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We’re happy to inform all our customer that we just reduce the price of LG Factory Code by IMEI from 35 to 25 Credits, we confirm we’re still able to provide all Lock for all level for LG and turnaround is still 24H from Monday to Friday.

Reseller welcome to get VIP Price (contact me [email protected])

We’re happy to inform our customer that due to competition we just reduce our price for HTC (Windows Mobile Phone) by IMEI to 12.5 Credits instead of 20 Credits, it’s almost 40% cheaper and I’m sure you will enjoy it for Christmas period !

For your information, now this server is full automatic and deliver the code in 5<>20 minutes maximum from Monday to Sunday (7/7) and 24/24, and that you can unlock by IMEI with it absolutly all :

– HTC (Diamond PRO & HD included)
– HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1)

We’re happy to inform that we just add the server KulanKendi LG & AMOI on, this server is the first “public” server to remote unlock online with USB Cable all phones below :


– KU 990
– KE 990
– KU 250
– KU 380
– U 990
– U 960
– U 370



To order “KulanKendi LG & AMOI Server (010 LOG Account)”, simply log to your UnlockBase account, then go to “Cable Unlock” section and select this tool in Drop DownMenu, then select “Quantity” and press “Order”.

Price : 150 Euro for 10 KKLG Credits
Time of Delivery : Real Time

We’re happy to inform that not less than 43 new model of Samsung are now supported with Samsung Factory Code for 15 Credits, here is the full list of the new supported model : A126, A517, A706, A707C, A711, A821, C139, C166, C266, C425, C500, C500L, D425, D806, D902, D902I, E236, E650, E746, E747, F250, F490V, G400, G900, I325, I800, J700V, J800V, J720, L870V, L790, M3510, P180, P250, P960, T229, T339, T439, T437, U800V, X826, X836, Z248.

We’re happy to inform we just add the Add-On BB5 King for MT-Box on, to order just go to “Cable Unlock” section and select in the drop down menu : “BB5 King Activation for MT-Box” (price is 49 Credits) then enter the S/N of your MT-Box and wait not more than 6 hours to get your update activated on your box !

We’re happy to inform all our customers that from now, all our user receive in less than 20 minutes, 24/24, 7/7 any code for HTC using the tool “HTC, SPV, Qtek, Xperia X1, Android G1, …” for 20 Credits (if you find cheaper, contact us and we’ll beat the price). We remind with this tool you get Factory Unlock Code by IMEI for all HTC, Qtek, SPV, XDA, MDA, SonyEricsson Xperia (X1), T-Mobile G1, HP, and almost all “Windows Based” mobile phone