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Unlock LG by Code with IMEI

The two services for LGLG International” & “LG South & North America” are now working 24/7 and deliver code instantly ! And most important price remain the same.  If you find cheaper with one of our competitor, then contact us to negotiate a better dealer because “as usual” we are direct for this service ! 🙂

All Level are delivered :

AT&T Unlock Price Raise

We just replace the tool “AT&T USA (Overnight)” with a faster service that will provide AT&T Unlock Code in just 1<>3 Hours everyday of the week from 9am to 1am. Contact us by email to negotiate the price. We also have final price for AT&T USA (Instant Delivery) contact us to get your VIP price !

Delivery in : 1<>3 Hours
Service Open 18 hours / Day

Monday to Friday from 9am to 1am
Saturday from 12midday to 10pm
Sunday from 12midday to 12midnight

Samsung USA Unlocking Code now Instant !

World First exclusivity for UnlockBase, you can now get the unlock code for all Samsung USA in real time* !!! Yes instant 24/7 even when our team is sleeping! This tool is very hot to unlock the Samsung Infuse 4G (i997), Gravity 3 (T479), T919, Behold, Behold 2, Galaxy, etc… All Samsung from USA are supported and we have the fastest turnaround for delivery in world !!! And all Level Supported : NCK, MCK (Unfreeze), SCK, SPCK !

Here are the 3 tools based on this new service :

– Samsung USA (Instant Delivery 24/7) (ID: 125)
– AT&T USA – Samsung (Factory Code) (ID: 308)
– T-Mobile USA – Samsung (Factory Code) (ID :194)

* We can generate 1 CODE every 3 minutes, so if you submit 10 IMEI (or if 10 customer submit 1 IMEI) AT THE SAME TIME it will take 30 minutes. But anyway we can consider it as “Instant Service” and you won’t find faster anywhere else 🙂

T-Mobile U.S.A.

The previous service to unlock cellphone from T-Mobile USA (Slow or Fast) was not stable at all since 6 weeks so today we organize better the various T-Mobile USA service with two new tools:

NEW: T-Mobile USA – Garmin, SonyEricsson : 14<>18 days
NEW: T-Mobile USA – Nokia BB5 and SL3 : 5<>10 days

– T-Mobile USA – HP, HTC, BlackBerry : 1<>3 days
This one is not popular, people mostly use Factory Code as it’s much faster !

– T-Mobile USA – LG (Factory Code)
– T-Mobile USA – Motorola (8 Digits Code) & SideKick Slide (Moto Q700)
– T-Mobile USA – Samsung (Factory Code)

Tomorrow we’ll advertise a new World Exclusivity
! stay tuned !

MicroBox Activation & Credits

We just update the Micro-Box Activation & Credits structure

MicroBox Activation : Alcatel Unlimited: 49 EUR
MicroBox Activation : BlackBerry Unlimited: 49 EUR
MicroBox Activation : HTC Unlimited: 49 EUR
MicroBox Activation : LG 3G Unlimited: 49 EUR
MicroBox Activation : Sagem Unlimited: 49 EUR

MicroBox Server Unlock Credits (001 LOG Account): 9.9 EUR
MicroBox Server Unlock Credits (010 LOG Account): 50 EUR
MicroBox Server Unlock Credits (050 LOG Account): 200 EUR
MicroBox Server Unlock Credits (100 LOG Account): 350 EUR

Base price are in EUR, if you have account in GBP or USD the price will be converted daily in your currency depending on the current exchange rates.

Our supplier has just been in touch & informed us that the iPhone Unlock Service for T-mobile and Orange United Kingdom is down for one week & will be back to normal on Monday 27th June due to system maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the very late notice, but we have only just found out about this. You can advise your customers of the situation & let them know that all pending orders will be delivered on Monday 27th/Tuesday 28th.

If any of them wish to cancel any orders you can submit a cancellation request.

Blackberry eScreen Keygen

We’re happy to inform all our customers that we just add a new method to calculate the Unlock Code of any BlackBerry using the tool “BlackBerry Calculator by PRD (Instant)“. This method is pretty much similar to IMEI + MEP method as you will get just one working code (and not many different code like IMEI + Network Method) except it’s much simplier to get the PRD (no need Cable or eScreen to read it) as it’s show directly on the sticker behind the battery like show on the image below :

How to read BlackBerry PRD


Finally with the IMEI + PRD you can order the Unlock Code of your BlackBerry from UnlockBase:

If code is “Not Available” using this method, please use instead IMEI + MEP Method instead


We just deliver all pending order from last batch (IMEI Submited before Monday 13th June). Unfortunately we have to inform that this was the last delivery for this tool until a full month period. Supplier take holiday and will come back around 1st of August. We’ll advertise on our Blog when service restart.