order.

Supported Models: 

1) All ZTE Mobile phone:  ZTE F160, R225, Z221, Z331, Z431,Z990,Z992,Z998, Z740… TMN smart A18, ZTE Blade Q maxi,,Blade Q mini, Blade G PRO, BLADE L2 , Grand S, Orange zali , Orange reyo, …

2) All ZTE Tablet: ZTE Light Tab V72A Aio USA , V72C, V55 Sprint USA,  T98  V66 V71A V71B, V11A, Vodafone Smart Tab 10, Vodafone Smart Tab 7, …

3) All ZTE Wifi Router: Verizon AC30, MF271 (Z700) AT&T USA, MF271A(Z700A) AT&T USA, MF96/MF96U T-Mobile USA , T-Mobile MF195, Vodafone R203-Z, Vodafone R206-Z, ZTE Pocket WiFi (GL09P) , MF28B Rogers, MF28D, MF28G, MF29, …

4) All ZTE USB Modem: K4510-Z, K4505-Z/P680A2, K5006-Z , K5008-Z, …

Tool Name: ZTE Factory Code (All Models) [Tool ID: 619]
Turnaround of Delivery: 1<>3 Days
Pricing: $15 or €11.5 or £9.5

Unlock Cellphone from Bell Mobility Canada

We’re pleased to inform our customers that we just find a cheaper source to Unlock Cellphone from Bell Mobility, Solo Mobile, and Virgin Mobile in Canada. This service support all models except iPhone, but all other brands are support including Nokia Lumia ! We just reduced the price of this service in all account !

Tool Name: Bell Mobility, Virgin & Solo Mobile Canada” [ Tool ID: 360]
New Pricing:
 $15 or €11 or £9.5*
Turnaround of Delivery: less than 24H from Monday to Friday.

* If you find cheaper just contact us by email to negotiate a better deal.

HTC  Factory Code (New Records)

We just added a new service named “HTC 2014 Ultra Database (Not Found Records)” that replace the previous two services for HTC One M8 Unlocking, but this time it also support all “Not Found” HTC (no matter the model). On the top of that this new service deliver code in real time 24/7, just with the IMEI of your HTC.

The HTC IMEI Check Widget is also updated and support this new service.