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Samsung T369
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Samsung T369

IMEI Servers

Factory Code (All Networks)
Samsung Australia / Asia Pacific - Regular Model (Express Delivery 1<>5 Hours)22 GBP
Samsung Canada - All Models with S5 Support [NCK Only] (Express Delivery 1<>5 Hours)15 GBP
Samsung Canada - Regular Model (Instant Delivery 24/7)25 GBP
Samsung Canada - SM & EK Series (Instant Delivery 24/7)30 GBP
Samsung Europe - All Models with S5 Support (All Levels) [1<>3 Days UNSTABLE]8.5 GBP
Samsung Europe - All Models with S5 Support (NCK+MCK) [1<>3 Hours]15 GBP
Samsung Mexico - Regular Model (Express Delivery 1<>12 Hours)24 GBP
Samsung South America - Regular Model (Express Delivery 1<>5 Hours)24 GBP
Samsung USA - All Models with S5 Support (3<>5 days)12 GBP
Samsung USA - Regular Model (Express Delivery 1<>5 Hours)19 GBP
Samsung USA - Regular Model (Instant Delivery 24/7)24 GBP
Samsung USA - SM & EK Series (Instant Delivery 24/7)30 GBP
Samsung WorldWide - SM & EK Series (Express Delivery 1<>5 Hours)30 GBP
Samsung WorldWide ("Made in China")9 GBP
CDMA Tools
US Cellular Model (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc...)13 GBP
Australia Networks
3 Hutchison Australia - All Brand Including Nokia25 GBP
Optus Australia including Nokia BB5 and SL333 GBP
Telstra Australia - All Brand Including Nokia16 GBP
Vodafone Australia19 GBP
Brazil Networks
Brasil Telecom (BrtCell) Brazil4 GBP
Claro Brazil10 GBP
Oi Brazil4 GBP
TIM Brazil6.5 GBP
Vivo Brazil6.5 GBP
Canada Networks
Bell Mobility, Virgin & Solo Mobile Canada9.5 GBP
Fido & Rogers Canada (Database 1)6.5 GBP
Fido & Rogers Canada (Database 2)10 GBP
Telus & Koodo Canada (Database 1: Z10 Supported)19 GBP
Chile Networks
Entel Chile - All Models Including Nokia16 GBP
Denmark Networks
3 Hutchison Denmark - All Brands Including Nokia19 GBP
Sonofon Denmark12.5 GBP
TDC Denmark21 GBP
Norway Networks
Telenor Norway - All Models including Nokia BB527 GBP
Poland Networks
Orange Poland - Samsung16 GBP
Portugal Networks
Optimus Portugal21.4 GBP
Vodafone Portugal25.7 GBP
Slovenia Networks
Vodafone Slovenia - All Models including Nokia BB517 GBP
Sweden Networks
3 Hutchison Sweden - Old Local DatabaseFree !
United Kingdom Networks
3 Hutchison United Kingdom (All Models Except iPhone)39 GBP
O2 & Tesco United Kingdom - Nokia, Sony, BlackBerry, etc...39 GBP
Orange, T-Mobile & EE United Kingdom (Non Nokia)23 GBP
U.S.A Networks
AT&T USA - Samsung (Factory Code)19 GBP
T-Mobile USA - Samsung (Factory Code)19 GBP

Cable Servers

Mobile not supported.

File Servers

Mobile not supported.

Spyphone Servers

Mobile not supported.