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Furious Gold Activation Pack

We just add today on UnlockBase the Pack 11 for FuriousGold (Huawei Blower)

– FuriousGold Activation: Pack 11 for 29 EUR
– FuriousGold Special 1 Year + Pack 11 for 69 EUR
– FuriousGold Special Offer: Pack 10+11 and 1 Year Support for 89 EUR

Our base price for Furious Activation are in EUR but if you have UnlockBase account in USD or GBP the price will be converted daily in your currency using today exchange rates! To order just go to “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account!

Unlock Nokia BB5 and SL3 from Vodafone Spain

We’re pleased to inform that the tool “Vodafone Spain – Nokia BB5” (ID: 79) is now supporting all Nokia BB5 and SL3 so we just rename it to “Vodafone Spain – Nokia BB5 and SL3” (same tool ID). All Nokia are supported except Nokia C1 and delay reduced to 1<>5 days instead of 5<>15 days !

UniversalBox LOG

We just change the price and credits structure for Universal Box SL3 Credits, now you can order from the “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account these account, we just need S/N of your UniversalBox :

UniversalBox SL3 Server (0100 LOG Account) for 30 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0110 LOG Account) for 33 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0200 LOG Account) for 58 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (0500 LOG Account) for 140 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (1000 LOG Account) for 270 USD
UniversalBox SL3 Server (5000 LOG Account) for 1250 USD

PS: We don’t plan to sell SonyEricsson Credits for UniversalBox as the JIC Server can be much cheaper if you ask us for discount 🙂

You may have notice but supplier for “SonyEricsson (IMEI+S/N)” is only doing one submission every two weeks since the service restart. Next one was supposed to be Monday 15th August with Delivery Friday 19th August. Unfortunately he just warn us there is no delivery again this week because of personal problem. He will collect all IMEI Monday 22th August and delivery code Tuesday 23th August.

If you have IMEI to cancel because of the delay, please let us know by email before Sunday 21th August.


We’re pleased to introduce a new service to unlock all SonyEricsson by IMEI in 1<>72 Hours. No Need KRH, just the IMEI and the model of your phone and you’ll receive the NCK Code in less than 3 days ! Absolutely all SonyEricsson model are supported with this method, including latest Xperia !

Tool Name:SonyEricsson (NCK Only by IMEI)
Price: 28 EUR or 39 USD or 25 GBP

Note: Service open from Monday to Friday. Using this service you only get NCK Code. Please make sure your phone only need NCK before order the code ! Please select CORRECT PHONE MODEL when you order, the model is very important !

Blackberry eScreen Keygen



Tool: BlackBerry Calculator by MEP (Instant Delivery 24/7)

> Total we support now 240 MEP and 328 Networks from 138 differents Country <


We’re pleased to inform that JIC Team just update the SonyEricsson Unlock Server to the version v50.06 and now support all SonyEricsson below for Direct Unlock in less than 20 seconds 24/7 :

– Xperia X10 Mini – E10i
– Xperia X10 Mini Pro – U20
– Xperia X8 – E15i
– Xperia W8 – E16 – E16i
– Xperia X10 – X10i – X10a – Docomo SO-01B

Sony Ericsson X10 Unlock Software

For Complete Guideline, FAQ, Video, and to download the software (v50.06) please check :

1 LOG (Credit) = 1 Unlock

To order, please log to your UnlockBase account, go to “Cable Unlock” section and select in the drop down menu the tool/service “SonyEricsson JIC Unlock Client v50.06” (1 LOG = 40 USD). Large account also available (10, 50, 100, 500, 1000) ! Contact us by email to get a quote: [email protected]