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Unlock SonyEricsson Xperia with SeTool ! 

SeTool dongle owner can now Unlock all the SonyEricsson X10, E10, E15, M1, U20, W100, W150  for 10 SeTool Credits with DIRECT UNLOCK 24/7 !

Minimum Order Quantity is 30 Credits SeTool for 65 EUR*

You can order username & password for SeTool from the “Cable Unlock” section of your UnlockBase account and selecting the tool “SE-Tool Server (30 LOG Account)“. As we always have stock for this service you’ll always receive your account instantly 24/7 even when our team is sleeping !

* All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor

Motorola Unlock Server

We just add a new service to Unlock MotorolaMotorola Database 2 (Atrix 4G, XT720, MB511, Defy, …). You can get unlock code in 1<>2 days using this tools. This service only support the list below and his very hot to unlock Atrix 4G, Defy, XT720, etc…:

A1200, A1200E, A1200R, A1210
A1600, A1680
A1800, A1890
A3000, A3100
A6188, A6188+, A6288, A668
A728, A732, A760, A760i, A768, A688i, A780, A780G
A810, A840, A853, A860, A956
AURA R1, Begonia, Defy
E1, E11, E2
E375, E380, E398
E6, E680, E680G, E680i, E6E, E8
EM30, EM325, EM330, EM35, EX128
K1, K1i, K3
L6i, L7, L800t
MB200, MB300, MB501, MB502, MB511, MB520, MB525, MB860,
ME501, ME511, ME600
MG1, MPX, MS500W
MT710, MT716, MT720, MT810
Nemo W
PS Tool, PZ409
Q11, Q8, Q9H
T189, T2288
T720, T720i, T722i
U6, U9
V150, V171, V188, V220, V226, V235,
V3, V300, V303, V303P, V360, V360i, V3688, V3i, V3RE, V3X, V3XX,
V500, V501, V551
V6, V60, V600, V600i, V60i, V635, V66, V66 HK, V66 HKCS, V66 PRC,
V70, V750
V8, V8 2G, V80, V8088
V9, V998++, V998c
VE538, VE66, VE66 LX, VE70, VE75, VU20
XT610, XT701, XT702, XT711, XT720, XT800, XT800w, XT806
Z3, Z6, Z8, Z8m, ZN200, ZN300, ZN5, ZN50

Tool Name:Motorola Database 2 (Atrix 4G, XT720, MB511, Defy, …)
Turnaround for Delivery: 1<>2 days
Price : 20 EUR or 25 USD or 17 GBP*

* All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor

Unlock iPhone from Tesco Mobile United Kingdom

We’re glad to inform all our customers that UnlockBase server is now able to unlock iPhones 2G / 3G / 3GS and 4 from Tesco Mobile United Kingdom !! The unlock is full and complete, no more x-sim, turbo-sim, jailbreak and other stuff that can damage your phone. Just give your IMEI to UnlockBase, put a SIM from an unsupported operator, connect to iTunes and perform the security update and your iPhone will be fully unlocked !

iPhone 2G/3G/3G/4 Tesco Mobile Unlock Instructions:

– Send the IMEI to our server
– Wait 1 or 2 days we return the answer “activated”
– Then, install last version of iTunes
– Make sure phone is last version updated by official itunes sw
– Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) simcard
– Wait until itunes detect phone
– Now diconnect phone and reconnect after 10 seconds.
– Phone Unlocked.

This is the only “lifetime unlock solution” for Apple iPhone as the IMEI is registered as “Unlocked” in Apple database. Your phone will always be unlocked even after each new update of your phone firmware !

New Tool:Tesco Mobile United Kingdom – iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4)” (ID :325)
Time for Delivery: 3<>5 days
Price: 99 EUR or 128 USD or 80 GBP

* All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor

 Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G from AT&T USA

World Exclusive : the new Motorola Atrix 4G from AT&T USA is now supported on UnlockBase using the tool “AT&T USA – Motorola Atrix 4G“, you can get unlock code in two days. And as usual if you find cheaper or have large quantity, just contact us by e-mail to negotiate better rates !

Price: 18 EUR or 25 USD or 15.5 GBP
Turnaround for Delivery: 2 days
Tool Name:AT&T USA – Motorola Atrix 4G

Vodafone United Kingdom Express Unlock Service

IMEI Unlock services for Vodafone UK (Regular and Nokia) are down since 1 week, there is very low hope to see the services coming back soon, so we have found alternate supplier and Vodafone UK Emergency service has been launched, Unfortunately there is a major price raise. We just return as Not Found all pending requests of codes and feel free if you agree with new conditions and can resubmit them with the new service (supplier). For iPhones locked on Vodafone United Kingdom, conditions remain the same.

New Tool:Vodafone United Kingdom including Nokia (Emergency Service)” (ID :323)
Time for Delivery: 2<>3 days
Price: 19 EUR or 29 US or 16 GBP*

* All our price are negotiable if you find cheaper with one of our competitor.