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We’re sorry to confirm that because of “Chinese New Year” some supplier are still in holiday since the 21th January. The service “Motorola Database 2” is down until the 31th January but supplier should process one batch the 26th January. The service “SonyEricsson (All Level by IMEI)” is down until the 3rd February.


The 6th January we announce on our Blog a new service : “SonyEricsson (NCK Only by IMEI)“. Today we’re please to inform all our customers that after 2 week of test this service is working perfectly. And providing all Level (NCK, NSCK, SPCK, CCK, PCK and ESL) so we just rename the tool to : “SonyEricsson (All Level by IMEI)“. Also we state that we need IMEI + Model but it appear that the exact model is not anymore Mandatory. Enjoy!!!!

Price: 28 EUR or 36 USD or 23 GBP
Turnaround for Delivery: 2<>5 days

Unlock All Samung in Real Time

Please note that until further notice, the service for “Samsung Europe” is 1<>8 Hours instead of “Instant”, we don’t have any ETA when service will be back to normal. Hopefully 1<>8 hours is still very fast turnaround for IMEI Unlock service but please accept our apologize for the inconvenience.  The only good news is the exact model is not anymore mandatory!

Also please note service for “Huawei” and “SonyEricsson S1 Platform Database 2” is down until the 25 January because of Chinese New Year.

Unlock Pantech P2030 Breeze III

You can now Unlock Pantech P2030 (Breeze III) by Code just with IMEI using the tool “Pantech” (Calculator Tool ID : 305). Service is working instant 24/7 even when our team is sleeping ! Don’t forget we are direct source for Pantech…. UnlockBase is the only place in world to get instant service for Pantech with API 🙂

Unlock Pantech Crossover P8000

We are pleased to inform our customers about two good new regarding the tool “Pantech” (Calculator Tool ID : 305). First it’s now possible to get unlock code for Pantech Crossover P8000 using the calculator ! And second the service is now back working Instant 24/7 even when our team is sleeping 🙂

Motorola Unlock Server

We’re pleased to inform all our customer that the service for “Motorola Special (Not Found)” just restart today. All pending order will be delivered in the next 48 Hours (For those who didn’t notice, service was down since the 1st January)

Please note that until further notice, advertised time of delivery for this tool is 4<>6 days.

JIC Unlock Server

There is a little revolution on UnlockBase for the popular “JIC Unlock Server“. Now when you’ll order one account with 1 Credit for any specific JIC Server tool below (Available from the “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account) you’ll be able to use the credits for any service (ie: if you order an account for Palm, you can use it for iDen) :

– Dell Streak/Aero/Venue JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– HP Veer JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– HTC Android JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Huawei G7010 JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Motorola iDEN JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– Palm Pre/Pixi JIC Unlock Client v53.01
– SonyEricsson JIC Unlock Client v53.01

JIC Unlock Server it’s more than 2.6 Million Unlocked Phones and we have always in stock account this mean you’ll receive in real time the username and password with 1 Credit when you order from UnlockBase !

You can download the lastest version 53.01 here :

JIC Server Software

Work Under XP, Vista, 7
Work with Original USB Cable

Our official advertised price to unlock one phone with JIC Server is 20 USD. But much better price are available for returning customer, volume order, wholesaler, etc…  And as usual we’ll beat any offer from competitor if you find cheaper (Just contact us by email to [email protected] if you need to discuss the price)

Here are the up to date list of supported phone with JIC Server :

– HP Veer
– Huawei G7010
– Dell Streak 5, Aero, Venue
– Palm Pre, Pre 2, Pre Plus, and Pixi Plus
– Absolutely all Motorola iDen !!! (CNS 1 & 2)

– HTC Android, Kaiser, Niki, Wings, Polaris, Diamond (HD/PRO), Raphael, Iolite, Jade, Topaz, Desire, WildFire, Magic, Desire HD, Legend (very usefull when you get wrong code using “IMEI Unlock” method using Factoruy Code)

– SonyEricsson Xperia X10, X10i, X10a, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, U20, E10i, W8, E16, E16i, X8, E15i & Docomo SO-01B (Direct Unlock, without Test Point, even Android v2.3)

AT&T Nokia BB5 and SL3 Fast Unlock Service

Today we just add two new unlock services for AT&T USA:

– “AT&T USA – Garmin” for 35 USD*
– “AT&T USA (Not Found)” for 16 USD*

We also reduce the price of “AT&T Nokia BB5 and SL3” service to 20 Credits USD* !

The “Not Found” service is working for all model except iPhone and Garmin and Nokia. And can be used when you get “Not Found” using the cheap “AT&T USA (Instant Delivery)“. Basically this “Not Found Service is for some Motorola, Samsung, HP, etc… All these new services provide code in 1<>2 days !

* All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor.


We’re pleased to inform the service to unlock all SonyEricsson by IMEI is back to work !!! No Need KRH, just the IMEI and the model of your phone and you’ll receive the NCK Code in 2<>5 days ! Absolutely all SonyEricsson model are supported with this method, including latest Xperia !

Tool Name:SonyEricsson (NCK Only by IMEI)
Price: 28 EUR or 36 USD or 23 GBP
Turnaround for Delivery: 2<>5 days

Note: Service open from Monday to Friday. Using this service you only get NCK Code. Please make sure your phone only need NCK before order the code ! Please select CORRECT PHONE MODEL when you order because the model is very important !