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We are happy to announce that we have recently updated our server for “Samsung EUROPE” and “Samsung USA” with latest models and improve server with lot of options such as auto correct phone model. Here are the list of models which are recently added :

– S3030 Tobi
– i770 Saga
– U810 Renown
– A867 Eternity
– A837 Rugby
– A777
– T919 Behold
– T459 Gravity
– T109
– E2510
– E1110
– C6620
– I907 Epix
– A767 Propel
– i7110
– F270 Beat
– M8800 Pixon
– S3600
– M7500 Emporio Armani
– M3200 Beats
– T339
– T229

Now you can buy on credits for Dejan’s TRK or JAF Unlocker. It is something like you have your own virtual Dejan Card. This mean you don’t need purchase a full card when you have just one or two phones to unlock.

Download Installer & Instructions from here :

Nokia Phones Supported :
– Nokia 5320, 5700,
– Nokia 6110 , 6120C, 6121C, 6124C, 6210, 6220C, 6290, 6650,
– Nokia E51, E66, E71,
– Nokia N76, N78, N81, N81 8G, N79, N85, N82, N95 8G, N96

Work with :
– Original Dejan TRK Unlocker 
– JAF BB5 Unlocker (FBUS Cable)
– Some model work with Original USB Cable !
– And under Windows XP Only.

How to order :
1 – Log to your Account
2 – Go to “Cable Unlock” section
3 – Select tool “J.A.F – Dejan TRK – DRK Unlocker for Nokia SL2”

Price :
– 01 LOG Account : 22 Euro
– 05 LOG Account : 105 Euro  (21 Euro / Unit)
– 10 LOG Account : 200 Euro (20 Euro / Unit)
– 55 LOG Account : 755 Euro (13.63 Euro / unit)


Today we add more supported network for BlackBerry VIP Service :

– Bell / Telus Canada
– Vodafone Australia
– O² United Kingdom
– Orange United Kingdom
– Airtel India

More network is coming, if your network is not supported and you have phone in hand, just contact us by email to make a free test ([email protected]). Delay is now faster (12<>24H) and faster delay will be announced shortly !

Price is : 15 Euro or 21 USD or 13 GBP

Don’t think you buy to the direct “source” just becase you don’t buy from us, take the time to contact us if you pay cheaper and/or don’t buy from us, and tell us the price you pay and we’ll make you a good surprise for sure !

We’re happy to inform of a World First and very HOT update for IMEI Unlock. You can now get unlock code for almost all BlackBerry (Storm, Bold, and 8830 Worldwide Edition included) in  less than 24H for theses Network :

– BlackBerry Canada : Rogers
– BlackBerry France : Bouygues
– BlackBerry France : Orange
– BlackBerry France : SFR
– BlackBerry Spain : Movistar
– BlackBerry Spain : Orange
– BlackBerry Spain : Vodafone
– BlackBerry United Kingdom : T-Mobile
– BlackBerry United Kingdom : Vodafone
– BlackBerry USA : AT&T
– BlackBerry USA : T-Mobile
– BlackBerry USA : Verizon

Price : 15 Euro or 21 USD or 13 GBP

If you find cheaper and/or process more than 10 IMEI / week for one of theses tool, just contact us : [email protected] to negociate VIP price. More network will be supported very soon so keep in touch !

HTC PROMO Ended, so the new price starting today is :

– 16.5 Credits on EUR Server
– 15 Credits on GBP Server
– 20 Credits on USD Server

Sad news but due to competition we was almot forced to advertise fast for Orange United Kingdom by IMEI service……But after send waiting IMEI to 3 differents supliers, none of them return a code after 1 week, seem it’s simply fake service from dump people. We return & refund today all code from Orange UK and desactivate this tool from UnlockBase !

We’re happy to inform that you can now request activation for Furious Gold box on UnlockBase:

– Furious Gold – 1 year upgrade : 60 Euro
– Furious Gold – BlackBerry Pack 4 Activation : 300 Euro
– Furious Gold – LG3G Pack 5 Activation : 300 Euro

Service available under “Cable Unlock” section, just need the serial number of your Furious Gold Box !

Service Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST, when service OPEN you get code in 5 minute to one hour maximum !!!!! Code submited after 5pm are delivered next morning. Sat/Sun on average takes 3-6 hours usually faster if you submit before 4pm

To use this, just select the tool “Fido/Roger/Red Canada (VIP Service)”
Price : 6 Euro, or 5 USD or 5 GBP

Price is negociable if you make more than 10 IMEI / week and/or if you find cheaper for same quality of service. By the way, the regular Service (not VIP) is still available with 24H turnaround for 5 Euro, 4 USD or 4.30 GBP

We’re happy to infom all our customer that we’re now able to get code for Orange UK (BB5 Included), that’s definitivly a great news for people from United Kingdom to make nice Christmas sales, here is the condition :

– GBP Server Price: 20
– EUR Server Price : 23
– USD Server Price : 30

Turnaround for delivery : 24<>48 Hours

Many of our customers notice that BlackBerry Storm codes are not available using the Vodafone UK Database. But we find a solution, it’s now possible to get Code for BlackBerry Storm from Vodafone UK using special tool “Vodafone United Kingdom (BlackBerry Storm)” for 22 Euro or 30 USD or 18 GBP. Time for delivery is little longer than usual vodafone database (24<>48H) but 100% of the codes for BlackBerry Storm are available using this database !