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New and latest Plam Pre/Pixi Unlocker v27
from JicTech with new CHEAP prices!

Unlock Palm Pixi & Palm Pre

– Faster method just released: No more need to install novacom drivers!
Direct unlock method or code reader.
– Unlock handsets with Blocked counter!
No flashing phone or installing Java Apps like other inferior solutions.
Just 4 easy steps and in seconds the phone is unlocked!

New Cheaper Price:

– 20 USD for 1 Credits
– 95 USD for 5 Credits (19 USD / Unit)
– 180 USD for 10 Credits (18 USD / Unit)


Unlock ChatR Canada

We’re extremely happy to inform you that ChatR Canada network is now supported by UnlockBase, all phone models including Nokia BB5 & SL3 models can be unlocked by code just with the IMEI of the phone.  Using this new tool you can aslo get all code that return Not Found using the other method for Roger/Fido Canada. Only Nokia 5310 and iPhone are not supported using this new unlock method!

To use this service :

1 – Log in your UnlockBase account
2 – Go to “IMEI Unlock” section
3 – Select tool “Fido/Roger/Red/ChatR Canada (Not Found)”

Price : 12 Euro or 15 USD or 10 GBP
Turaround :
1<>2 days for delivery


Unfortunately we’re sad to inform that the service “SonyEricsson (IMEI Only : Fast)” is down since 10 days and supplier ask us today to return as Not Found all pending request of code (we return and refund all order 5 minutes ago). The only way to get Factory Code for SonyEricsson (Including X10) now is using the tool “SonyEricsson (IMEI + S/N : Slow)“, this one is still working. When you use Slow service we need IMEI + S/N, supplier collect IMEI every Monday morning and deliver the code the next Thursday or Friday of the same week.

To find the KBH (S/N) just press : >*<<*<*  (right arrow, star, left arrow, left arrow, star, left arrow, star)

– then select “Service Info
– then select “Configurations
– and you will see IMEI + KBH info.

Video Example:

There is also a simpler way to get the KBH on some SonyEricsson phones, by simply looking at the sticker behind the battery as shown on this picture:


Unlock iPhone Telstra Australia 

We’re glad to inform all our customers that UnlockBase server is now able to unlock iPhones 2G / 3G / 3GS and 4 from Telstra Australia Network !! The unlock is full and complete, no more x-sim, turbo-sim, jailbreak and other stuff that can damage your phone. Just give your IMEI to UnlockBase, put a SIM from an unsupported operator, connect to iTunes and perform the security update and your iPhone will be fully unlocked !

iPhone 2G/3G/3G/4 Telstra Australia Unlock Instructions:

– Send the IMEI to our server
– Wait 1 or 2 days we return the answer “activated”
– Then, install last version of iTunes
– Make sure phone is last version updated by official itunes sw
– Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) simcard
– Wait until itunes detect phone
– Now diconnect phone and reconnect after 10 seconds.
– Phone Unlocked.

This is the only “lifetime unlock solution” for Apple iPhone as the IMEI is registered as “Unlocked” in Apple database. Your phone will always be unlocked even after each new update of your phone firmware !


– 69 Credits UnlockBase EUR
– 90 Credits UnlockBase USD
– 59 Credits UnlockBase GBP

Unlock New BlackBerry

Today we just add in our Database 8 x New BlackBerry Models:

BlackBerry: 9780 Bold, 9670 Style, 9330 Curve 3G, 9300 Curve 3G, 9800 Torch, 9105 Pearl 3G, 9650 Bold & 8530 Curve.

And we’re happy to inform that we support 4 x new MEP using the tool
BlackBerry Calculator NEW 2010/2011 Security – MEP (Instant)” 


> Total we support now 225 MEP and 328 Networks from 138 differents Country <

 Alcatel - New Phones 2009/2010

We just update the tool “Alcatel – New Phones 2009/2010
>> with 5 New Models<<

Unlock New Alcatel

Alcatel: OT209, OT250, OT255, OT565, OT710

To get code we just need the Serial Number (IMEI) + Provider ID, to find your Provider ID, look at the sticker located under the battery. The Provider ID must be exactly 13 chars long :

Provider ID

Price: 10 Euro or 15 USD or 9 GBP and by the way, if you find cheaper, or if you do large quantity, please contact us by email ([email protected]) to negotiate better rates !

Unlock Dell Streak from AT&T

Unfortunately the service to get Factory Code for Dell using IMEI + Service Tag is down for the moment so impossible to get code for Dell locked on O2 United Kingdom,  we don’t know when this service will restart. But the service to get Unlock Code for Dell locked on AT&T with IMEI only is still working with code delivery in less than 2 days and we reduce price to 18 EUR or 25 USD or 16 GBP

Unlock SideKick

Today our supplier release new version 3.5 for SideKick PV300 Unlock Server:

This client will not take credit in case of Unlock Unsucessful so you can try multiple times to unlock the same phone in case of communication error. It nearly always unlocks on second attempt so this should be ok. Make sure you are using v3.5 starting today and delete all old version from your computer.

Unlock Vodafone Romania

We’re extremely happy to inform you that Vodafone Romania network is now supported by UnlockBase, all phone models including Nokia BB5 & SL3 models can be unlocked by code just with the IMEI of the phone.

To use this service :

1 – Log in your UnlockBase account
2 – Go to “IMEI Unlock” section
3 – Select tool “Vodafone Romania – All Models including Nokia

Price : 30 Euro or 40 USD or 25 GBP
Turaround :
1<>2 days for delivery