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We are happy to inform you that our next submission for Blackberry Worldwide codes will be taking place tomorrow, Wednesday 25 March 2009 and codes are expected to arrive withing 5 days from the submission time.

Also, if you have any Sidekick phones who didn’t make it in the last submission, you can add them now in UnlockBase server since another submission will be taking place tonight.

Good luck, and enjoy unlocking with us!

We just reduce the price of the OLD tool “BlackBerry WorldWide”, we remind you that this tool is more expensive compare to “BlackBerry WorldWide VIP” or “BlackBerry WorldWide VIP: America” but absolutely all BlackBerry are supported, even if you don’t know the name and country of the original network provide/carrier of your BlackBerry. We just need IMEI to get code in 2 weeks !

HOT: If you have Storm from unsupported network (using fast and cheap VIP Service) it’s possible to get the code, EVEN if the original network provider is Bell and Telus Mobility Canada, but we’ll need IMEI + BB PIN**

Price: 25 EUR or 30 USD or 22 GBP

If 10+ Unit to do in one cycle : 27 USD*
If 100+ Unit to do in one cycle : 17 USD*
If 200+ Unit to do in one cycle : 15 USD*
If 500+ Unit to do in one cycle : 10 USD*
If 1000+ Unit to do in one cycle : 7 USD*

*contact us by email for theses price ONLY if you have this quantity !

** To locate the PIN number on your Blackberry phone, select Options, Status. You will then see an 8-digit alphanumeric ID labeled PIN.


Official SideKick submission day is the Friday 20th April 2009, expected date for delivery one week later (around the 27th April). We remind it’s not possible to cancel a request of code on SideKick Factory Code after the submission day !

Price : 55 USD or 45 Euro or 40 GBP

If 10<>49 Unit to do in one cycle : 50 USD*
If 50+ to do in one cycle : 48 USD*

*contact us by email for theses price ONLY if you have this quantity !

UB-BOX SL2 BB5 Unlock Activation added on UnlockBase, equivalent of 250 UniversalBox Credits. This will give you unlimited offline SL_2 unlock for RAP3G phones. Also, if you have phones with damaged simlock area (destroyed with wrong PM or with other tools) u can also repair this problem.


– 85 Credits UnlockBase USD
– 66.5 Credits UnlockBase EUR
– 61.5 Credits UnlockBase GBP

Supported models:

8800 Arte

How to activate on your UniversalBox ?

1- Go to “Cable Server” section of your UnlockBase account
2- Order “UniversalBox Server (0250 LOG Account)”
3- Download the latest available version (update your box simple as usual)
4- At “Setup / Algorithms” tab you can activate this feature for only for 250 credits
5- After activation just restart your software.

We just add a new tool on UnlockBase : “BlackBerry WorldWide VIP: America

This is the third tool for BlackBerry, and this one is designed for theses networks only :

– AT&T U.S.A,
– Cingular U.S.A,
– T-Mobile U.S.A,
– Roger Canada 
– Fido Canada 

The average time for delivery is 3 <> 24 hours from Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm GMT EST. To make fast comparison, price is cheaper than the tool BlackBerry WorldWide VIP but :

– service is not open everyday
– it’s not in Real Time !
– only one code !
– no refund if wrong code.

– 4 Credits UnlockBase USD
– 3.5 Credits UnlockBase EUR
– 3 Credits UnlockBase GBP